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Discussion in 'Casters' started by Usti, Dec 28, 2023.

  1. Usti New Member

    How is the state of the wiz atm DPS wise. Did they get the much needed buffs/rework? Or still nobody wants them?
  2. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    One of the forum gatekeeper types recently shouted people down regarding Wizards, yet I am currently looking at 4 guild rosters - 2 on Mischief and 2 on Live severs and there is one wizard main and zero wizard alts online right now.

    Rampant here is the sentiment, from some persistent posters that, if devs spend any time on anything that isn't their own pet priority, they gatekeep and say no, like they're the devs themselves or even speak directly for them..

    They'll be along shortly to tell you you're wrong for asking, that wizards are overpowered and have been since PoP and giving them any sort of utility erodes the sanctity of other (their) classes.
  3. Nekk Augur

    They did get a huge boost.
  4. Brickhaus Augur


    Wizards are in great shape on Live at current expansion. They should be in good shape back through TBL at least (I'm not sure where the recent changes stop really mattering).

    But the changes in last 6 months are the reason Wizards are in good shape. And I believe there are still dead spots for wizards in earlier expansion pre-TBL.

    I have no idea what Joules is thinking ... amount of any class on during a weekday afternoon (even if holiday break) is not indicative of how many play the class. That said, the downturn in wizards for the last several years certainly thinned the ranks.
  5. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Im sure wizards are good during burst not too sure during sustained been long times since ive played one myself.
  6. Valcron Elder

    We are in a pretty good state right now, a few things could be addressed but the recent changes to MB and a few other things have really made the class better.
  7. kizant Augur

    In these parses I'm doing 55% more damage in 87 less seconds than previous.

    Combined (51): Zun Centien in 451s, 32.13B Damage @71.23M, 7. Kizant +Pets = 1.11B@2.62M in 423s

    Combined (43): Zun Centien in 347s, 31.72B Damage @91.41M, 1. Kizant +Pets = 1.73B@5.16M in 336s
  8. Valcron Elder

    Curious to see how Saturday's raid's go.
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  9. CrazyLarth Augur

  10. Valcron Elder

    Side note here- if it weren't for @kizant's constant needling at the problems Wizards had I really don't think these changes would have been done.

    Kizant, you have the entire Evequest Wizard community thanking you.
  11. Vumad Cape Wearer

    I always trash talk wizards, but it seems like they have tried to address Wizard performance in LS. Wizards seem to have moved noticeably up the parse. It initially seems the melee weapons and whatever adjustments they made to wizards have leveled the playing field.

    Unfortunately Wizards are not out performing other classes enough to make them a better option than classes with the same DPS and more utility, but I firmly believe it's better to love a wizard than force yourself to mage.
  12. Xurn Journeyman

    Wizard burst damage has been improved considerably. Also of note, the improvements made to the Forces AAs have made them worthy of consideration to add to a spell line-up. The long overdue change to Manaburn has given it a desirability in both group and raid play.
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  13. Cimbaeth Elder

    I am loving it. I'm afraid to say how high I crit for off one nuke in this expansion for fear of the nerf stick lol. But it's pretty fabulous. About damn time.
  14. Tachyon Augur

    long time wizard, we rock!
  15. Gr8fuldave Augur

    Do you guys have a good Spam key that you could suggest?

    I usually cast the following:

    On incoming:
    Lower Element
    Shadebright Vortex
    Thricewoven Lunacy

    Ecliptic Fire
    Ethereal Plait
    Fire Ethereal
    Cold Ethereal
    3 AA nukes

    What AAs should I add to this? I mostly save my big burns for Named, but maybe there are some shorter cool downs that I should be adding to this spam key?

    Any tips appreciated!!
  16. Szilent Augur

    Thricewoven & Ecliptic are probably barking up the wrong tree, but I'm sure you do fine like that
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  17. Popss New Member

    I have been playing a wiz only for 2-3 weeks now so still trying to get it down and i can see not using thricewoven but for ecliptic is the reason for not using that because of the big mana cost or is there something other than that i am missing?
  18. Szilent Augur

    The high base damage is deceptive. Because Ecliptic doesn't get focused by worn sleeves+robe, and has no Focus AA associated with it, and some other smaller stuff, the expected damage per cast is something like 450k lower than Ethereal Immolation. For, yeah, double the base mana cost.
  19. Slamg New Member

    Can we get a full dps guide of wizard of current era please? Like what's the weave of sustained dps and burst order etc..
  20. kizant Augur

    Yes please.
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