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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Zamiam, Oct 24, 2019.

  1. Zamiam Augur

    I would like a Dev's response to this .. it has been asked many times and I dont think I/we have ever gotten a response ..

    Why cant the teleport clickies from /claim (ie scepter of draconic calling, Mark of brell) be made heirloom-able .. I don't see why or what advantage it bestows accept for pure aggravation ..

    I can understand the consumables but why (Aspect of the brood) illusion can't be heirloom-able ? if you want to make extra money then put those items in Marketplace so we can buy them for other toons on same account ..

    I purchased those expansions they should be available to every toon i have on that account ..

    Also on a side note : I would also like to see the bixie house in marketplace

    I know and respect that you dev's are busy and appreciate all you do

    How hard is it to make an item heirloom-able .. those 2 clickies are sitting on my then main not doing anything and the Aspect of the brood is sitting in /claim cause im afraid to claim it on my current main not knowing if that will be my main in 6months or next year or next week :p

    thank you devs for you taking the time to read this post and hear im sure not just my opinion but many others who play this great and wonderful game that you dev's bring to us every month/year..
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  2. Zamiam Augur

    bump :

    I know you dev's are busy but how bout a were thinking about it or its on our to do list eventually :p or not a snow ball's chance in hell ..
    hope ya'll are having a nice weekend
  3. Cicelee Augur

    Not every character can have everything in game.
  4. Zamiam Augur

    im not asking for every character im asking for items in my /claim window that ive paid for and supported this game for 20+ years with multiple accounts that some items be marked as heirloomable and if its too much work for the dev's and they want to make extra money on it they can put those items in marketplace im sure they would be a hit and sell like hot cakes..

    oh and congrats on your new promotion when does your name get changed to red ?
  5. smash Augur

    It is simple, to avoid abuse.

    And now you thinking, how can this be abused, simple.
    First of all, there is a reuse on the item, the item got, i think 1 hour 12 min. Reuse is linked to the player, not the item.

    And now b4 you say: Change the way of reuse works, no because thats a way big job, for so small benefit, they can use their resources a lot better.
  6. Zamiam Augur

    lol what you say makes no sense .. i have plenty of items that have a re-use timer as you say and I can take said item and put it in my shared bank and give it to my other toon because it is heirloom-able ..
    all they need to do is ADD the Heirloom tag to those items ..
  7. Zamiam Augur

    and now B4 you say what items .. I'll list a few for ya

    gate clickies to Expansions :
    Brother island parrot whistle = Heirloom = 1 hour recast
    Harbinger's Staff (City of bronze clicky)= Heirloom 1 hour 12min recast .. they are in /claim for 999 but still its Heirloom with a timer

    other clickies
    Packed picnic basket = heirloom 1min recast ( i know , your gonna say by time i get to another toon it will be refreshed ) I can click it and put in shared bank log out and back in in under 30seconds ..

    Crown of feathers = heirloom = 5min recast timer ..
    Rune of Healing = Heirloom = 5min recast timer ..
    Vicious Rabbit = Heirloom = 5min recast timer ..

    Guise of the Ancient Gods Illusion Heirloom = 2 hour recast timer
    Metamorph totem Ancient gods =Heirloom = 2 hour recast timer
    Madness of stomples clicky = Heirloom = 30min recast timer

    those are just a few .. so your logic is illogical .. and maybe you should do some research before you type ..
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  8. yepmetoo Augur

    Everything in the claim window was supposed to be heirloom, and was at one point, was.

    Then people abused it and they made everything non-heirloom.

    And eventually went back and made almost everything heirloom.

    Acting as if if this is some horrible abusive request or it takes forever is absurd. If there are claimable items that aren't heirloom, send the item dev a PM with a list of items and sku numbers. Don't just say, "I want all the items not heirloom to be heirloom in my claim window".
  9. Yinla Augur

    To be honest I'd rather have stuff as 999 so I can use it on any char on any server than have heirloom.
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  10. yepmetoo Augur

    Wait, you mean you want MORE stuff for FREE?

    OMG, I'm flabbergasted!


    Would you also rather having a winning lottery ticket rather than a losing one?
  11. Yinla Augur

    I'd rather not deal with trolls....

    But I have more than enough free stuff.

    Singles I have a shed load unclaimed, as who knows what chars I will create and I tend to claim stuff like this and then wish I hadn't .
    999 items i have around 987 - 999 left, bags I've claimed, mounts and pets i've claimed odd one here and there.

    I'd love a way to purchase extras of everything that comes as singles past and present. Really want my siren merc on my beast but sadly can't change that.

    Mage has 2 Holgresh pets......not sure how I managed that lol.

    Need to figure out where the vicious rabbit came from, alt account has it main doesn't.....should be the other way round if anything!
  12. CatsPaws Augur

    Buy him with loyalty points/tokens/crowns.
  13. Yinla Augur

    Ah that would make sence, most of the mains loyalty points goes on other stuff like rez tokens, I'll take a look later :)

    Thank you.
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  14. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    A clicky teleport item really isn't something that you can abuse.
  15. Angahran Augur

    Personally I'd love to see the completely pointless paintings we get made into something useful by adding teleport clicks to them all.
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  16. Zamiam Augur


    bumping this again due to it had some technical issues :p
    I would like to thank Nennius for advising me on how to go about solving my technical issues your advise was greatly appreciated ..

    this post is about /claim item suggestions so if anyone has other /claim items or just issues with the /claim window maybe we can get a Dev's feedback eventually if not then it should make for some good reading either way :p

    have a wonderful day

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