Stuck and discouraged 93 Druid, 75 Cleric

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by hein, May 1, 2017.

  1. Gnomeland Augur

    The only reason getting from 70 to 75 is a rough period is because it represents the three expansions no level increase transition from Omens of War to Prophecy of Ro, when monsters went from being barely above Planes of Power level to hitting like a truck and having three times as much health. This wouldn't be as big of a deal but for the fact that Defiant armor - the most practical option during this period - does not experience a similar increase in power, so gear progression is very limited because you will not find groups around this level and yet also cannot simply defeat the monsters you need to get upgrades by yourself, so either you buy hardcore legacy armor or you just don't upgrade.

    This is the only reason most people skip 70 to 75. In fact, people used to just skip all the way to 80, when House of Thule equipment becomes plentiful and powerful. These days you do have the option of doing the Broken Mirror, but you still need a box for that unless you can find people to carry you through the first missions.

    But you know what, this is going to happen again, in the future, when people are trying to get through the three expansions no level increase transition between CoTF and Empires of Kunark, for the exact same reasons.
  2. hein Augur

    Well the LDON dungeons were a lot better in quality IMO. Some of the dungeons in Gribby look like a 5 year old designed them.
  3. Gundolin Augur

    I know I tried to run that one (The Great Hunt) when I was mid 90's and had a horrible go at it with a Cleric/BstLord combo. (merc tank, Merc DPS). We came back at 100 and breezed through it. I think it could be a scaling issue for the instanced. More than your class combo.
  4. Bamkan Augur

    I leveled up a SK on FV recently from scratch.
    1. Spend the time to get Epic 2.0.
    2. I would recommend buying TBM gear (8-11 remnants each) and the lvl 90 Sturdy Augs, for the SK.
    3. Get a decent 2HNDER.
    4. Make sure you have Weapon Stance AA (it's 5 AA and not autogranted).
    5. At 92, Start in Fort Mech or Beza, both will have Light Blue con mobs. Kill single Light blue mobs until you get mortal coil to proc. Once it procs...go grab some more mobs...5-6 extra's. The lifetap proc from MC will keep you up. Occasionally you'll get a MC block buff come up - you can use Epic or Leechcurse disc to carry you over this small period and to get another MC proc
    Work your way up. You should be able to do 30mobs pretty easily at that level. And you'll find , than you can do a big pull straight away..and then use Epic , which will then proc the MC to keep going. Tanking in a corner is a good thing.
    6. Once you are pretty comfortable with that , then I'd head to The Grounds. And do the same thing - you'll prolly only be able to do 5-6 mobs at a time, once you hit 95, upgrade the Sturdy augs.
    I went to Valley of Lunanyn (farmers) around 92-93 and that was pretty doable doing 2-3 mobs at a time. I'd prolly recommend stay in Ground till 95..and then heading to Valley.
    Valley should be able to take you all the way to 100...and then I'd start to look at other content.

    If you PM me your characters name on FV , then I can parcel you some excess gear and I'd be willing to buy you (there is a quest you need to do to be able to buy them) the sturdy augs if you have the remnants of tranqulity (about 30pp each in /baz) Cheers.
  5. Bigstomp Augur

    It's really a social game. Join a decent guild. Talk to people, send tells. It may mean a few pity groups for a bit, but it's a social game. Make a few friends and they'll figure out how to fit you into groups even if you can't meaningfully contribute for a bit.