Successful Oakwynd Launch

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by PandAura, May 25, 2023.

  1. PandAura New Member

    Launch day was blast. Can't say exact numbers but I personally saw 300 in Nektulos and 450 in Gfay yesterday evening. FTE is a little janky when the mob spawns because of the delay for it to unlock you can waste mana trying to pull but the spell doesn't land. Other than that it had no negative impact on my experience. It was great watching the mage bot armies roll through and knowing the turbo nerds behind them couldn't steal my group's mobs. But my favorite part was the people cross server talking in Oakwynd's chat channels expecting some kind of horrible disaster and everyone telling them it was great. Miserable people.
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  2. Sissruukk Rogue One

    Because what we saw on Test was a horrible disaster. On top of that, they took priority with TLP stuff over the new UI engine rollout. Once again TLPs reign supreme with the devs, and live has to live with the broken stuff.
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  3. Zrender Augur

    Agreed. I'm waiting for the "This server will be DOA" people to come in here and give us their mental gymnastics. There were over 1000 players just in zones connected to Commonlands and everything was running smoothly. I was leveling in a zone with 145 people in it where there was not a single argument. This was a slam dunk release. Good work, devs. My favorite FTE thing, something obvious that I never even thought of, is that if I lose the tag at least I didn't help the other guy kill the mob because my spell doesn't harm it. I'm sure there will be niggles and hiccups as we go along but so far this server is extremely fun.
  4. PandAura New Member

    And if/when they fix whatever you're complaining about now, you'll move on to the next thing to complain about. Sounds exhausting.
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  5. wade_watts Augur

    It's the first 24 hours of a new TLP server, even the "this server is DOA" folks would still expect a queue at launch. Even the most pessimistic folks would have assumed that I'd wager. It may be a success but maybe don't spike the football within the first 18 hours. This was the shortest queue I've ever seen but possibly that was due to their launch improvements.
  6. Bullsnooze Augur

    Never base what's on the 'public test server' to what will be deployed to a live server. (And this should be everyone's take away).

    You don't know where in the developmental cycle the public test server sits compared to live. This point was argued many times by people that appear to have development and deployment experience versus people that do not. For me, it was evident the release deployed to test was likely a forked branch for additional testing.

    More importantly, Daybreak has a positive track record for successful releases. There isn't anything outstanding in the books to say they'd release FTE mechanics in an unplayable state regardless of what 'you saw on test'.
  7. Triconx Augur

    Sensationalist doomsdays in shambles. I think I just saw Doze fall to his knees with his arms up in despair.

    Also lol at people who projected issues in the literal TEST environment thinking nothing would be resolved to the production migration. Do people not understand the definition of "test?" It did exactly what it's built for. Test new code before production rollout. And guess what? The broken mechanics as a result of that code were mostly resolved! Insert shocked pikachu meme
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  8. Captain Video Augur

    I don't think you can tell anything from first day, one way or the other. I decided to check it out for the sake of morbid curiosity. Rolled two toons and levelled them each to 5 in the N Qeynos newbie yard. Queueing wasn't an issue for me, once I got past character select I logged out and back in three times over the course of the day with no wait. At a glance everything looked normal; I saw quite a few solos, some 2-box like me and a few 6-box. But...

    This whole FTE mechanic doesn't feel right. The guards in the zone were useless. SOP used to be that if you pulled a red con or multiple adds, for whatever reason, you could run to the guards and they would kill everything instantly. No more. If anyone in the group has a lock, they will ignore everything you've pulled and you will probably wipe. I don't think they hear /yell either. The correct strategy is to go the other way and zone, and pretend the guards aren't there. It was a bit surprising to me how long it took other players to figure that out; I saw many deaths that would never have happened on a prior server. It makes me wonder how this mechanic will manifest itself in a raid situation.

    Another thing is, if my bind is in the same zone as the rest of my group, then death and rez no longer wipes my aggro list if something is locked to someone else in my group. Whatever just killed me will immediately attack again if I'm in proximity. There are a lot of fundamenals of aggro management which will have to be re-learned in the FTE world.
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  9. Kunfo Augur

    I actually don't remember seeing less interest on a TLP launch. I heard there was no queue 5 hours after launch yesterday? The one stream I decided to watch for a bit, the guards weren't assisting at all and the guy raged after dying at FP
  10. Sissruukk Rogue One

    Its TLP attitudes like yours (purist holier than thou) which keep me from ever stepping foot in your lands.

    Not sure how the new UI engine is affecting TLPs, but it is a major problem on live, even after a couple of months of telling them that it wasn't ready to go live. I have guildmates that are unable to play because they crash when opening their inventory windows, and the "fix" posted on the vet forums isn't working for them. So, no, given their track record with releasing bad stuff on live servers, I'll continue to base what's on test as being what will roll out to live a week later.
  11. Doze Augur

    Uhm ... no? Reading comprehension is clearly not your strong suite.

    None expected them to release the FTE mechanics in as broken a state as it was initially on Test - and assuming that wasn't just a PR stunt to derail the discussion about the actual problems with FTE (as in they deliberately released laughably bad code on Test so they could then be able to prove how capable they are by "fixing" it fast) then in reality it changes nothing about the consequences that I and others were talking about before it was put on Test.

    My issue with FTE is - and always was - how it would affect gameplay even when/if it was/is working as intended (as outlined in the definition of how DPG wanted it to work) - and all the issues that I and others pointed out still remain - and they cannot patch those away without moving gameplay even further away from what has for over 23 years been one of the defining mechanics that (to this day) has set EverQuest aside from almost all other RPGMMO's.

    The very real and remaining issues with toxic tagstealing, hostage holding of nameds, allowing large AE PL'ers to make entire zones unplayable for anyone else by literally hoarding most of the spawns if they so desire (and noone being able to do anything about it) and trivialising group/raid (especially raid) content by allowing groups/raids to bypass large amounts of the content by using out of group/raid pullers ... have yet to rear their ugly heads on Oakwynd.

    Lets just wait and see how many people actually like it after a month or even a week when they start to experience the negative consequences of the FTE mechanics ... even when it is "working as intended".
  12. Tucoh Augur

    Speak for yourself! I thought they'd roll that broken garbage out and let the ripperonis fall where they may. I'm glad to be wrong and am impressed by the efforts of Meeko (or other devs) for busting butt to get it squared away before release.
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  13. Doze Augur


    I actually thought they fixed this?
    It sounds like that fix either didn't make it to Oakwynd or that the fix is not consistant.

    I wouldn't be at all if it turns out that more issues with FTE - that was thought fixed - proves to not be fixed after all ... at least not consistantly so.

    Wow, that is even worse than anyone imagined - and I am pretty sure that is NOT working as intended.

    It would seem like chasing down all the things that are still horribly broken with the FTE mechanics is going to be a fulltime dev job ...
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  14. Doze Augur

    "You have gotten worse at Reading Comprehension (-1)"

    I was clearly not talking about what people thought DPG would do with the broken FTE code after we had seen it in action on Test, but rather that noone expected the FTE code to be as broken as it proved to be before we first saw it released on Test (and if they did then they sure failed to mention it in this forum before then).
  15. Muramx Augur

    oh man day 1 a new server has people on it. No que's today... it was that initial rush of people getting their names and farting around for the most part. Obviously the noobie zones are going to be packed when a server starts up... I mean where else is everyone supposed to level? I hopped on for a little bit at 11pm Est (no que, off hours) ran through a few zones popular zones and had zero issues finding stuff to kill.

    I think I ran into 2 melee characters and just a ton of mage box armies and people 2-3boxing chanters, mages and a healer. What I can see from general chat, everyone LFG was mage/chanter/necro/healer of some type, and people LFG with their 2-3 characters. From what I can tell from about 3 hours of running around the server is ridiculously box heavy, but it could just be all the krono farmers hitting it hard to level up, shall see this weekend what it looks like.
  16. Leifer Augur

    I didn't plan on playing, and I'm not sure how long I will, but I hopped on after work and waited in que for maybe 40 minutes just to see the rollout. I was pleasantly surprised. Things went pretty smoothly as far as I could tell. I played about an hour and logged off. Kudos to Daybreak for a pretty darn successful TLP rollout all things considered.
  17. Cidran Augur

    Launch wasn't perfect but it could've been way worse. I did have problems with queue and was skeptic at first, but thankfully it's working fine now. So far so good!
  18. WeCameWeConquered Elder

    Unsure what game you were playing but launch was the typical horrid experience of 'queues' and disconnects (just to go to the back of the line...). 24 years and the best idea they've come up with is to throttle character creation to a crawl.

    For the FTE part, stuff is all broken (guards, charm, binds, yell, etc) but the real fun kicks in once folks are leveled and competing for mobs.
  19. Ishbu Augur

    All those forum warriors who stated the server was DOA, and yet either they dont actually know what DOA means or, as usual, were dead wrong, just had to shout the loudest because they need attention.
  20. PandAura New Member

    I mean with default bind in the noob area and the fact you respawn with full resources (hp and mana) and no xp loss until level 6, its actually way faster to just die to mobs you accidently pulled than try to run to guards. Seems like some fragile ego personal issue if he was raging at the guards for not helping him lol. That being said, the guards do not assist currently, but I have yet to need them since, again, dying is more efficient.