Still can't get that login server figured out huh....

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Ghostinthemachine, Oct 24, 2018.

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  1. Nifty Slacker Augur

    If Daybreak made beer, they'd be investigating problems with the bottle opener.
  2. Mardox_Of_FV New Member

    And now for some entertainment while we wait

    Don't forget to tip you're server
  3. toodlem Elder

    2 of 4 are in... other two same ole time out
  4. Feznik Elder

    Pretty much they do since I have oodles of plat from years of hoarding it and not like plat is hard to get in game either. You can make 2 mill plat easily in a couple of hours if you know what you are doing. As well as why I said "let someone else pay for the Krono" , of course someone has to pay Daybreak off, I just won't be the one doing it.
  5. Gremin Augur

    If its time for a new hardware for the login server just put out a new 40 slot backpack we can all buy.
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  6. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    I started rereading the Dies the Fire series by S.M. Stirling Been several new books in the series since I read it so this afternoon was a good time to start reading the series again.
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  7. Iumar New Member

    Servers are down still. What's the new eta when they will be back up?
  8. villyam New Member

    have read them all and really liked the series
  9. Tactical Possum New Member

    Whatsa buuk? Sounds archaic. Your ancient technology angers and scares me!
  10. Worry New Member

    I don't care about the delayed patches or the longer than expected downtime. happens, but I care about the poor customer service...

    The lack of communication between employees and customers is most distressing. Technical issues arise, mistakes, or errors, happen and problems can always be fixed with time. However, this organization does nothing to foster patience in their playerbase. A customer service representative should be engaging with users on this forum, on Twitter and on Facebook. Even if there is no news to share, a representative should be offering reassurance or limited insights into a plan of action.

    Yet, whenever something goes wrong with Everquest the community representatives wait, and wait, to make a statement or interact with the players. Changing the header on the forums isn't enough. In addition to that, a representative should be posting in the forums. Moreover, there are many customers who don't use the forums - Update the twitter, the latest news in the launcher and the Facebook page to reach your playersbase and inform them of the issues with the user experience. It's a communications failure every single time something goes wrong with this game.

    The playerbase is toxic and prone to fling poo when there is little to no community relations. You can buy a lot of figurative goodwill and actual patience if DBG would simply interact with their customers in a meaningful way when there are unexpected delays. The fact that this is a reoccurring problem, referring to the login servers, would seem to indicate there needs to be a "letter to the players" type of deal that is written from one of the senior technology support staff members. The players deserve an explanation, as well as more involved customer service. We're not asking for a lot, we just want to feel as if we're valued.
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  11. Databyter New Member

  12. TheQUestion_iS New Member

    No, a FREE 40 bag slot for ALL ACCOUNTS, for the waiting time.

    That is DO the things rigth.
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  13. Databyter New Member

    Yes, for each char. Nice idea
  14. Krystallos New Member

    There was an update to this forum as well as a tweet. Not sure what else I would want them doing other than working to fix the problem.

    I do recall the good old days when there were issues like this we could still get into a chat server and talk with GMs. Of course those were the SOE days.
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  15. Databyter New Member

  16. Worry New Member

    No. Do things right is timely communication with your customers. I don't want in-game trinkets or freaking bonus experience, I want the company to act professional and engage with their players.
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  17. kharmelion Journeyman

    bingo. a bit of communication, especially with the same issue every. single. time. would go a long way with the user base.
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  18. Kianara Lorekeeper

    Couldn't have said it better. We're not asking for play-by-play of the repairs, in real time, as they're being done. But at the same time, when in 2 hours we've gotten only "we're looking into it", that's simply not enough in my book. It's a reoccurring issue, after almost every patch. Some people have said "oh, you know it's gonna happen so just plan ahead." No. I pay for a product that I am denied access to for whatever the reason is on a consistent, predictable basis. Why should we, as a player-base, just simply "deal with" this and allow them to be complacent in not actually FIXING it, or at least letting us know what the issue is/was and a long-term fix is being worked on, etc?

    All we get each and every time is "we're looking into it." Heck, I wouldn't care if foul-ups weren't explained every time if we at least got them ONCE in a while.
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  19. Deeplybald New Member

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  20. Nifty Slacker Augur

    Is that an excerpt from everquest's net code?
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