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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Vaneksniper, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. Vaneksniper Elder

    (We got AoW with 50 ppl and a whole lot of ****** geared ppl / tanks!)
  2. Vaneksniper Elder

  3. Vaneksniper Elder

  4. Vaneksniper Elder

    We will accept a few more apps before shut down for PoP.

    Looking for: Mage/wiz/monk/rogue
  5. Vaneksniper Elder

    Recruiting basically shut down at this point. We will allow exceptional players lvl 65+ with 100+ AAs and that's about it until further notice.
  6. Faeini New Member

    Awe so sad i found yall late! I was in strat on luclin vack in the day loved you guys!
  7. Vaneksniper Elder

    Was Faeini your name?! Cause that's extremely familiar lol
  8. Faeini New Member

    Yes it was! I was a high elf cleric.
  9. Vaneksniper Elder

    Yeah we remember lol. Awesome! Where are you playing?
  10. Vaneksniper Elder

    Recruiting open to lvl 65 players of the following classes: Mage, Paladin, Wizard, Clerics, Monk, Shaman, 1 Enchanter, 1 Warrior.
  11. Faeini New Member

    i played on Mangler first but after 50 got bored, so now i'm on Selos hehe
  12. Vaneksniper Elder

    Ahhhhhh. Already got a home on selos then I take it?!
  13. Vaneksniper Elder

    Almost to the Elemental planes! We could still use a warrior / Cleric / Enchanter / a couple DPS classes.
  14. Vaneksniper Elder

  15. Vaneksniper Elder

    Recruiting a few classes lvl 65+! We just killed rallos zek last night on our first night of trying with 40 ppl. Congrats guys!
  16. Vaneksniper Elder

    Still in need of dps classes, a cleric, possibly an ench. Join our small size raid force just in time for Eplanes! Sol ro and pofire tonight.
  17. Vaneksniper Elder

    Warriors and Shadowknights are pretty much closed. Looking for DPS and healers, preferably cleric. Lvl 65 please
  18. Vaneksniper Elder

    Working on clearing elemental planes now with our raid force of 40 ppl. We could use a few more DPS classes and a cleric or 2!
  19. Vaneksniper Elder

    Actually we are accepting all classes right now lvl 65, now's the Time to get in as we are clearing the elemental planes with 40!
  20. Vaneksniper Elder

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