Steal from Season of Discovery!!

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Brazy, Jan 18, 2024.

  1. Brazy Augur

    New server starts in classic and level locks at like 20 for the first month. Level 40 after that for a month, and finally max level 50 for last month.

    Kunark drops first month with a max level 55, and then release it to 60 for the last month.

    Do similar for PoP.

    Season of Discovery is a wild success and would love to see EverQuest STEAL IT!!!
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  2. theonepercent Augur

    That’s just Vaniki but worse.
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  3. Brazy Augur

    nah, vaniki was worse because they tried to push on us all the terrible later expansions no one wants to play
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  4. Gnomie Denser than most

  5. Indigo_Quarmite Augur

    If overrun by bots and PVP focused is a wild success to you then sure it's a wild success.

    PVP isn't going to fit the EQ mold.

    Trust, very few (almost none basically) of the EQ playerbase wants Unrest to be the endgame for 3 months.
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  6. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Vaniki was better because it let people play Beastlords and Berserkers at launch and not have to level them up later. Besides adding in arbitrary level locks just forces people to stay at a lower level for longer and doesn't really add any value.
  7. CdeezNotes Augur

    But you're trying to keep us in the worst expansions nobody likes?

    Sof - rof >>>>>> classic trilogy. That's not even a debate. It's fact.
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  8. Montag Augur

    Nah he was right the first time. I've played them. They're donk.
  9. Can'theal New Member

    the level locking would work if there was revamped content to make it engaging for as long as youd be capped from progressing. SoD in wow works well enough in that it has taken dungeons and revamped them into raids for the level appropriate content thus making it fresh.

    To be equivelent, we'd need level 15-20 raids in crushbone, warrens, befallen, blackburrow and likely a portal system to get players across the world in a timely manner to participate, or just a UI based raid finder.

    if we are just looking at level locking, that already exists on TLPs as is.

    I'd rather see some QoL or inventive features be implemented to freshen up a TLP. Give me EQ group finder with zoning in through a UI window and a loot chest for killing all the bosses in said zone instead of lvl 20 level lock. Give us cross server raid/group finder. Give us level synced missions to play with anyone of any level before this.

    Give us a level/power synced system where we can go and complete old raids and get universal currency to use on those vendors (to get old clickies like venenium, or the twin cast spell, illusions etc). I'd totally take my 125 down to a lvl 70 raid to earn currency to buy mounts and illusions etc.
    Maybe just expand on the Old Man Mackenzie model, take 1-2 raids encounters from every expac post PoP and sell old gear/items/clickies/illusions/mounts/heroes forge stuff/ornaments/housing items... whatever.

    I will say at a surface level, the tower in Nro seems like it can hold a lot more potential and it has somewhat a good idea at its core.
  10. Brazy Augur

    The game turns into a worse version of WoW. They went away from what made EverQuest great. Glad you like the bad version of WoW though my friend.
  11. coltongrundy Augur

    that sounds horrible
  12. Brazy Augur

    Season of Discovery is a massive hit.

    It showed time gating max level and stopping the player made rush to the end and quit mindset is wildly popular. Obviously adding in custom content would be massive but lets be honest, that'll never happen.

    Rushing to level 50 and being bored a week after and farming the same thing as the last TLP's sounds horrible though..

    New level 20 meta sounds fun!!!
  13. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Because rushing to level 20 and being bored while waiting for the next level cap is so much more exciting!
  14. Brazy Augur

    Yeah, being locked at a level we've never been locked at before sure does sound fun. Who knows what we could raid at level 20.
  15. Brazy Augur

    I get its cool to be an angry old man and disagree with everyone on these forums, but the numbers don't lie on Season of Discovery. It's a massive success and EQ needs to take notes.

    I feel like it showed slowing down players and counteracting the rush to the end mentality gamers have now days was key. Just don't overdue the time between level caps! Obviously the added custom raid was a huge bonus, but sadly I don't see the EQ team being able to do something like that, but still the staggered level pace would be fun change of pace for basically no extra work outta the EQ team. Discovering new BIS items for that level cap and actually working on tradeskills at lower levels would be a blast, at least for me :)

    Obviously add some free trade and relaxed truebox from the get go and you'll be printing $$ Daybreak.
  16. Kahna Augur

    Season of Discovery isn't just about level locking. I would say the level locking is the least of it. The new runes, new roles for some classes, the low level raids, it all changed the dynamic of the game. So it is classic, but fresher. DPG doesn't have enough time to do that for a May launch. Just locking at literally any level would be a disaster without the other elements involved.

    Also, I found it got pretty stale pretty quickly. I leveled to 25 casually in a week did the raid a few times then logged off and didn't log back in for a month.
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  17. Brazy Augur

    I really think the leveling locking aspect of it is a massive reason for its success. I do agree the other stuff helps for sure but knowing you don't gotta do the whole long grind to 60 to check it out brought in so many more casual players.

    I bet the servers would already be seeing a massive drop in players if they didn't level lock it, as people would have just instantly rushed to the end, cleared the content, and move on sorta like most do in EQ.

    Take notes Darkpaw!
  18. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    You call it fun and being level locked at the expansion level boring while others call being locked at level 20 and not being able to do a lot of content boring.
  19. Labzeh Lorekeeper

    Yay new server, oh i'm level 20 on day one.... nothing else to do but to play other games now.
  20. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Locking at level 20 would be far too low for EQ, level 40 as they did with Vanik was good.

    The way Vaniki worked was fun. 10 levels below the max for expansions provided some challenging content. You could still do the raids 10 levels lower than on normal TLP servers you just needed more players to do it.

    Vaniki dropped the ball when they started to move into content that needed cure spells that weren't available 10 levels lower and gear restrictions hadn't been adjusted to be worn 10 levels lower. With better support Vaniki could have been great.