Still can't get that login server figured out huh....

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Ghostinthemachine, Oct 24, 2018.

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  1. Wetarded101 New Member

    well the good news is, the server is up. not like 14 hours like last time.

    problem is. no one can log in. sigh my day off too lol.....wtb pantheon
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  2. Shaoqiang Journeyman

    Maybe limit patches to essential stuff? And like once every 2-3 months+ instead of every month? This patch has alot of unpopular changes in it, so it's a bad deal all around
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  3. halagren Journeyman

    lemme help you guys out. everytime you hit whatever magical login reset button you have, it works for about 2 minutes tops. after that people start getting the "connection cannot be established" error which means no matter how many times we try it will not allow us in. until you reset again and it goes back to "error - a timeout occurred". I have no idea how your login servers work but i do know that once you start getting the connection cannot be established error you're screwed until it goes back to the timeout error.

    bottom line please fix your busted outdated crap so we dont lose players
  4. jimmynetstep New Member

  5. TheQUestion_iS New Member

  6. Spaghett New Member

    We pay for this....
  7. Lucarius New Member

    Queue system works so well to take care of these kinds of errors...
  8. Karader New Member

    About time to rename to Serverbreak Games
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  9. TheQUestion_iS New Member

    When SoE was SoE that NEVER HAPPEN.
  10. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    Its not like this game is expensive. But those fast food places that can't get a $30 order right - now that ticks me off. And that happens more than one day a month.
  11. Lucarius New Member

    75 minutes after "servers are up" - still can't get in....
  12. Ghostinthemachine Elder

    Hope its not gonna be another 12 hours before they get it fixed again
  13. johntherob Journeyman

    Nah 11 hours 59 minutes. What needs to happen is a programmer team gets fired for not checking the patch out to see how it works with logon server. The next patch you make sure the new Check it out idiots Tech team is told Your jobs are on the line today.
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  14. Barton The Mischievous

    Maybe Daybreak should provide a working product like we pay them for, I know what a bizarre concept
  15. Fafhurd New Member

    Well... that's it,,cant take this every time I go away for work for a week I come home to a log in server problem,,,bye bye yearly credit card from all my accts
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  16. Vexn Elder

    At least we get bonus xp again... oh wait
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  17. MyFairLady New Member

    strangest error.. before patch: no problem, after patch even the update refuses to install eqgame.exe because its used (and only used by the eq patcher)... what did the bork this time?
  18. wiha Elder

    I am waiting for them to just put up server down time 24hr each month and get it over with last 3 time i think was 24 hours was 5 hours then login was the rest
  19. dinozo_povar Journeyman

    Someone ate your moist-maker.
  20. wiha Elder

    but you can go inside and yell at someone here they just turn a def ear and take your money, last 3 times i had fast food go wrong i got free fries next time
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