Streamers given priority logins?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by ZzznakeDoctur, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Gremin Augur

    Even Devs/employees back in the day who actually played had to sit in the que like the rest of us.
  2. Lumiens Augur

    I've been watching Bobby play a Marbles game for 3 hours now.
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  3. Rounlin Best Pizza in Norrath!

    there is no shock to this. Industry standard
  4. Lateryn Augur

    If this is true, the email should be plastered all over reddit, social media and gaming sites.
  5. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    God bless you
  6. vylo Augur

    this isn't the start of a MMO, this is the launch of 2 new servers on a 20 year old game. Coirnav launched with almost no hiccups. I just looked back on the forums and there was very little grumbling compared to today.
  7. Tendrils Journeyman

    The worse part is I got in within the first hour and then was booted off immediately while a streamer is having 0 issues.
  8. Sultan Elder

    Yes, let's not try and improve the standard shall we, just accept the poor standard.

    What's next, push the brand new car out of the parking lot because they forgot to put an engine in it, just accept it and move on because the last 100,000 cars had the same issue right?

    What about the refrigerator that has no doors?
  9. Horathmir Elder

    Tangent has 10 million views on Twitch, Daybreak, according to him, offered him priority login and offered to make a character for him to skip the login creation process. Then after he let the cat out of the bag and everyone called him on it he claims he never used it. The doesn't even stream EQ anymore hasn't for years. Pretty lame. How many other "Priority" logins has Daybreak issued over paying long term customers?
  10. Spofford New Member

    The bare chance that DBG allocated any months of dev time to game logins to prefer certain logins off a pre-Y2K code base is laughable, especially when you need to replace months with _years_ for any possibility. This is simple trolling at best, stupidity at slightly worst.
  11. ShivanAngel Augur

    So they give a handfull of people priority login to try to publicize their game...

    Apex Legends did it.
    WoW does it
    LoL does it

    Its pretty common in the industry.

    Also I call BS unless I see the email, I could "Read" something on stream too..
  12. Dagenfehl Journeyman

    Streamers do not get priority.. We've been streaming their stupid log in screen for 3 hours playing other games and nothing. Don't start rumors.
  13. Ansla New Member

    If never had an issue logging into LoL so I how that that even aid a person? Additionally I've never seen WoW take more than 3 hours to fully clear up all their login issues. At the very least WoW had a queue system that actually worked.

    Finally, the fact that DBG has PR members that are taking time out of their day right now to ensure that streamers are able to connect while simultaneously not responding to the community and not resolving the login issues seems like a very poor way to spend their manpower.
  14. Machentoo Augur

    What a surprise that the least popular ruleset in the history of the TLP's didn't have overcrowding issues on day 1.
  15. flimflam New Member

  16. Fastlane Journeyman

    Not a rumor bro, I'm watching this guy Tangent on Twitch right now. He has no clue, but he's a celebrity. They should have given priority login to Taylor Swift. Bet she could play better, and figure out the UI... lmao...
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  17. ShivanAngel Augur

    Except they are responding to the community and stated they are trying to fix the login issues. They also said 20 year old is hard to fix immediately. So saying they are ignoring people is false.

    Still people act like streamer priviledge is some foreign thing. It happens in SO many games... Priority on beta invites/early access... etc, etc... they are the faces of the industry so they will get priority to the product.
  18. ZzznakeDoctur Journeyman

    BIG difference dude. Were talking a few THOUSAND people trying to login to the long-established servers on a 20-year old game.

    Compared to a FRESH MMO launch where you have MILLIONS of simultaneous logins to a server infrastructure that hasn't been stressed beyond various forms of "beta testing."
  19. Strickin New Member

    Yeah he probably should have said "streamers that matter get priority" instead
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  20. Grakt New Member

    Search the forums, this is how Coirnav and Ragefire and every other TLP server start has gone. A few streamers who were given special access for marketing purposes isn't going to make a difference. People are just addicted to outrage and they found their thing to be outraged about.