Stromm-Oldschool Still Around?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Agony2000, Mar 22, 2020.

  1. Soraia Journeyman

    Hiya, Tanols. Didn't Leaha pass away years ago?
  2. Zamiam Augur

    why cant we have Emoji's like they do on FB to respond to a post ? like, happy , sad, angry, etc.. having just a like link sux ..

    " Make it so" :p
  3. Zamiam Augur

  4. Dibab Augur

    sorry to hear life hit ya man. Yea ive been checking to see if you were on time to time. Hit me uup when you can bro
  5. Psychok Scalez New Member

    Hey Darinae, long time! Lots of names in this thread I remember.

    - Psychok
    - Scalez
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  6. Wuvarien Lorekeeper

    Lots of names here I recognise!!

    Wuvarien - pink pally
  7. Mazter New Member

    Hey saw my name on this list. This is Mazter from back in those Evolutia days. Haven’t played in many many years but was looking around.
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  8. Sobmre Augur

    sup mazters, log in sometime
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  9. Mazter New Member

    I don’t even have an account anymore. Been a long long time.
  10. Lambro Lorekeeper

    Hey guys! Some of those names sound familiar. I was in Euphoric Aftermath raiding with them for a bit and then just gradually stopped playing as I got older and into other games and before you know it.. it's been 13 years!!

    I started looking up EQ again last night and am getting the itch to play again after so long.

    I was a Druid by the name of Chrizs if anyone remembers the name.
  11. Fyrs New Member

    OMG, Hi Darinae ! Long time no see :) Was just watching the old SR tribute video on YouTube and made me do a Google search - great to see you are still around ! Play on Mangler TLP myself although I do still have Fyrs laying around on EM server.
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  12. Trinnea New Member

    Agony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're thinking of getting back in to EQ - the boys are 13 and 15 now, and want to play, so we're going to make it a family affair. :p Hope to see you there!
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  13. Trinnea New Member

  14. Agony2000 New Member

    Which server are you playing on and playtimes? Ill try and hook up with u and magicrokk and fam hehe
  15. Kalvenie Elder

    Holu bump bat man.
    <-- ex-Stromm
    Majestic Might and Final Door, then moved to Bayle servers.
  16. Kakgumu New Member

    Wow! Talk about a blast from the past!

    I was with Final Door on Stromm. Some of you may also remember Harbit, Aerohn, and Wigliff...all long time IRL friends of mine that were also in FD.

    It's good to see you Ssoulle! I certainly remember you from those days! LOTS of familiar names there...

    Lord Nikon

    Somebody bust out those comics that Nikon did way back in the day!

    BTW...I came back to the game about a year ago. Playing on Ragefire now...if anyone gets the itch! Playing with a really great group of folks now, Damage. :)
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  17. Shadowkiller New Member

    OMG, I recognize quite a few of those names! I used to play on Stromm. I was in Final Door, then Final Horizon and eventually Cestus Dei. My Mage, Shadowkillerr, is still in the guild. I started playing EQ again, back in December on the Mangler TLP server with Immortal Few. Feel free to hit me up if any of you remember me!
  18. FranktheBank Augur

    Hey there! Man, Nikon's comics, I forgot about those.

    Btw, I found an old forum post from back in 07.

    Some names on there that take me back again. Hippolyta, guild leader of (im gonna butcher this spelling) Dragerejerne, my first raiding guild.

    Caan, the monk I used to have friendly competitions with.

    No surprise Snippet and Seychelle are on a lot of people's lists lol.
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  19. Agony2000 New Member

    So many more names that I didn't mention lol. Gnomercy would be one of them! Also, Caaneq, and especially Psychok. What about Steel and his sidekick.. I can't recall the name but he was a bard. As the memories flow back in :)
  20. Arraden Augur

    so many names! Where is Lord Nikon and those comics were brilliant - I'm sure he did some videos too... early days with no youtube to post them to!

    Gunner / Prayneagle / Katrae
    Remember Saedill the cleric :)
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