Still can't get that login server figured out huh....

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Ghostinthemachine, Oct 24, 2018.

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  1. Barton Augur

    As a Ripley , I concur with this sentiment
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  2. cherzal New Member

    unfreaking believable! There are no excuses or free passes or happens after all these years.

    There is no, I wish they would just communicate better. They don't, won't, can't preform.

    It's to bad we enjoy the game this much to endure what we get from a company that doesn't deserve it!
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  3. Ultama New Member

    Take it from a very long 14 year old account login problems have been the norm in EQ since day one.. honestly i am more shocked they havent solved why,,, when it was first Varient as the company in kunark and scars days patch ment 3 hours befor u could log in, under SoE Lulcian and pop to discord it was even worse with 6 hours after patch before u could login, now that the game is on its 3 rd company it seems like the login time is extended even longer, so for all you younger accounts no point in complaining, it has been this way since 1999
    my one advice i would give to Daybreak is to Break the cycle of login issues after patch,
    Xev server will never die :D
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  4. Singe New Member

  5. Leshy New Member

  6. Angre Augur

    This is so ridiculous!

    I am Angry!
  7. Deeplybald New Member

    My cat usually likes to sit next to me while I play EQ. Now she is just laying in the darkest corner of the house cuz the game isn't working :(
  8. Izenic New Member

    I'm just waiting for them to post "Honestly, we really have no idea whats going on" *kicks server
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  9. Gwarith New Member

    Typical, they don't announce patch day till the night before, then they mess up the login servers up again....
  10. Deeplybald New Member

    Well, last patch they did come out and say that it was some kind of firmware upgrade. Anyways, it wasn't resolved until about 12am-1am. I assume it is the same issue since it's been 8 hours after the patch. Just have to wait, close all the windows and watch some adult-content videos.
  11. Flat Toad Elder

    ..."We are working on..."issues" chur issues, have some more...
  12. Snack Augur

    The comical part was I got home from work and expected to be able to login 3 hours and 23 minutes after the maintenance window was supposed to be over. Keep your chin up DBG, you'll get there.

    Guess I'll go do some more real work, or something.
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  13. Snack Augur

    So, at some point, did they enable some code somewhere that limits the amount of open sockets that can transmit certain types of data. Like, when I am logging in -- the final step takes a *loooong* time, and I can only guess that I am queued somewhere to receive PoK state info. Like, only so many zone loading connections at once. Login server can only handle so many concurrent transactions at once? Someone slip a 32-bit binary in there somewhere?
  14. Databyter New Member

    I actually got in somehow but it wasn't the account I wanted so I logged off and logged on the other account. Timeout! There was like 1 person selling in the bazaar
  15. Goshdern_VZ New Member

    I've not been able to play due to breaking the mage Theft of Essense AA last patch (it's an important part of my method of gameplay), you decide not to fix it for over a month, and FINALLY I get to play again today! oh wait, what's this? I can't log in... of course /sigh
  16. Fandiien Lorekeeper

    I wonder what LAME excuse DayBROKE is going to come up with this time about the length of patches and breaking the game.
  17. Ghostinthemachine Elder

    still down...what a joke
  18. MHD90 Journeyman

    got on then 5 mins later got bounced out.... Daily Break Gang
  19. Ram63 New Member

    Guess we should consider ourselves lucky that we got an extra week before they borked it up again.
  20. Izenic New Member

    Latest post in news and announcements 14 minutes ago says "...working to resolve things now." Does that mean they were playing Fortnight for the last 3 1/2+ hours?!
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