Streaming CoTF raids weekly

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Bearforce, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. Bearforce Lorekeeper

    Come laugh at me if you want to see a berserker raiding badly.

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  2. Bearforce Lorekeeper

    I have died once already and did a tour of the guild lobby including the compass stick. You guys are seriously missing out.
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  3. Bearforce Lorekeeper

    Ok 30 minutes have passed and we are about to get killed by wasps with a bunch of Z's in their name.
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  4. Bearforce Lorekeeper

    Ok we are back to raiding today, hopefully the servers stay up come and watch me fail to perform simple tasks!
  5. Bearforce Lorekeeper

    Got Neriak1 down and now we are moving to WK to get it for the week.
  6. Bearforce Lorekeeper

    WK down, Dead Hills 1 next.
  7. Bearforce Lorekeeper

    Starting raids for today at HoF1 while people log in, we plan on going after some of the new raids so you can stare at the ground with me when we wipe.
  8. Falos Augur

    If you want that Sub button on twitch, better start streaming League of Legends.

    Twitch users generally do not like videogames, that is why league of legends is the most popular tv show on there.
  9. Bearforce Lorekeeper

    Yeah not doing this to try to get partner just want to give something to watch for people who want to see it.

    Neriak 2 down moving on to WK 2 now. First couple tries were rocky on Neriak but we did it!
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  10. Bearforce Lorekeeper

    Ok streaming raids again this week first one today is HoF1.

    Schedule for the week so far is today 730est , Sat 7pm est and Sun 1pm start times.
  11. Bearforce Lorekeeper

    Streaming again this week first raid is Neriak1.

    Schedule this week is today, Saturday 7pm est, Sun 1pm.
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  12. Bearforce Lorekeeper

    Doing DH2 now if anyone is interested. Also all of these should be archived if you want to watch them later.
  13. Bearforce Lorekeeper

    Just killed WK1, come join me on the next adventure where I will eventually die.
  14. Bearforce Lorekeeper

    Starting my stream up again this weekend, weekly raiding schedule is generally 8pm Friday, 7pm Saturday and 1pm Sunday EST for all.

    Last thread was moved to off-topic but was informed that was silly because how could a stream about EQ be not about EQ.
  15. Bearforce Lorekeeper

    Hey there I've been streaming CotF raids for people to watch for a month or so and now I have some codes I'll be giving away on stream for people who are watching and following my channel. Here is the stream .

    Schedule for the week is 7:30 today, 7pm Sat and 1pm Sun if we need it all EST. If it changes I'll post about it.

    Now come and make fun of my music, UI and button pressing abilities!
  16. Bearforce Lorekeeper

    Starting up early today with Evantil for fun.
  17. WDWolf Journeyman

    Okay NOT making fun of your UI but, why don't you, and so many others use viewport? Moving all your chats and UI elements away form the viewing area of the game? Like below; my (albeit an old setup) interface.

  18. Ronak Augur


    But seriously. I like these things, keep it up. More should do streams of raids, imo.
  19. Bearforce Lorekeeper

    I have no idea why I don't have it set up like yours. Just used to this way. I'm not entirely sure how that will give me more viewing area though.
  20. Riou Augur

    (haven't seen the stream yet), but to the viewport thing you can also make all your UI pieces have 0% alpha, which makes them all see through, this isn't a problem unless you're in an ultra super bright zone tho

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