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  1. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Are you increasing gear levels and spells/AAs in EOK onward to compensate for these changes so players can do complete the missions they could do previously but find now that they can no longer do due to your retuning of these missions ?
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  2. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Personally I think it was a lazy(or efficient as I like to call it when I do it) way to make up for the reduction in strike through

    Thing is if it had gotten a bit easier that would have actually been a better result as people catching up can gear up to want to buy and do the new expansion.

    As it is now its a massive fail but hopefully this gets fixed quickly.

    The folks this hits are the ones easiest to turn off with a difficulty increase so it was too bad this went live.
  3. Gribble New Member

    Yeah, that's me. My 110 war is ready for the new expansion but my other three still need chase loot and about 5000 AA's before I shell out $150 for four ToV upgrades.

    I don't need it to be easier but at least put it back the way it was on Tuesday so I (and the other's who need to catch up) can continue.
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  4. Inga Elder

    I checked GMM static and The Darkness Howls mission on Test server, then checked the mission on Live server.

    On Test server, I requested HA as level 110 and dinged to 111, but the HA didn't scale to 111 and most mobs become dark blue.
    I feel the static and HA mobs don't hit harder and they may be weaker than before (GMM v2). I didn't check the hp of the mobs.

    On Live server, I hunted some HA mobs as level 110, but I think they don't hit harder than GMM v2.

    I didn't check level 111+ HA on Live server.
  5. Petalonyx Augur

    What were the max hits you observed?
  6. Janr New Member

    Inga, if you did HA and dont think the mobs are hitting harder, you either arent being honest with youself or havent done this mission much. I have been living in Darkness howls for a couple of months leveling chase loot. I used to be able to pull 3-4 and get them mezzed with my bard while they beat on my SK. As it is now, it is very difficult to keep my SK up long enough to get the mobs mezzed. I have been doing the pulls in this mission exactly the same way for a few months now and the difference since the patch is significant. They was no valid reason to beef up GMM. No reason to nerf it OR beef it up.
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  7. Micker Augur

    Why make things harder, who enjoys that? Shouldn't they be making changes that makes the game more fun for people? I've never seen anyone quit from it being too easy, but several from it being too hard. It's a game and people want to have fun, not frustrated and upset, because of difficulty. Always lean towards easier, let people enjoy the game. I hope they undo those changes or nerf them down.
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  8. Filter Augur

    I've spent far too much time farming exp in GMM mission Darkness Howls and quite frankly I'm sick of it but it's the only mission I can do with my war 110 and almost 20K aa's (sword and board 6700 ac and 245K hps buffed, yeah he sucks). I can't take him to do any missions in TBL with my zerker (max aa and group geared) and 110 shammy with only autogrant aa's. The war can't get armor if he can't tank the missions so it's viscous circle. One of my guildies gave me his recommendation and I did it but still having issues. I do not want to grind the same darn mission any longer and would like to do TBL progression but I get wiped every time I do them, even on the "easy" ones. I'm not the best boxer. I'm fearful that I'm not going to be able to do a single mission in ToV. The purchase of ToV on 3 accounts seems like a mistake now.
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  9. Laronk Augur

    If you group with other people you should be able to do fight fire and then you should be able to handle wending ways again with other people (maybe not but they have like 150 million hp so it'd be really really long fights)

    With just 3 accounts (of which the three characters are going to perform not as well as if each being played separately) you need to group with other people.

    Also having TOV will let you level to 115 and make TBL easier just from a level advantage
  10. TYBARIS Journeyman

    Do most mobs in TBL have that many hp? (150 million named am guessing) I have not been in any of the TBL zones yet. I just came back a few months ago.
  11. legeon New Member

    cant do content with 'just 3 accounts' your supposed to have 6 accounts to do content?
  12. aozs Elder

    150 million is high for TBL, only a few mobs have that and they're only in missions. Trial of Wending Ways is one of the missions that has those mobs, but it's also one of the easiest.

    IIRC TBL trash has around 8-12M, named have ~55M (t1) to ~68M (t2). Mission mobs can vary a lot more but don't really exceed 150M

    Fight Fire -> Wending Ways is probably the easiest way to break into TBL. Fight Fire will likely need CC, while Wending Ways is basically tank and spank with beefy, not-very-deadly minibosses.
  13. Derka Power Ranger

    Pretty sure the named we were douing this morning (pally and a ranger in Great Divide) only had 90 mil hp. At work so I can't check parses

    EDIT: Thought you said ToV instead of TBL. Ignore my reply hehe.
  14. Saer-tse-tao Journeyman

    I have noticed a significant increase in strike-through damage, but unlike mentioned so far here. Please let me explain:

    I play an enchanter and rely on my runes to protect me long enough to *insert tactic here* and even after they nerfed our runes last year it has held up. (The nerf took away the ability to rune-tank, but we did not need that anyways). Now the ISSUE is mobs hitting me via strike-through essentially bypassing any and all rune protection I might have. This is understandable against namer's or in raids, but not on trash mobs in group play.

    Was this intentional? Nothing worse than having around 200k in useless rune protection.... I have a little over 300k HP buffed and 1800+ Hagi so I feel like along with our unity rune I should have time to fire off a spell or two - use a defensive ability, etc. *shrugs...

    -Saerza, Enchantress of FV
  15. Filter Augur

    You can't get armor in FF if I'm not mistaken which is what I desperately need. I tried the Wending Ways a few times but the lightning guy killed my tank rather easily even with spamming group heals on shammy.
  16. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    No, you're supposed to group with other people.

    And this is coming from me, someone that almost never groups with other people. But its how this game is supposed to be played.
  17. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    They are task mobs (you only have to kill 4 mobs in the entire task). They also give you like 4-5 aa each.
  18. Natal Augur

  19. Natal Augur

    I ran a HA and did some regular zone killing on patch day, it did not seem any different to me.
  20. Natal Augur

    Try killing trash in some of the TBL missions then (specifically Brass Palace and Contract of War). They are fully populated zones outside of the actual mission mobs, plus they drop collectibles that are not avaialable in the regular zones. They are quite a bit easier than regular TBL basepop, you should be able to handle them if you want somewhere different to hunt. You might need to do a bit of progression to actually get the missions though.