Stealth changes to Anguish events in last patch?!?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Baldur, Sep 24, 2018.

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  1. ForumBoss Augur

    Did they at least restore the level based unlock on anguish? Signets became required again a few months back, even at level 75. I don't think this was intentional, or in the patch notes anyway.
  2. Frogmancer Augur

    Do you know whether either KTH or the other script that got fixed ever functioned properly?
  3. Hinastrom Elder

    I don't know if these changes took a non-trivial amt of time or not...but if this took time from other far more pressing matters (like very very poor class balance in the early half of EQ) I have to agree.

    The majority of us care about a healthy game more than we do about staying faithful to the past. Please consider making badly needed changes (raid mobs too spell resistant, dumb epic bottlenecks like verina tomb, melee being awful during classic, rogues continued existence just being a huge question mark in early tlp, enchanters being absurdly op in the group game)

    Offset dps increases by increasing raid mob hp maybe? Just spitballing here, seems the most obvious answer.
  4. Hateseeker Augur

    If I understand correctly, the change just made seems to have been the way the encounter always was, so it's not even staying faithful to the past. I was also referring to changes like Golden Idol removals, which, while they were never out of era on Live because they didn't come out on Live until they were supposed to, they were always available early on TLP.
  5. mackal Augur

    If anyone was thinking about just pulling keld far away and the adds will drop aggro ... they are told to path to keld so it they will eventually arrive, but I guess that doesn't matter really since if you're powerful enough to do him w/o killing adds, you're powerful enough to do him with adds beating on you :p
  6. yepmetoo Augur

    The adds always auto aggroed, at least from when I did it up through whenever I last did it and it took long enough for adds to respawn.

    Just pull him to the corner and let the adds come and tank them. If you can tank the named the adds are nothing, just kill them. Did that at level 70 when we one grouped it on live in 2005 or whatever with demi gear, then you can do it at 75 with tss gear.
  7. mackal Augur

    This isn't true. The dev specifically said the script was BROKEN and didn't work. It hasn't worked ever (or at least for a very long time, Prathun would have to tell us if there is a change log to the script that indicates it may have been broken, but I doubt that's worth his time)
  8. Rickate Augur

    The likely reason for Rashere's point of view is that almost all raid events are re-tuned based on players actually doing the raids and had the intoxication effect always been in place it would have resulted in different feedback and different re-tuning.

    It's an option to throw out 4 years of players completing the content and re-tuning (Level 85 and SoD gear is more or less the line in the sand that Anguish difficulty loses relevance) as well as progression servers dealing with the difficulty on Anguish and implement a change based on what seemed like a good idea 14 years ago.

    For your consideration if you assume a basic level of competence it had to be known in 2004 that raids were killing KtH adds once instead of off-tanking and the parenthesis challenged Dev didn't go "why aren't respawns aggroing the raid?" and then fix that parenthesis, instead they apparently decided that the KtH raid had appropriate difficulty.

    I'm looking forward to the next patch when the Necro Epic focus is changed to aggro reduction if you're going to be consistent with your view that how the original implementer intended something in 2004 is the most important consideration. I'm also looking forward to your conversation with Ngreth when he explains how it's too late to change an EoK item.
  9. Ryak Augur

    If we ever actually get a proper necro revamp that balances the class, I hope it does come with a change to the epic balanced into it. Wearing an item forever is dumb.
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  10. Dailor Augur

    *Plays TLP to itch the nostalgia scratch of being in a game where exploring your home city was terrifying because everything outside was a mystery.*

    *Cries because you changed the auto attack, intuitively easy, kill in your sleep mob to something that might require you to be at the keyboard for the 1 minute it takes to kill.*

    More stealth changes
    More surprises
    Less info.

    Thank you for doing God's work.
  11. Quatr Augur

    Thanks for the update. Hopefully you had the time and resources to confirm that all newly activated scripts were working as intended. That's a lot of scripts to re-test.
  12. Raltar Augur

    I think most people are fine with the change. What people have issue with is not even mentioning it anywhere until after someone brought it up. No one likes undocumented changes.
  13. Machentoo Augur

    I am all for this. I'd just like it to be planned and intentional and tested, instead of just correcting a couple hundred missing end parentheses and assuming everything will now work just the way the original devs wanted it to. At least as they have described the change, we (and more importantly, the dev staff) now have no way of knowing until we run into it whether events that were corrected are even beatable.
  14. That One Guy Augur

    Oh boy, I hope they don't change Lady Nev in Temple of Veeshan... I'm sure ducking/sitting to avoid being stunned was just how the Devs wrote it up.
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  15. That0neguy Augur

    Hard to tell people what was going to change when I doubt they understood it completely. I doubt they took the time to go look at what the affect of the mismatch was and what the outcome of correcting the scripts would be.
  16. That0neguy Augur

    Since thy weren't rooted back then, no it wasn't. Lets remove the permaroot if we want it to work as the original developer intended!

    Seems like an easy argument to hide behind when it suits them. So what is the justification for changing how root works? surely the original developers intended for it to be broken by DD's.

    We get a different story each day on where they are headed and no one seems to be able to figure it out or drive the boat on a course that aligns with everything.
  17. Machentoo Augur

    Maybe don't make the change before testing then?

    I mean really, throwing a couple hundred random changes live without testing is just asinine.
  18. That0neguy Augur

    Problem is the business and consumers demand changes faster and faster and traditional IT models can't keep up. So what do you do? Cut testing.
  19. Hinastrom Elder

    No one was demanding these changes, but the rest of your point is true. MMO devs can never fully win when it comes to customers.
  20. Machentoo Augur

    That would be a reasonable argument if these changes were requested by the consumers. As far as I can tell, fixing decade+ old bugs that we never even knew were there isn't high on most EQ players' priority list for dev attention.
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