Stomps travels: An Ogre on Lockjaw diary

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  1. Lejaun Augur

    ***I like to keep track of my travels to remember what I've done, where I've been, etc. I've decided to make a little log of said travels and hopefully entertain a few people. I'm going to attempt to keep them mostly updated as I can.***
    Last night I's had a vision. Ogguk elders were letting the newest ogres go on the big hunts now. This means lots of lizard stomping, a favorite activity of all of us ogres. Young ogres leave town, bash heads, come home with lots of lizard tails. It's tradition !

    Vision tells me go elsewhere. Too many ogres, too few lizards that die too fast or stay hiding away when we hunt. No fun, bashing too slow in ogre forest. So I follow vision.

    I's run through forest on journey. Many ogre friends want me to bash with them, but I keeps running. I leave forest and head into swamp. Nasty little frogs everywhere. Some chase me, but I ignore 'em and go north into Ro desert. Little froggies stop chasing when hot desert air greets them. I think I return to bash froggies on another day.

    Ro is not nice place. War orcs everywhere...big spiders too. Vision tells me to keep going, so I do even though the gators look tasty. I will come back another day to smash them too ! I keep going like vision says to.

    Big tunnel is ahead, so I follow dreams and go inside. Purple froggy there casts magic on me like was told. It tingles a little bit, but vision says its OK and will let me fight in the area longer. Seems fine to me. I promise not to bash froggy.

    I go Freeport for first time ever. Don't see any ogres or even trolls for long time. Lots of humans there, they need lots of help I see. Rats, rats, rats. Humans yell go home stinky ogre and trolls...but they have more rats then we do ! I bash and smash rats and bats and skeletons and little orcs for a long time ! Good fun.
  2. Lejaun Augur

    New entry

    Human city gets boring. No matter how many rats I kill, more show up. Human city is lost, me thinks. They the dirty ones.

    I go back to Ogguk for the night to learn new spells from elder shamans. They don't teach secrets cheap! I go back to Ro desert, north part of it before Freeport. Lots of armadillos to bash there, and little coyotes too.

    Small group of people invite me to bash with them. I accept and we have great time bashing spiders and zombies and crazy humans. Little wood elf ranger keeps bringing us things to kill. I like his style. We bash for a long time, and then go to Oasis to bash gators and crocs too later. Eventually, we all too tired to fight anymore and go our own ways.

    I go to sleep happy ogre, and in morning learn more spells from elders.
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  3. Lejaun Augur

    New entry

    Elders tell me maybe I need armor to protect me from gators and such. I agree. No one sells ogre sized stuff, so Stomps decides to make own. Humans sell Stomps lots and lots of bear skin. Stomps soon makes full set of armor and is looking good !

    I like bashing gators, so I go back to Oasis to bash more. Stomps waits very long time to find people to bash with. No one wants ogre friend it seems. I go and stomp lots of gators by myself for a long time. Eventually, group invites Stomps and we do serious bashing. Stomps starts feeling stronger and stronger !

    Group decides gator bashing is boring. Stomp disagrees, but they want to go bash orcs instead so Stomps is much happier again. We beat down orcs for long, long time. I think there are as many orcs here as there were rats in Freeport. Maybe humans live here next?

    After group gets tired of bashing orcs, we all go away. Elders teach me even more spells. Stomps goes back to tunnel to see if anyone needs ogre stomping. No one does. Stomps has no money left after buying spells earlier, but now some people selling big ogre banded armor.

    Lots of people like my wolf spell to make them run fast. Some nice people, Stomps forgets who...just remember they are Faceless or something, give Stomps lots of money to cast spells on them. Stomps has lots of money again and buys lots of banded armor. Looking good, I think to myself when I see reflection in Oasis water. All Ogguk going to be jealous of new armor !
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  4. Lejaun Augur

    Stomps has long time waiting for people to fight with again, so Stomps goes back to killing crocodiles and gators. After couple hours, Stomps is wanted again. We bash crocs for awhile, but they want to go smash froggies. Stomps is excited, and we go to Guk.

    Guk very small place. Stomps very happy to learn shrink spell. Stomping froggies is intense. Little dwarf brings froggies to us to kill, but he usually brings two more than he means to. That's OK. More bashing for us to do.

    Group gets tired faster than Stomps would like, but Stomps super tired too. Good night that we wish would of lasted much longer. Lots of frogs need bashed I think !
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  5. Lejaun Augur

    Stomps wakes up, but no froggy bashing people need me. I go kill gators again. No gator or orc groups want Stomps right now either for long time. Stomps almost gives up and goes to sleep, but new friends invite Stomps to bash froggies in Guk. I run there as fast as I can.

    We fight very mean frogs. They are lots of fun. Little half human there sings lots of songs. It makes frogs very angry and they all come to listen to him...or kill him. I'm not sure which. We kill lots of froggies, but group does not stick together too long. Other ogre there wants to do lots of heal spells. Stomps agrees and gets to have fun blasting froggies with spirit spells. Soon, though, new friendfs are too tired and must sleep. Sadly, I can't kill here alone because the froggies always run away too fast.
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  6. Lejaun Augur

    Stomps starts day back in Oasis for our usual gator stomping. Stomp gets group very quickly, and we get to bash a lot. Even better, other ogre and a little cleric want to do healing again. Stomp gets to blast lots of gators and poison them too.

    Sadly, as much as Stomps like killing crocodiles, they don't seem to be helping Stomps learn as much anymore. Some, like little caiman are about the same as killing little rats in human city again. Big croc, people call it Lockjaw, tries to eat us. We beat him down and Stomps gets a new stick to bash with.

    Stomps decides not to stay too long, though. Good new friends, but Stomps just isn't learning much here unless its one of the deepwater ones. Stomps kind of sad, but decides to take little break to get new spells and try to find new place to hunt.
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  7. Frenzic Augur

    Cool story bro.

    Literally! I like it :)
  8. UnnamedPlayer Elder

    Thank you for writing them, I enjoyed them quite a bit.

    It's all ogre now.
  9. arwilly Lorekeeper

    <3 Stomps.
  10. Itzmatt86 Elder

    Been keeping track of my journey too on my bard. Gonna have to flesh it out some to make it interesting.
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  11. Zujilli Elder

    These are awesome, thanks for sharing! :)
  12. Protocol Augur

    This is great. Keep it up!
  13. Brelic Elder

    Awesome, keep this up!
  14. Naelbis Elder

    Lol this should be a sticky..hope you keep it up. Great fun :)
  15. Lejaun Augur

    Stomps is rich ! Rich ! Rich !

    Last night I try to find group. I don't wait as long as usual, kind of nice. New people want me to go ta Najena. Stomps likes bashing things as much as anyone, but gut not very excited about Najena place and starts feeling a little sour, like when you eat too many fried lizard sticks at ogre festivals.

    Stomps goes anyways despite feeling in gut. I don't like it here, I think to myself very quickly. Skeletons and tentacle things and nasty mages everywhere with stone and air things. Lots of little dark elves and humans run around scared of these things, and Stomps and friends get twice the amount of enemies that they should lots of times from scared little ones. Some of new friends get...stomped and wake up a little later.

    We kill dead froggy there in Najena. Not sure what dead frog is there for. Little human gets a mask from frog, but mostly we just find lots of keys. Stomps sells keys for 1 copper piece each and thinks he got a great deal.

    New friends hate Najena as much as Stomps does, so they think of new places to bash. Some say go to place called Unrest to kill dead things. Others say go kill orcs in High Pass. Stomps says go kill froggies in Guk, and group wisely listens to smart ogre.

    Little human who just punches things leads us through Guk. He gets very mad at Stomps and other ogre friends because froggies keep attacking us. He watches for long time, and soon just sighs and helps us kill them. We go all the way to place close to where dead frogs are, but we don't go in.

    It's very tough to fight here. One little elf always likes to stand in middle of frogs to cast spells. Others don't like to move out of way either, so Stomps and other shaman have to heal over and over. Froggies don't like our spells and always attack us. Group not working very well at all and Stomps getting a bit frustrated.

    Group fights too many froggies one time, and all but just couple of us get knocked out for awhile. Three of group goes away and gives up bashing, and I think night is over. Little human monk likes killing froggies though, and calls in some friends to help. Little elf who likes to stop frogs from running away by making vines trip them up joins us, as does other little human who punches things and dark human who likes to heal.

    Dark human girl and Stomps become excellent team mates, we keep everyone up and standing even in non-stop battles. Stomps learns a lot and a lot, probably more than any other day of this adventure so far. Maybe best group Stomps has ever been part of?

    We battle so late into night, some of us start falling asleep. Sadly, Stomps agrees and runs back to Ogguk to get sleep.

    Stomps very happy when I wake up. Bags are very full of lots of froggy treasure. Thousands of copper and silver, plus lots of little mesh armor that humans like to wear. Stomps sells that very quickly. Stomps also finds dark elf who likes spider silks and bones a lot. Stomps has lots of that from early adventures, and makes a lot of money !

    New spells that elders teach are very expensive, but Stomps still has lots more money than ever before. Stomps thinks though that maybe big glowing stick from Lockjaw has to go. Shield and maybe spear or new stick are maybe better for Stomps. Much safer to bash frogs and dead things when I have shield to shrug up their nasty attacks. Maybe I find new bashing stick and shield tonight.