Status of new UI Engine

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    How games used to be developed:
    -I'll write some solid rendering code for this myself. Just need some optimizations here, no one is ever going to have to understand what this dll does, the game will be dead by then. Documentation is not necessary.
    -Hi, I'm the new guy, I have no idea what all this code does that the previous guy wrote. It will take 6 months to figure out what this function even does.

    How games are developed today:
    -No no, we don't need to code anything ourselves, this is 2024. We'll take this premade engine to do all the rendering. For the UI we will use frameworks. Physics will be handled by that open source library. We also need to sort this data, so we will need a math library for that.
    -Hi, I'm the outsourcing guy from India, I will be doing actual coding and math for you guys.
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    Somewhere between WIP and RIP.