Stop Creating Prog Servers - End use on zek.

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  1. Reval Augur

    Agrippa, are you kidding? Going discord on a server that they can monitor themselves? I mean maybe if it's an server =/.

    Let's look at and face facts. As a player of everquest, unless you have administration powers far beyond those of what you would describe as a "player" of this game. Unless you work for daybreak. Unless you have access to the server side code and packets and permission to do with it as you will, you can't "monitor" hackers in any reasonable fashion.

    You're suggesting they all go blue to see a guy warp and go "man that guy just hacked."? They could do that on Zek. It doesn't even begin to solve the problem.

    The problem of hackers can only truly be addressed by the company that owns the game.
  2. Gnomereaper Augur

    I'm actually in agreement with there are better PVP games. The game's population has died down a lot in recent years, in part because there are more competitive games out there. The Progression Servers provide a return community and a feeling of good will towards players.

    The real problem lays in design as well. When Bazaar had it's own sub-culture having an Arena in Bazaar 1.0 was welcomed. In Bazaar 2.0, that Arena is now gone destroying the small PVP sub culture in that zone.

    /guildwar function also no longer works.

    The issue is mostly a dwindling population, fewer resources, but also good ideas that were never supported. If Plane of Knowledge was able to have an Arena in it, you would see more PVP. But because Arena is out of the way and not connected to any social zones, it doesn't get used.

    Guild War never had any real support at all, and I have only heard stories about Guild Wars "back in the day" pre-Kunark.
  3. Reval Augur

    At this point there is better pvp out there, sure. But there easily couldn't have been too.

    The big lesson here is that if you allow pvp, you cannot *EVER* allow hacking. You need a strong stance, to take actions, to take those $10 a month hits by banning the hackers. If your game is good enough, they'll rebuy it, still pay $10 a month, and not hack. That's the lesson, and it's really clear.
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  4. Agrippa Augur

    @Reval: My questions about having the remnant of like-minded pvp players who are legit moving to a server that might not openly embrace hacking stand. Let's face it, though, DBG doesn't care enough to enforce real problem solving in this area on *any* server, though. On blue servers, it's more about bots using scripts and it's definitely not as personal, but DBG (and SOE before) has allowed this go on for the longest time. From what I'm reading, though, it's just worse on Zek as the people exploiting these things directly effect someone else's gaming experience. So, again, why not have the like-minded legit players move and flag discord on a well populated server? The problems will still exist there, but they won't be near as rampant or far spread as how I'm hearing Zek server is at this point. Plus, on the extremely rare occasions that DBG might actually ban a proven and called out cheater, I'd put money on those occasions *not* happening on Zek.
  5. eqzekisdead Augur

    its time to shut down zek for good
  6. Bigfan Augur

    All they need to do with zek is, copy all chars to a low population server, lock transfers off zek and allow a /zekcopy command.

    Then rename it epeen server.
  7. Reval Augur

    I hate to be that guy Agrippa, but you can't just bait and switch it. Come on man, the plan is that a bunch of people go to a blue server and use the books (which don't work, but let's just say they did)? This does absolutely nothing to stop hackers. Hackers still exist on blue servers. You might get fewer people because it's a smaller subset, but guess what? Now it's less fun because it's you and 3 friends and that's the entirety of the situation. As soon as it gets bigger, every person it grows could be a hacker. Even if you stop inviting people, if it becomes popular, it's just by default going to have some bored hacker join it for fun, and now you have hackers in PVP all over again. All the man hours to try to solve the problem are now wasted. Move to another server? Same problem over and over and over again. You cannot solve this, so it isn't your problem. You don't have the tools to solve this. It isn't your problem. But guess who does?

    I'm just going to put this here. There is no community answer that will ever work. If hacking is possible, you're never in your damn life going to get some hacking free utopia. The only one that could ever solve it is Daybreak. They are the only one. Any other answer is naive.

    Imagine going up to me and saying "hey want to go into a non hacking pvp server?" and I say "how is it non hacking", and your answer is "well it's a blue server and we turn in our books.". Then I'm going to ask "So some guy could find out about it, go to that server, turn in the book, and just start hacking, and there's nothing you can do about it?" to which if you're being honest, the answer has to be "yes". It's by definition going to allow hackers.

    Only Daybreak can solve hackers. It's not a community problem. It shouldn't possibly ever be a community responsibility. It shouldn't exist in the game at all. It's no one's responsibility but Daybreak, and in a better world they'd be appreciative of the people that try to help them in that regard.
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  8. Agrippa Augur

    @Rivel: Yeah, I thought better of it soon after I posted. IMO forum rules and otherwise are made null and void when the company fails to uphold their own rules and standards, yet expects more from its customers. If it were me, I'd be making videos and such and posting them everywhere.
  9. Reval Augur

    I've got some interesting screenshots, but the unfortunate part there is that if you post anything that incriminates another player on the forums, or make an accusation, you risk a ban or other action being taken against you. Sure you could post it on another account, but if that's their attitude, what do you expect them to do in this case?

    So there's no taking the law into your own hands, and there's no answer to the issues from the company.

    Literally the only solution is: Daybreak fixes the issue and stops hacking on their servers.

    There's no member of the community that can fix it. There's no number of members of the community that can fix it unless you say "well it's everyone's responsibility not to hack"=P

    It's insanity to try to fix this as a member of the community. The only solution is for Daybreak to solve it.
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