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    We are a Phinigel Guild and we are looking for people to help us grow, We do have plans of raiding and yes we are a casual guild. You will never be told you HAVE TO BE HERE OR YOUR OUT for raids,guild events, we all have a life out side the GAME and that to me comes first your family is what matters. yes we want to become your EQ game family but I will always say put your Real Life before a game. We are looking towards our raiding nights being Tuesday and Saturday evenings 7pm to 10pm Cent time zone as of now that is not set in stone. All class and lvls welcome we will help as much as we can but we wont play your toon for you. If you have any Questions you can contact
    Steel (guild leader)
    Hellmite (2nd in command)
    Iaiin - officer
    Pips- officer
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    We have started getting groups in hate and will do the same in fear looking for those who still want to explore the Planes and Dragons even after Kunark is launched.
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    In the planes now just waiting on a few more to be able to hit the Dragon's. Come join the fun when all the others rush to Kunark
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    still have room for those of you coming back to the game and those who just want a place to enjoy the game and have fun