Stonewood Bow Staff and Plane of War Progression

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by WDWolf, Apr 2, 2014.

  1. Edrick Augur

    You're right about pok, I always unconsciously combine that with the guild lobby. The bazaar doesn't count though, you know that.
  2. Bearforce Lorekeeper

    Well yeah the thread will probably continue to go until branches flood the market or they at least acknowledge making everyone act like jerks to get into PoW was a bad idea and nothing like PoP flagging.
  3. savrin Augur

    Until soe makes changes I hope this thread does keep going. I think it is ludicrous to force people to try to farm this or force them to pay 450k + to get a bow. Make it off mobs that force you to group up and work together instead of forcing people to be dbags to get flags. Also, drop rate should be increased if only 12 spawns max or so or make so trees pop in 5 minutes not 24 minutes.

    It is far less painful to spend the money and be done with it then try to do this the legit way. Unless changes are made, I will wait for prices to go down before I continue that quest. Right now its anywhere between 450-600k to get a bow though.
  4. iniari-TR Augur

    haven't really had too much issues with the the flagging for powar.
    nor do I think there is anything game-breaking with the mechanics for my class. I play a wizard. the agro / debuff can be a bit of a pita when trying to burn a mob , it keeps me on my toes and makes me have to think and adjust.
    I also have no problem with the level of difficulty of the zone. there would be a hell of a lot more negative comments and rants from all players, if powar was a lvl 60ish PoP zone and same era lvl drops. it would be an empty zone cept for some perma-campers and rangers.
  5. blood & gufts Augur

    450k ? thats a long time since that went away, there 2-3 persons in poe now.
  6. Derd Augur

    Depends still on your server, and yes I was able to camp for a couple hours pushing myself way up beyond normal sleep time and got nada. Gave up and gave camp to another guildie who got two, ya just my luck. So if you can find a time its not camped you still may not get a bow and while thru the grace of having great guildies I am now in possession of a bow, I still think this was poorly designed and a ridiculous way to design new content flagging.

    As for price, it has been dropping, some last night on drinal for 222k, one which I know got bought by a guildie and the rest disappeared and more were then available for 325k to 500k. Friday night three bow staves showed up for 75 k and while deciding between picking them up or staying at my non producing camp they vanished. Only to return at double and triple price range :) ya procrastinating is a bad habit of mine.
  7. Langya Augur

    1-2 more weeks and this will be ancient history when those who have the pressing interest to do PoWar progression ASAP wrap up with it. Being an early adopter means paying a premium and those with deep pockets will have bought their staffs by then, leaving those who can't or won't pay 500k-1mill for a staff/bow to drive the market. Since value is whatever people are willing to pay, the going prices should plummet. The farmers will move on to bigger and more profitable things and open the camps up for those too broke to buy the items.

    For those who hate to read....there is no need for the devs to do anything. This problem will solve itself.

    Derd, you can use the /baz function from anywhere. Pop a bankerbot, get the money and just have the items sent to parcels. There is a minor fee but it saves having to uproot yourself from a camp.
  8. Bearforce Lorekeeper

    Funny enough that was me who bought the 3 staves and resold 2 of them, the one i kept was free!
  9. Derd Augur

    Heh, ya I know you can use baz and barter anywhere, it was more use all the plat I own to buy them or keep killing trees and losing sleep. I chose loosing sleep and 10 min's later the choice was made for me anyway :) In the end I had to pay nothing as my guildies rock. And as of this morning poe still fully camped on Drinal.
  10. Edrick Augur

    I can't wait until people still complaining about the bow try to do the progression in Plane of War itself. The Stonewood Compound bow is barely a speedbump compared to some of the quests in there.
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  11. Gnomeland Augur

    As I said, you obviously don't care because it doesn't affect you. Equating pet tanking with kiting shows it all: kiting is used only while exp soloing, while pet tanking is used by tons of people in their regular groups. You transparently do not care about the thousands of people whose basic play style is denied in PoWar, not just the choice of what zone to go to for exp.

    The irony, though, is that a while back when they introduced a change on Test that made 50% of mobs summon in exp zones, there was a massive outcry by kiters. SoE eventually had to revert the change and nerf swarmers instead. So yes, I do believe that when it does affect kiters, they complain just as hard.

    Still, the analogy completely fails: because kiting is about exp soloing, as long as there are a few areas in which it is allowed and which yields fast exp, the style is unaffected. It doesn't matter whether you can exp solo in every zone, because exp is exp no matter where exp is. OTOH, pet tanking is used by groups to obtain loots. The fact that it's not usable in zones with the best loots drastically affects the play style's viability. Not so for kiting. That's why the analogy with healing, while still not completely accurate, is, at the minimum, in the same ball park.
  12. Ravengloome Augur

    It's (pet tanking) not intended to be the be all end all for group content. It wasn't the original vision of Mages, Necros, or beasts for them to stand in for the tank archetype. So sorry, but I feel 0 sympathy for a mage (your role is DPS...) that is unhappy they cant fill 2 group roles.

    Honestly I can't believe the devs hadn't done this sooner and more often.

    Also last i checked all those classes can still perform their primary function quite well in PoWar so whats the problem?
  13. Uuvin Augur

    Gnomeland? kiting is used only while exp soloing?
    seriously? I know Tarrin needs no help, but that statement of yours is false. And we are way off target on the original poster. this will get shut down soon.
  14. Tarrin Augur

    Pretending like kiting is only used for soloing, and pet tanking is only used for getting loots is completely hilarious.

    Statements as such make any other credible points you may have become ignored. Especially when you try to compare how important pet tanking is for a mage with healing for a druid.
  15. Stubar Augur

    I think he wants a trade skill alternative to getting loot in PoWar.
  16. Edrick Augur

    Bake 400 muffins for a Soul of the Grandmaster.
  17. Beimeith Augur

    Yeah, there were no jerks at all during PoP while people were flagging.
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  18. Beimeith Augur

    My mistake, it must have been the other Bearforce.
  19. Qest T. Silverclaw Augur

    I was a virtual multi-millionaire. Now I'm poorer than the poorest of my friends...but I got more than a dozen of my friends and guildmates into FoStrife. I can't think of a better use of the plat. It was worth all of it just to not have to wade into the KSing cesspool.
  20. Kreacher Augur

    And this is why they wont change the Stonewood Bow Staffs.

    People have invested too much into it. You want something you pay for it or get it yourself.

    I went to PoEarth with the best intentions. I sat there awake for a of time, 6+ hours at a time. No staffs. Other people came in and took my mobs. They somehow managed to target them faster and kill them b4 me. I can't even get a revenge or make them stop by training them cos the mobs are too weak. My only choice was to move on and try and take someone elses spot....
    Did some research..
    Sub Main
      /declare SomeTarget int outer 0
      /call SetupAdvLootVars
        /if (${NearestSpawn[1,NPC radius 40 zradius 50 los].ID})  {
          /tar id ${NearestSpawn[1, NPC radius 40 zradius 50 los].ID}
          /delay 4 ${Target.ID}==${NearestSpawn[1, NPC radius 40 zradius 50 los].ID}
          /bc ${Target.Name} --
          /attack on
          /disc Vanquishing Frenzy Rk. III
          /disc Brutal Volley Rk. III
          /doability 1
          /alt activate 109
          /varset SomeTarget 1
        /call LootMobs
        /if (!${Target.ID} && ${Me.Combat} && ${SomeTarget}) {
          /varset SomeTarget 0
          /attack off
        /delay 0
      /goto :loop
    I just ended up buying my Stonewood staffs at 200k. Good intention SoE, but honestly you need to POLICE this if you are going to create a bottleneck like this.

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