Stratos : Evac Point Unsafe, really ?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Rowlen, Dec 18, 2018.

  1. Rowlen Journeyman

    Got killed with diffenerent chars two times on Stratos Evac / Zone in Point. Is this really by design?

    Thats so far from funny...
  2. Goofydoofy New Member

    The zone in/evac spot is relatively safe. There are no active mobs in that space. Odds are, you got trained or something like that. I wouldn't be surprised to see somebody root a mob there or something so it kills people when they zone in.
  3. Vanrau Augur

    Someone probably trained out. Like Goofy said, NPC's in that zone do not roam to that area.
  4. svann Augur

    Wiz aa - invis added to port spells - 1000aa
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  5. Dropfast Augur

    What I've seen happen a bunch of times is someone gets aggro or more than they can handle, then they jump of the side of an island, get ported to the Zi spot then the mobs find their way there. Then they die, FD, or zone, and the train kills everyone minding their own business on their way back up. Poor design as usual..