Still can't get that login server figured out huh....

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Ghostinthemachine, Oct 24, 2018.

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  1. Jimbob/Silvarfox Elder

    When this website goes down we know there is 4 hours left till it is fixed
  2. Tactical Possum New Member

  3. Quester New Member

    @ Tierwyn

    Truth is, some are just making idle threats, but some, like me, have made the decision not to pay any more of our hard-earned cash to Daybreak. For each of us, and I think most likely for everyone, there IS a breaking point. The real issue for those of you whose breaking point seems not to exist (yet I believe there is one) is where is DBG's breaking point? How many subscribers do they have to lose before they make the ultimate decision that the game is not profitable and should be let go? Be as cavalier as you want and say "good riddance to the unfaithful," but when the company sunsets the game, ask yourself who is really at fault.

    And yes, you might see me around for a few more months, as I do have some krono saved. But I'm watching my "all access days left" count and I am genuinely in a state of mourning, as I have loved Norrath and my characters who live there.

    Wish I could play during some of my "all access days left." <sigh>

    (Denial, bargaining, anger, depression, acceptance)
  4. chspunk New Member

    straight stuck on patcher now tells me there was an error completing your request
  5. Krrill Journeyman

    Doesn't matter if you can't get through the login server. I'm at the server select screen and all the servers are locked.
  6. Shaded Journeyman

    i have dropped from 3 paid accounts down to 1 because of all of this. i was going to pay my remaining account today but will not now. with all added down time in the last couple of years it has added up to at least of month of play time i have paid for and not received, i think we are entitled to a little more than an in game appeasement. while i know that wont happen i had to post that
  7. Goshdern_VZ New Member

    Yep, finally got both of my accounts past login and they're locked... Now to play the chat/login server toggle game to stay past login I guess.
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  8. Tehmonk New Member

    Got to server select, but it's showing ALL servers as LOCKED
  9. badbunz84 Apprentice

    I love the threats to cancel accounts. This type of downtime has been an issue since it was Verant Interactive.
  10. Deeplybald New Member

    Yah, it will show you in-game patch notes/changes then forward you to the window where you will see the servers are all locked. This is progress guys, especially from last patch.
  11. Shaded Journeyman

    almost 4 hrs after servers were supposed to be back finally get into server elect screen to see all servers locked. thank you for taking my money and not giving me the service i paid for. i think in some quarters that is considered theft
  12. ElasticSparrow New Member

  13. Xeris Augur

    my accs are already cancelled... def won't be renewing unless these persistent issues get fixed.
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  14. Kesdral New Member

    Yeah and look at the state of the game over the years. As the incompetence grew so did the loss if players.

    Simple fact the game has gone downhill as has the population.

    You sound like a fool

    There are lots of people I know that are done with this old mismanaged train wreck of a game.
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  15. Databyter New Member

    I was actually playing for a while. But they sent system wide message, server coming down in 3 minutes. Oh well, at least I am at the sever select screen now, and I WONT quit from that
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  16. Tierwyn Lorekeeper

    lol... I guarantee the majority of the people who left this game, didn't cancel because patch days take extra time... let's be real
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  17. 1018_01 Elder

    Hello, glad to see everyone is having a great time waiting
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  18. Ghostinthemachine Elder

    I bet if the billing system was acting up like this they'd have seal team six in for IT
  19. Tierwyn Lorekeeper

    Soon as that sub's up, you know you're getting rebilled. They don't ever let that go down ;)
  20. Icedrgn New Member

    I finally got in only to see a system messsage server is coming down again
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