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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Vaneksniper, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. Vaneksniper Elder

    Due to the extreme popularity of the idea of our guild we will only be adding 1-2 more characters per class! So if youd like to join get in now before the recruitment process gets a bit tougher! Thanks
  2. Vaneksniper Elder

    Due to high demand and interest, we have had to add a lvl 50+ requirement lvl! Also Bards are Closed at this time. Still looking for mostly DPS classes as we are in great shape for healers.
  3. Vaneksniper Elder

    Need MONKS, Wizards, Rogues, and Rangers lvl 50+
  4. Vaneksniper Elder

    DRUIDS to lol we have none ! amazing a guild can have 5 tanks 10 clerics 5 enchanters and no Druids or monksss
  5. Vaneksniper Elder

  6. Vaneksniper Elder

    Looking for about 5-10 more players to round out our raiding force
  7. Vaneksniper Elder

  8. Tankage New Member

    Hey what have you guys downed so far?
  9. Vaneksniper Elder

    We have been focusing on leveling for the most part. We did try and got Naggy to 40% with 26 ppl , and 15 of those were lvl 40-50 so that was fun haha. Will start burning through classic content now that most of us are 60 here in the next week or so. Not gonna spend a ton of time in classic just 1 and done.
  10. Vaneksniper Elder

    We are basically just recruiting wizards Druids monks and rogues right now
  11. Vaneksniper Elder

    All other classes will still be considered unless you're a Necro! we are pretty full on them so unless you're lvl 60 and have a ton of aa I'm sorry!!
  12. Vaneksniper Elder

    naggy down, Vindy down , we are on our way! (Dead to a raid force of 30)
  13. Vaneksniper Elder

  14. Vaneksniper Elder

    Recruiting lvl 50+ Openly seeking Monks / Wizards / Rogues, and that's about it right now.
  15. Vaneksniper Elder

    AoW to die Tuesday!
  16. Vaneksniper Elder

    We need Monks, Rogues, Mages, and Wizzies!
  17. Crispy New Member

    60th Monk / 26th Dad here looking for casual raiding! Fisticuffs in game name.
  18. Vaneksniper Elder

    Hey! Jump in our discord!
  19. Vaneksniper Elder

    Mages / monks / Wizards / Rogues being recruited still.
  20. Vaneksniper Elder

    Bump---Avatar of War down! Working on SSRA and will be ready for PoP launch next week!

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