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  1. Natal Augur

    If you have someone who can cast a spray root, such as a Shaman (not familiar with other classes, so others may have similar AA abilities). Everything roots reliably, so CC is easy enough. After that the mission is trivial.

    My strat with my war/shaman/rogue crew was to spray root the mobs on incoming with the warrior flashing as they reached him. The spray root knocks the mobs back and out of melee range. Then the warrior pulls them in individually using grapple for killing, while the shaman focuses on CC using single mob KB root to stagger out when root breaks on the CCed pile. Keep tight control on pets or any damage dealing mercs, because they will run off and do stupid things, especially on the last wave. And don't damage the CCed mobs on phase 3, because once they have been damaged they periodically go inactive and clear any spell effects on them, essentially breaking root. But other than that, doing the mission that way renders it pretty trivial and it should be doable by pretty much anyone even with poor resources as long as they have those two basic components (tanking and CC).

    FF is by far the easiest thing to do in TBL.
  2. Natal Augur

    Use a glyph on that mob if that is what it takes then. Glyphs are the great easy button when it comes stuff that is holding you back.
  3. alicard Elder

    I fought the named in the Darkness mission last night and it had more HP then the level 118 named I killed earlier that night in Eastern Wastes. This needs to be looked at.
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  4. GoneFission Augur

    I never played GMMv1, and only played GMMv2 a few times with a bard, chanter, mage and 3 mercs. I’m only doing 2 pulls, and mezzing one of those. While I haven’t paid close attention to the damage my pet tanks take, I have noticed it takes me longer to kill the mobs in GMMv3. I had gotten kills down to just over 1 spell/disc rotation, and now it’s often closer to 3 times around. I haven’t fed any logs into a parser yet, short on time last 3 weeks.
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  5. Cannikin Elder

    I've had the Darkness Howls down to a science as far as timing goes. My warrior is about 90% of the dps of my box group while grinding, because I'm lazy, so I'm very consistent in how the waves line up with my discs.

    GMM3 mobs definitely have at least 50% more hp than GMM2. Big pulls that would take about 2 min of PDH now take the full 3 min. Overall the mission now takes me about 1 hour when v2 took 40 min (v1 took about 25 min).

    I can't really tell if the mobs are hitting harder, or mercs are just sucking more, but I'm definitely getting more close calls, and my healer merc is running OOM much faster.
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  6. Tucoh Augur

    If you can do GMM you can do the great divide and eastern wastes missions in ToV.
  7. weredingo New Member

    didnt they decide HAs wouldnt scale up anymore win they tried to change girbbles to RoS difficulty for 105+ last year or the year befor? why cant old content stay old. ther is absolutely no reason for anything in the past to be brought up to the new expansion standards. the exp per level has already ramped up so much that its basicly a round about nerf to everything but current progression achievement exp, why screw the people trying to catch up by taking away things that active players who have mostly moved on got to use.
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  8. Bobokin Augur

    Thank you for killing GMM for casual players. The summer patch and this one has ruined it for players just trying to log in and have fun.

    I guess Everquest really is just for the top tier players. It is no wonder the rest of the game is basically empty.
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  9. Inga Elder

    I have done and finished the HA after I posted and I think I found a bug.
    In short, there are RoS T1 mobs (step 1 and outside gate) and TBL mobs (step 2+) at the same time in the HA.

    I created a new thread in Bug Reports forum, so please add or correct if you have more information.