Still can't get that login server figured out huh....

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Ghostinthemachine, Oct 24, 2018.

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  1. evilman New Member

    I am getting a Time Out as well !!! Come on DB get the lead out!!
  2. Feznik Elder

    I'm laughing at all you players that still pay for this game on a monthly basis i.e. sub plans. Why would you support this company when this has been the norm for several years. This is not anything new. Just stick with buying expansions and let someone else fund your addiction via Krono.
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  3. suicidejockey New Member

    working as intended.
  4. wendynoelsmith New Member

    Maybe people should have a little patience instead of jumping right into game the very second servers are supposed to be functional.
  5. Lokomotiva63 New Member


    I give up, time for new game.
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  6. AnzoRagespirit Augur

  7. lololooololol New Member

    they didnt learn from the last time there login server was borked all day that they lost subs
  8. GrundPound New Member

    Ya because thats logic? Lets just wait couple hours and log in after they said servers are up and functional have fun..
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  9. Kianara Lorekeeper

    So DURING the patch, the login worked fine .. yet AFTER the patch, it's broken. Smh .. you think I'd be surprised .. but surprisingly I'm not.
  10. Stash McWhalen New Member

    “Oh, Eddie… If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn't be more surprised than I am now…” Christmas Vacation, 1989.
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  11. toodlem Elder

    Dear Everquest team. Perhaps it would help if you created a couple of accounts so you could actually try to log in before you proclaim the servers up. Just sayin'.
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  12. Mardox_Of_FV New Member

    Woah....deja vu
  13. Feznik Elder

    More like you didn't learn yet to not support this company monetarily till they can get their act together. lolololoololol
  14. Nifty Slacker Augur

    At least he's not a forum troll
  15. Aegir Augur

    At least it's not a potential Issue like they usually claims it to be.
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  16. Thraxin Goodbrew New Member

    Just seems like this is intentional now... Like they're trying to drive off players and sunset the game... This level of neglect/incompetence regarding the login servers must be by design if its continued for this long w/o any sign of getting better.
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  17. suicidejockey New Member

    haha. I remember the tsr-80. endless nights programming DOS and cassettes. I was talking to an IT hopefull who was learning Python. I replied "don't you think you should start with DOS to learn line code befor learning c, c+, python, etc. I may be nieve but seems these "programmers" and "IT" people nowadays just plug and play without regards to line code , compatability, or the knowledge of testing patches in an artificial environment before releaseing it on the open market.
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  18. kharmelion Journeyman

    come on, daybreak. i want to log in and sit around pok for the next 4 hours.
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  19. nocred New Member

    Does the "workaround" login work? and anyone know how to set that up?
  20. Aegir Augur

    It does not.
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