<Stratageme> Recruiting for Selo - Casual raiding guild

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  1. Vaneksniper Elder

    We are openly recruiting for <Stratageme> on the new Selo server.

    Who are we?

    The core of Stratageme is a tight knit group of friends who have been gaming together for 20 years. We used to play on Luclin where we were well known for taking down the current raid targets with a much smaller than average raid force. For instance, we would clear with Rallos Zek, for progression, with less than 36 players. We prefer for people to feel like they are part of the fight and carry their weight in a raid. The trend of throwing bodies at a raid and winning at any cost is not our style. This is how we fought then, and this is how we will fight on Selo!

    Why choose <Stratageme> ?

    There are a few things that we can provide that other guilds may not.

    1.) We will not worry about racing through content month to month and will go at our own pace. While we might not spend a ton of time in classic, we will go and knock out those classic bosses before moving on so everyone can experience those targets if they haven't had a chance! We will not be a hardcore raid guild. The approach to any fight will be focused and intense, hardcore in spirit, but we are all adults with complicated enough lives in the real world and edging out server firsts is not the priority here. The focus is on having fun by killing targets in an enjoyable manner. We compete with ourselves and on our terms, not with racing against the server.

    2.) We will be using a transparent and rotating loot council system to distribute loot. While DKP may be the norm for many guilds and on most servers, we feel Selo is different. Given our objectives, the ideal person for our guild is driven firstly by the idea of a smaller guild progressing on its own terms- not video game pixels. This isn't a job and we don't want to cultivate that feeling of trading time for items. Problems with DKP generally are hoarding and not being able to compete with older members. These problems will not exist. Since we are a smaller guild, any item that is an upgrade should not go to waste. Secondly, with the rapid unlocks, mudflation and new tiers of gear, both at the group and raid level, will quickly diminish the importance of the previous tiers loot. So why stress out about it? All loot related distribution will be transparent and public and members will be encouraged to participate and rotate onto the council if interested.

    3.) Casual and Efficient - We are a guild that raids 2 progression days a week on a EST schedule. We also offnight raid approx 3 other nights a week to gear up and simply /random for loot? You can expect to log in at 7pm and we will target being done around 11pm EST. We will maximize our time so can expect pulls to be starting right at raid time. The fun in raiding in EverQuest is in the execution. Smooth, efficient, and always looking for ways to improve or speed up is the fun part.

    4.) We will be a mature guild. Members will be expected to abide by a simple set of policies, both in, and out of the guild. While chat will be adult in nature, strict moderation will prohibit much of the common toxic chat found in other guilds. There will be zero tolerance on toxic behavior. We're adults in 2019, not teenagers in 1999.

    What days will we raid?

    Progression raid nights are Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    Attendance requirements
    There will be no attendance requirements in this guild. However if you are online we expect you to be at the raid.

    Guild communication
    We will be using Discord for all communication. In addition to using for raids there will be all information you need provided to you in Discord and can be found here: https://discord.gg/AdZCxKq

    How to join <Stratageme> ?
    Right now just log into our discord server and let us know a little about yourself and get to know us before server release. Once the server is up and running we will be adding a formal application process.
  2. Shylar Lorekeeper

    <3 my luclin friends! Absolutely wonderful group of people they have as their core! Wishing you guys the best on Selo!
  3. Vaneksniper Elder

    <3 Shylar, thanks for the Kind words!
  4. Vaneksniper Elder

    We have around 25 members so far. Just looking for about 15-20 more active players and we will be all set for our 36 man raid force!
  5. Vaneksniper Elder

    Friendly Bump since this post has helped us acquire many ppl already!
  6. Tankage New Member

    Awesome! Selo needs more guilds, great alternative to some of the hardcore styles
  7. Vaneksniper Elder

    Up to about 40 players! Great progress before we even get started on the server.
  8. BraxKedren Journeyman

    Everything about this sounds amazing except the times are too early. I’m CST and don’t jump online until around 9pm at nights. Would love if more played around this and could make it work.
  9. Vaneksniper Elder

    I do plan on doing some guild stuff late nights on Fri/ Saturday but that won't be official raids if ppl are interested around 9/10pm est. But yeah for the weekday raids they will be from 7-10ish est , sorry!!
  10. BraxKedren Journeyman

    Depending on the days I might be able to pull off a 7pm EST once a week. Be easier for a weekend day as well.....
  11. Vaneksniper Elder

    Specifically looking for dps classes , maybe 1 tank / healer now! Roster coming together nicely
  12. Vaneksniper Elder

    Bump , keep em coming! Been having excellent discord conversation this week, drop in for your open interview today :)
  13. Vaneksniper Elder

    Still accepting all classes with emphasis on DPS!

    Classes that are low ATM:

  14. Vaneksniper Elder

    0 Mages and 0 Druids wtf! We have nearly 40 ppl, so strange to see so mages or druids! Come be the first!
  15. Vaneksniper Elder

    Tomorow!!!! Lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Soluran New Member

    Good afternoon,

    As we sit waiting for the servers to let us in, I came across your post. Do you have room for one more?High elf mage, my traditional character for a very long time. Used to raid endgame, then a little less endgame. Co-founder and co-GL of League of Grand Adventurers back on Vulak. 48 year old Software developer. I don't want to start off in classic yet again and spend an interminable length of time in lguk yet again. But I don't want to be expansion clearing every 30 days. Was hoping to find a more casual guild but on this server and you guys sound pretty awesome! Hope to talk with you further.

    Thank you!

  17. Vaneksniper Elder

    heya, absolutely we have room! IF the server ever opens!!!! Very low on mages! guild name TBD , possibly <Five Inches Unbuffed> cause old guild name cant be created lol , rip, will let ya know what we decide
  18. Soluran New Member

    Sounds great!
  19. Soluran New Member

    Mage, Soluran High Elf
  20. Vaneksniper Elder

    Bump! Having an amazing time grouping with these guys. Get in now before it's too late, will be closing recruiting soon to maintain our ideal raid size.

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