Streamers given priority logins?

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  1. Grakt New Member

    Another thing, everyone bashing Tangent because "he doesn't even know how to play..blah blah" He's like me one of many of former EQ players who haven't played in years (more than a decade in my case) who are returning to EQ specifically for the 20th Anniversary TLP server and there are a ton of people like me. Four of my friends are also returning after 10+ years away. This is more than just another Progression people are server hoping to. We didn't even know TLPs existed until a streamer was talking about it. Good marketing imho.
  2. Ewaz of_E'ci Journeyman

    its just a combination of things, everyone blocked except a select few, those select few having a mount bug giving 25 times the normal hp they are suppose to have starting off we wont have the advantage all, all while paying for a competitive game experience... at some point negative consumer experiences should be shared, i dont think its by any means out of place here for those who are suggesting it heh
  3. Atabishii Elder

    Giving streamers priority login is not something new and is something most gaming companies are doing these days. Nothing to be mad about. They are given perks and priority to help promote the game. Companies have to do this now to stay competitive. Don't know why you guys are crying about it, it's promotion to help keep the game alive.
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    The servers are . Its almost as bad as when people were rolling fresh level 60's...
  5. Ewaz of_E'ci Journeyman

    giving some priority to stream vs some being given this priority while 95% of the rest are being activly blocked from the service they are paying for are percieved very differently...
    I dont think this was the intention at all, just saying people are not being unreasonable who are a bit upset by it.
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    Also it begs the question as to whether or not some of these "reserved logins" are causing problems with the Q. The Q itself is garbage and has never worked, meanwhile they ADD complexity by reserving logins for certain people (I assume based on IP address)
  7. Grakt New Member

    Lets say your working for the marketing department at Daybreak. Which is better publicity for your game? Two choices:
    1. People watching a bunch of streamers sitting at a login screen unable to login, getting frustrated, and then giving up to play a different game.
    2. A bunch of streamers playing the game while others who are waiting to login watch.

    You may not like it, but choice two is best from a marketing prospective. Deal.
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  9. Maxe Augur

    giving priority is one thing, capping the population ridiculously low over 4 hours after launch is a completely different thing. This is abusive.
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    Yea streamer is able to log out and in with ease..he was chatting with GMs before last crash

    Must be nice
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    I have 275 Followers on instagram.. Can I get some of that priority? My top 8 on myspace includes 3 former presidents.
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  12. RainbowTest Augur

    The streamer that Holly promoted in her twitter feed was bashing the game for being so old and horribly setup when I clicked to watch him. The guy couldn't figure out how to use ADVL, like why promote someone who is playing your product for the very first time. talk about bad publicity, his whole stream was all facepalming the guy.
  13. ShivanAngel Augur

    There was another post about this.

    They gave a streamer priority access for publicity.

    This happens ALL THE TIME.
    Apex legends did it
    LoL does it
    WoW does it.

    Streamers constantly get priority access to pre releases and beta's to bring awareness to a product. Hell this happens in things besides video games too, big named people getting priority/early access to things to publicize them. Its a feels bad, but it is a thing.
  14. James Augur

    Yes, I got my email yesterday asking me and I filled the form out and sent it back in.
  15. Primanti New Member

    whether or not it is done by others it is still incredibly frustrating.
  16. Hinastorm Elder

    Maybe take a step back.
  17. flimflam New Member

    this is bad, must be embarrassing for them..... sure we are going to get the same answer, 3rd crash and will be the same ole, "Yes, it is functioning as a queue, although we are letting in players slowly as we raise the server cap to keep things moving and the new servers stable "
  18. Lateryn Augur

    That streamer was booted from server(no DC, didn't log out etc) then logged back in instantly and was kicked again. Probably an accident he was somehow able to get on, since it was just him and 3 GMs on the entire server.
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    We get it you're still Mahatma Gandhi don't need to remind us again.
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    This is really helpful advice. Really puts the last 4 hours of my life in perspective. Thank you, Hinastorm, for showing us all what we're capable of as our best selves.
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