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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Tegila, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. Tegila Augur

    one at thetop of my head right now because it's bugging me: Let me buy upgraded preorders now isntead of waiting til launch. I preordered 3 of my 4 accts with standard, now i wanna upgrade at least 1 of them to F&F but it wont let me.

    another ive brought up a few times: put the special houses in the marketplace, either for dbc or for real $$: evantils abode, hermits hideaway, bixie hive, and of course the pirate ship whatever it's called.

    another housing one: allow for purchase of lifetime rent (purchase of property instead of rent) for kronos or real money like $14.99 or something (for those that want standard houses but hate evictions)

    have a bulk rate or some way to pay all accounts at once. some cc companies frown on teh same amount being charged to their card by the same company multiple times in teh same day so you have to spread out subscriptions and purchases to avoid issues. it would be so nice to buy for all in one transaction instead of logging in and out numerous times.

    the above could be used for dbc too: if yo ucan link accounts financially, then maybe you could link the dbc too . id be much more inclined to buy the $85 packs if i could spread it across diff accounts
  2. KermittheFroglok Augur

    No opinion, but F&F is less value this time but I can see how it's annoying.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they did and I want this too, if they continue to sell bundles of the past expansions' items you might see some of these. But I suspect you'll see them in bundles at a high price point because they know those are the expansions we especially want as players.

    Not sure I follow, this doesn't make any sense as a feature request and would be a ripoff or cost players more, I'll illustrate with some basic math.

    Live Server Krono Value: ~2 million plat. (on Vox, but a conservative figure, in recent month I've sold my Krono for 2.2 to 2.5 million plat.)
    Real Estate Upkeep: ~10 plat day (obviously differs by house, plot, etc.)
    ~Krono Value/Upkeep: 200,000 days of upkeep
    ~Years of Upkeep from 1 single Krono: ~547.5 years (200,000 days/365.25 days in a year.

    The gist of my point is you can already easily sell a Krono for enough to fund your plots past not only the rest of the game's life, but likely even your own life if EQ somehow continued past it. No need to waste development resources when in game trading already accomplishes what you want.

    I work in the Finance Services industry and I'm not sure I follow this one either. I'd think f its a recurring charge the AI learning in the newer fraud prevention algorithms will likely green list DBG billing quicker if you have more accounts billing the same amount. I could see there being some hiccup or delay if you renewed dozens of annual subs at once.

    However despite that, I DO AGREE, a bulk billing option would be convenient and helpful to heavy boxers. I'm curious though if they don't do this because they also know many boxers fund with Krono, and doing so would hurt the "buy"/consume side of the Krono market. Otherwise, I am surprised they don't offer this given how common boxing is in EQ is...

    That would be nice to be able to exchange DBC between accounts or have a common pool, but I'm not sure if they would put money into revamping their CRM/billing systems for something that'd probably lose them money.
  3. Tegila Augur

    the lifetime rent: yeah, it might be cheaper to jsut buy a krono, sell it, and put time on plots, my example of cost was jstu an example, but having just for the second time in 2 years had to go through dozens of eviction crates and still have no idea where most things are as i had to just dump them to retrieve the next (it would be very helpful if the crates had their origin in the inspect window not jsut the parcel delivery window for those of us that forget things almost immediately) jsut for that purpose itd be worth the saving of labor...on that same note though, those special houses i mentioned, other than the ship...i prefer normal houses if im going ot decorate the itnerior at all, but the key selling point for me for all of them is the unlimited rent and id be willing to pay more than $15 apiece for these easily, as would most people ive talked to, so i figured the $14.99 was fair without the cool house to go with it.

    Now, permarent on guild plots would be even better. i cant evne find all my guild halls, nor do i konw which guild halls i did find belong to which guild (they were bought by diff toons) .

    another possible suggestion: fellowship guild neighborhoods but not. i notice there are some previously guild neighborhoods on bertox that no longer belong to a guild but still named that way, assuming the guilds got disbanded, so there must be a way of buying your own custom-named neighborhood without it being guild-only, and being able to control who does and doesnt move in (my buddy and i for example have been lucky that our random neighborhood has no one else in it but the 2 of us...though we take up a large portion of it...we are in same fellowship but different guilds. having neighborhoods with a management tab upon purchase or soemthing to set who can approve or deny requests to buy plots there would be cool.

    the cc thing, was perhaps more a throwback to all the launchdays i had failed charges because every account's expansion tried to go through at the same time (midnight pst typically) and with preorders as they are now, thats not really an issue, but it was because the same amounts same company same day/time they flagged as duplicate transactions. Every. Single. Year. visa certainly didnt learn then. maybe instead of the family and friends..or in addition to the family and friends package..they could make a bulk package 2 standards for 68 instead of 70, 3 for 100, etc or if kronos bought in bulk actually went down to monthly sub price at some point instead of being the same cost each at 2 as at 25, i could jsut buy a buncha kronos to handout to my other accts and not worry about multiple identical charges. having jsut resubbed for the first time since CotF launched (in RoS i used kronos only) and having totally different cc's from before...theres no learning possible and myself, and others like me, are then facing silver accts unexpectedly because we cant just combine charges like in a shopping cart. idc how they do it: require logging into every acct at checkout perhaps, but making 1 shopping cart and paying 1 time might make me more inclined to make another account. allowing me to share my dbc across my own accounts might make me more inclined to buy dbc (i have not bougth any since SOE sc cards were in stores and i used to buy a LOT for housing goodies) making it worth buying more than 2 kronos at once by actually lowering the price with bigger purchases might make me more inclined tobuy kronos, with real money not plat.

    and i konw they tried and failed, but dbg cards in stores, either $15/1month subs or the expansions or both..would be great. then we can do our own shopping carts and dbg doesnt have to deal with the coding and security of it all, just make cards. and if they dont think cards are worth making...maybe they can cut some kinda deal with google. there are millions of games out there that can be logged in with fb and/or google, use google cash , etc, and we can link our accounts to social media now..if dbg can find a way to link to google then problem solved: google cards are available in every denomination from $10 to $200. when i can buy google cards i buy them...way too often...but i spend more on the games. i spent more on a game i played about 6 weeks ..right before i got back on eq...than i will spend on eq for 4 accounts including a F&F preorder..all year. because google cards.

    edit: teh linking to google and then accepting google credits would solve multiple points i brought up, because google doesnt care if you put through identical transactions over and over as long as you have teh credit (or your creditcard approves, but if you use cc jsut use cc, wanna use google cred then buy a bigger google card) and it allows the use of cash easily. and by linking all of ones accounts to the same google account for payment, dbg doesnt have to even think about how to do that either unless they want to figure out the dbc sharing thing. maybe there coudl be something like kronos that buy dbc, or make kronos redeemable for dbc OR sub time just like old SOE sc cards. idk
  4. Nennius Curmudgeon

    I would appreciate that myself. As I understand it, persuading retailers to give them space is the real challenge. I much preferred them as a way to gift things.
  5. Tegila Augur

    from me itd gain them money. im not gonna spend $10 for 1000 dbc if i can get 5000 for $45, and im not gonna spend $45 on 5000 dbc if i can spend $85 on 10000. i might buy a $45 pack at some point, but i can not justify buying anything less, and i find it difficult to justify buying that pack if i can get double for less than double, so instead ill buy none. but im not going to spend 10000 on one account, that size purchase is usually $$ and a redirect to browser anyway. so for anyone like me that despite being willing to spend, refuses to buy less than efficiently...they lose out on all sales of the sort.
  6. Tegila Augur

    i can see that, idk what the cost is of printing cards and having the whole authentication process go throug hetc either, on a $15 teyre not going to make $15, only a little less, but the fewer they sell the bigger cut of the profit they lose. google's alreayd everywehre if they can just find a way to link it theyre golden.
  7. Hekaton Augur

    why are we worried if DBC makes more money or not? they're not inclined to make bigger expansions or hire more manpower to build their IP. after 20 years it is what it is at this point.
  8. Tegila Augur

    but with age they naturally are slowly going down in revenue, and when revenue goes down, manpower goes down, it doesnt stay the same indefinitely. gotta offset stagnation and whatnot, make up for inflation (and requisite payraises to said employees) by increasing revenue. economics my dear

    well if they make less money, we're not likely to get any less lag lol. if they made more money in the first place, maybe the servers would still be actual servers with their own individual equipment, and thus much better performing. perhaps if the game makes more money they will fix more bugs or add more content , or feel generous enough to have more special sales like lifetime memberships or dbc deals etc etc. a broke company is not a happy company, and an unhappy company has fewer happy customers. a company making money makes for happier customers.
  9. Hekaton Augur

    Remember the lifetime subs? they made a boatload of upfront money on those and yet its arguable the play experience has gotten worse....hell to even access the forums is a test of patience.

    happy customers is not a metric they care to invest in. it cost too much money
  10. Tegila Augur

    if they stil lhad lifetime subs i would so buy them but i missed out on that. had to be in the right place at the right time and have enough in your bank account

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