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    I heard from a few people someone on mangler someone was going around trying to sell a Jungle Spider mount but was putting the jungle spider familiar in the trade window.
    The bad iconography of the store bought items has bothered me but figured a cosmetic request would never happen, then I saw this and realized this is indeed a problem.

    Each class of store bought items needs it icons change to a uniform icon that is clearly different between the types for tradeable wrapped objects. The icons try to do that in some fashion but ultimatly they suck and it doesn't make a consistent user experience.
    1. mount icon, familiar icon, armor kit icon, illusion icon, teleport icon, music box icon list goes on... as a wrapped object, the icon is the same, variation of colors or textures, but ultimatly, the icon for ALL adoptable mounts is the same size, shape etc.
    3. this is for the tradeable wrapped/adoptable items that hasn't been claimed yet, once unwrapped the item has its normal nice pretty icons a player would want to see.
    4. proper tagging of the wrapped/adoptable item has all the traits of the items inside the object. adoptable mounts get tagged with "mount" and can be searched in bazar. a wrapped bundle of armor and exp pot would get armor and potion flag etc.

    Here is someone warning people about the scammer in the trade channels:

    Example if every wrapped/adoptable items had the same consistent icon size shape and etc, it would make it much easier on users and reduce development etc.

    That scammer would be hard pressed to be successful if the trade window opened to an item with a bone instead of a horse.

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