Still can't get that login server figured out huh....

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Ghostinthemachine, Oct 24, 2018.

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  1. Goshdern_VZ New Member

    Unless you've been waiting for them to fix something they broke in the last patch that is...
  2. Tierwyn Lorekeeper

    Let's be real guys and gals.. you aren't going anywhere, you aren't cancelling your accounts, and you'll be back online within hours of the patch going up. This is irritating and frustrating, but we enjoy the game too much to walk away from this abuse. Think of Daybreak as your dominatrix.

    But DBG if you don't fix this I'm cancelling all my accounts and I will never play again zomg.
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  3. Ghostinthemachine Elder

    lol SOME PLAYERS?!?!
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  4. Mctash New Member

    I'd like to raise a salute to those who fought it out and took up server space to actually get in the game! Just to put that baz trader up and go AFK..thanks.
  5. Nennius Augur

    I usually preach patience,but...I wish I had won the lottery yesterday. I could have bought DBG and had the chance to FIRE the cretins managing the hardware.
  6. Singe New Member

  7. Singe New Member

  8. NormanThule New Member

    "But I was going into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters!"
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  9. Databyter New Member

    Hey guys I was just able to log in. Give it a shot.
  10. Singe New Member

    actual footage of DB on patch day

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  11. Tierwyn Lorekeeper

    well I just made it to server select.. farthest I've gotten so far. But an unknown error occurred when trying to connect to the server.

    It's probably just my internet. Oh, wait..

    Edit: 5:54 est.. i'm on Cazic
  12. griever New Member

    as someone who works in app dev and infrastructure management, it's really hard to understand how a problem like this persists for so long.
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  13. Databyter New Member

    Try again from there thats how I got in
  14. toodlem Elder

    one word.. incompetence
  15. Ghostinthemachine Elder

    1 word "Daybreak"
  16. Jimbob/Silvarfox Elder

  17. ConsentRevoked New Member

    I don't think they screwed something else up. I believe it is the same thing that has been screwed up the last several times. Just not getting fixed. For some reason. And I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and just go on assuming that it is something super complicated and difficult to track down and solve. Because I am a bad person and if it were me working on it and people were all ragey about it I would be like, Suck it, guys. Totally not fixing that until ya'll learn to be nice.
  18. Carv New Member

    Yay! another 18+ hour downtime
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  19. EddySpaghetti New Member

    Daybreak must be the most incompetent group of programmers I've ever encountered. They kill everything they touch. H1z1.....
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  20. Mardox_Of_FV New Member

    maybe they need these .....for REAL power

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