Stonewood Bow Staff and Plane of War Progression

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    Actually I have seen it work over the beast lord in my fellowship and the mage couldn't toss in her pet right away due to the insane amount of aggro generation. Considering how much burn DPS comes from pets for either of those. I am not to worried that it "hinders" them and cripples them.

    Other classes have key abilities denied or marginalized, its not just a pet class thing. However that doesn't make the content impossible. If thats what it takes for them to give us content that takes us out of our comfort zone and challenges us, So be it.
  2. Sebbina Augur

    I expect that I may be about the end of this topic, Stonewood bows are now under 60k on Povar, and just over 2 weeks from PoWar release. They may never get back to the 5k or so that as the price to use as tribute (47k) but, will probably not rise again. So all the posts about the logjam were most likely just momentary panic, and we can proceed calmly to the next terrifying thing.
  3. Iila Augur

    It's never too late to panic.
  4. Trajet D'Or Augur

    Panic is over but it's still a terrible flagging step. Full group of real players wants to progress in PoWar. PoEarth is empty and it still takes 4 hours of no XP with average luck. That they can buy the Bows in Bazaar is entirely besides the point, you have to go back to Black Sapphire for VP Key for a buyable in EC Tunnel or Bazaar flagging step outside of FV unless I'm forgetting something.
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    Be happy they didn't make it the Obsidianwood COmpound Bow. the rare drop there ONLY drops from the Fennin cycle "fiends", of which there are (IIRC) 8 in the entire cycle COUNTING the names, and you can only pop that cycle once every third day *IF NOBODY KILLS THE GUARDIAN TO GET IT OUT OF THE WAY WHEN KITING TABLES".

    A raid guild that managed to lock the repop on the Guardian and NEVER miss a repop would take 3-4 MONTHS to farm enough for a full raid force - drop rate isn't too horrid at almost 50%, but average of perhaps 9-10 drops a week, with an occasional combine failure would add up to REAL frustration.

    Only plus side - the entire cycle has been soloable for ANYONE of high level and even semi-decent gear for a few years - I farmed it on my 95 warrior fletcher for quite a while, as I had tons of the other pieces stockpiled and occasionally sell the bows in the Bazaar on Povar (they tribute at 42K+, not quite up to the Primordial Driftwood but close enough).
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    WOW. Congrats on bumping an old topic from a year ago
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    yooooooooooooooooooooo thread necro all day!

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