Stop paying the farmers. Stop it.

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  1. Ethereal Augur

    I can't wait for your next juicy thread about how you are personally being marginalized by the devs because they haven't made a game specifically for you. It'll be another great read.

    Can't tell if serious.
  2. snailish Augur

    My take is pay whatever is reasonable in your mind to pay for something.

    If buying that thing diminishes your enjoyment of it then don't buy it. In the specific case of some in-era stuff on a progression server you then need to either accept getting things later, dps/compete/join them, or give in and pay.

    Agnarr specifically is in a golden time for some types of farmers/behaviour. That will pass. The lock itself eventually works against the "evil farmer", as does the launch of another new progression server which is highly likely in a year or two.
  3. Redeux New Member

    Can't tell if serious.[/quote]

    Daybreak will not be interested in doing much about krono farmers unless there is some way for them to make money. Open to other ways for DB to make money from people that will buy what they want one way or another, and open the game for the more traditional players.
  4. Risiko Augur

    Daybreak will not be interested in doing much about krono farmers unless there is some way for them to make money. Open to other ways for DB to make money from people that will buy what they want one way or another, and open the game for the more traditional players.[/quote]

    The changes to both the VP and HS key quest items in yesterday's patch would indicate that DBG sees more value in keeping paying customers from quiting the game than keeping farmers that drive paying customers away.
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  5. Illusory Augur

    I think Agnarr will be the last progression server until Daybreak develops a way to curb this farming epidemic that they've created with these servers. I highly doubt that the majority of players on Agnarr would be willing to migrate to a new server just to be met with the same issues.
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  6. Machentoo Augur

    Highly doubtful. They won't stop going to the well till after it is dry.
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  7. Kiaro Augur

    The next TLP would have to be something quite astounding to beat out the improvements they put in place for Phinigel, Agnarr is a nostalgia box which feeds the need for folks to dreamily farm Quarm for years on end, the only other thing they could do would be a Velious locked server, which would basically be taking a big dump on P99. I think their next step would be to enable incentives for people to continue to roll on these TLPs, something like enabling character transfers from Agnarr to Phinigel would make them a good amount of cash once Agnarr is at end of life. Jack the XP rate on Agnarr to Live levels, let people get leveled up, twinked out in full time gear and then Xfer to the progressed server.
  8. lobos Journeyman

    Lulz this is the third TLP and it hasn't stopped people, seems like each TLP gets more people so I dont think it's correct to say the next TLP won't continue the trends.

    If anything has been proven is that you can make a TLP each year and still have an overwhelming amount of people that will do classic-luclin/pop all over again after doing it the year before (phinigel) and the year before (ragefire).

    It's mind boggling but if you've been at the launch of each they're still pulling in tons of people at launch. So why wouldn't they keep doing it?

    the next TLP doesn't have to be astounding, it just has to start in classic cause by then all the other TLP's are probably at luclin and beyonddddddddddddd so then oh hey who wants to play beyond POP? Most people quit in POP, so hello heres a new TLP starting at classic - i see no reason it isnt as popular due to what we've seen on phinigel and agnarr launches.

    they're making a killing on these cookie cutter servers, it's crazy cause to me these TLP used to be fun because it was a challenge (corpse run - sleeper) and had no instanced content (prior to phinigel) but phinigel/agnarr really arent that and then they push these TLPs on you year after year somehow its working besides the people making $

    how many years in a row can you release almost the same kind of server without people starting over again to play it? dunno.
  9. Risiko Augur

    As someone that has played on every TLP server that has been put out to date, I can tell you that at least for me, Agnarr is my last new TLP server.

    After Agnarr locks at Lost Dungeons of Norrath, I will complete the raid content in that expansion, and then I will go back to my characters on Phinigel to continue playing the game there.

    I love old world Everquest, but I just will not do the Unrest-LowerGuk-Hole-Sebelis dance again.

    The only way I would start over on a new TLP server in the future is if a brand new TLP Expansion was released for Everquest with new level 1 to 65 content in it. That's it.

    It kinda sucks that by the time Agnarr locks in Lost Dungeons of Norrath, Phinigel will have already completed Gates of Discord and Omens of War (two of the best expansions post Velious), but there's nothing we can do about that.

    What would be ideal is if a new server was to start 3 months after Lost Dungeons of Norrath opened on Agnarr with the following criteria:
    • Referred to as Agnarr's sister server where you can /copy characters from Agnarr to it
    • Starts at Gates of Discord expansion
    • Keeps all the same server rules of Agnarr except it continues on through all of the expansoins
    • Character names check is across Agnarr and the new server
  10. Machentoo Augur

    A year from now, Phinigel will be at the end of the level 70 stretch, and Ragefire/Lockjaw will be in the middle of it. A lot of people will have unsubscribed by then. If they throw up a new Phinny style progression server with faster xp, or a phinny style with no truebox, they will get plenty of people at that point. Maybe not quite the population of Phinigel or Agnarr early on, but it will be respectable.
  11. Illusory Augur

    You're missing some key details about these TLPs that launch once a year..

    1) Ragefire was created with 'load balancing' in mind, but not true-box.
    2) Fast forward 1 year and people are furious at the massive amount of farmers running their own raids to lock-down content.
    3) To combat this, DBG offers up Phinigel (true box) and it's successful because it got people away from the farming madness.
    4) Population moved from RF/LJ to Phinigel, leaving the latter servers near empty in comparison.
    5) Fast forward another year and Agnarr launches and it's success stems from p99 immigrants. However, they are ignorant towards the wild-west style management that DBG enforces and yet again, we have a furious population.

    Do you see a trend forming? Each released progression server offered something new and a subsequent server offered a solution to the pitfalls of its predecessor. If DBG were to release another progression server without dealing with the issues of Agnarr, it would probably be a ghost town. Let's not forget that progression servers are getting stale - you can only go through the same ol' content so many times before it becomes monotonous.
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  12. Renshu Augur

    Cool, this has turned into thread number 9876588767 about the rules for the next TLP server.
    I'd like to see both of these:
    Option 1 - Ragefire server with Phinny instancing.
    Option 2 - Any quest or equip-able item is no drop, must be in on the kill to loot.
  13. jeskola pheerie

    Third TLP? Agnarr is the 5th gen progression server and 8th server overall.
    1.) Sleeper/Combine
    2.) Vulak/Fippy
    3.) Lockjaw/Ragefire
    4.) Phinny
    5.) Agnarr
  14. Illusory Augur

    The LDoN expansion brings Ragefire into Phinny territory and each expansion thereafter will be fully instanced.
  15. snailish Augur

    I'm not saying the majority of Agnarr players will move onto the next progression server. If anything, those who end up being the core playerbase of Agnarr into the lock are the least likely to play anywhere else again kind of players --aka those that the lock aspect is the big sell.

    The majority of Agnarr's farmers will move on as Agnarr settles into its lock, especially if a new progression server is launched.* A longstanding locked server will have farmers, sure (just about every EQ server does)... but other places will be better opportunity.

    *I suppose if the next progression server is somehow successfully anti-farmer then that would prevent this. I am unconvinced that is a likely approach, the early farmer/krono boom doesn't appear to be bad for business overall (despite a fair number of forum posts that don't like it).
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  16. Renshu Augur

    This is not true. Each expansion thereafter is NOT fully instanced. There are Agents of Change on Phinny after LDON. Also, instancing the content before LDON would matter, both in era and out. Hello weekly Seru farms for twinks!
  17. Illusory Augur

    My bad, I should have been more specific when I wrote 'fully instanced'. I was just referring to the tasks and expeditions for groups (and raids) that are based on LDoNs system.
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  18. Chatoyan Elder

    I was on Combine (briefly), then Vulak and now Phinny. I don't really see starting over (again) unless Phinny dies, and there's no way I'd do another TLP unless it was at least a 51/50 deal, or even 60/150. If I never see lguk, velks, or seb again, that's just fine with me.
  19. Intelliment New Member

    People are only looking at the 100ft view. You appear to be looking at the 1000ft view. Try looking at this from the 10,000ft view.

    Time = Money
    How much Time = How much Money, is subjective and different for EVERYONE.

    Using an average age of 75 = 657,000 hours. When you are born, you have a countdown timer that starts, minus any illness or accidents. How do you want to spend that time? Answers are different for everyone.

    No one gives a about this right now because you are FLUSH with time. You have so much extra time that you are playing a virtual game when in reality you just sit in front of a silicon/metal/plastic box for 4+ hours a day, barely moving.

    At the end though, if you could tally up all of your time before passing on into whatever realm you believe in, you might cringe at all that wasted time. It might not be wasted to some, it might be considered productive, or it might mean an extra 8 hours with your daughter, again the time thing is subjective to everyone.

    The people that pay for stuff are trying to save time. For whatever reason you or they can come up with, the end result is they are saving time. Maybe they just re-invest that saved time right back into EQ or maybe they use that saved time to spend with their wives, or on their $150/hr business.

    Some say that it is wrong some say it's right but it's all just philosophical bickering.

    The bottom line is that we are ALL paying to do something. We are paying to play a virtual game. We all pay electricity bills, computer hardware bills, software to run that hardware and paying for the internet to connect to it. Some people pay 3x what others would pay for faster internet, more computers for boxing, more accounts, etc.

    You will never 100% eliminate the human need to do something faster. It is part of what drives us.

    In the future, some clever gaming studio might try and R&D the hell out of this issue so they can make a game that can eliminate 95% of the pay2win factor but there will always be a way to shortcut.

    Instead of constantly whining about it, I would accept it, learn to recognize when it is going on, and avoid it when you can. (If it bothers you) Knowing it is a part of these TLP nostalgic eras, part of human nature, and part of life.
  20. Questoften32 Augur