Streamers given priority logins?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by ZzznakeDoctur, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Xanathol Augur

    Giving special access to these streaming losers has to be one of the dumbest decisions a company could make. So a few hundred folks watch these people flander about while you piss off exponenially more actual paying customers. Brilliant!
  2. Trackanon Elder

    Its only annoying because they game is essentially unplayable by anyone else.
  3. Troutfest Augur

    It's a teaching moment that just goes on and on and...
  4. Zish Elder

    I dunno, it seems perfectly reasonable to me, given the circumstances.
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  5. DarkerArts Lorekeeper

    This violates the EULA
  6. ShivanAngel Augur

    So blizzard, Riot, EA, etc have no idea what they are doing?

    Pretty sure they are raking it in.

    Streamer priveledge has been a thing for a long time, it just feels bad when it happens to your game. Its just like celebrities being given to endorse a product.
  7. Undustas Lorekeeper

    If youre a streamer who is playing i will not group with you, but feel free to toss my wiz a clarity.
  8. ArrMonk Journeyman

    Actually it is not the devs nor the CM's fault. Definitely not the streamer's fault. This is the executives at Daybreak's fault. They refuse to allocate the resources to fix the problem that the staff and community has known existed since the first progression server years ago.
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  9. James Augur

    You can go play another game if you are not happy here yea?
  10. Meridian Augur

    What a surprise. Certain people get special treatment.
  11. xtFuzzles New Member

    Weird how a lot of other threads are being responded to by a dev, but the ones mentioning priority queue for influencers gets nothing monkaHmm
  12. Aterminator Journeyman

    wait the CMS gave streamers access, pre-made their characters, gave their accounts a flag and all over the rest of the community.
  13. Xanathol Augur

    The difference being that Blizzard et al aren't giving them special access while simutaneously pissing off the majority of their other clients.
  14. Hinastorm Elder

    Probably accurate. Its a similar story where I work.
  15. James Augur

    LMAO these kids have had me in tears all day crying about these servers lmao
  16. ShivanAngel Augur

    Yah thats true.

    You could say its similar to streamers getting garunteed beta access/early access to a game when you dont. So you are sitting there watching them play when you cant.

    Like I said, its a real feals bad, but its common in the industry.