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  1. Lisard Elder

    Final step

    -Find the location of the Overking. We will eventually need to deal with him. 0/1 Gorowyn

    cant seem to update this, tried standing in various locations, tried talking with different sarnaks, tried talking to the Quest giver. not sure if its just not finished or what. also killed a couple different sarnaks standing in "Throne" like areas
  2. Muji Elder

    Had this happen on some mob before we were on that step. Was a random Ferrath lord.

    [Sat Oct 28 12:43:51 2017] You crush a Fereth lord for 5363 points of damage.
    [Sat Oct 28 12:43:51 2017] A Fereth lord says, 'Enough of this. It is time for me to go.' The Overking pulls out a glowing crystal and crushes it. 'It is also time for you to die!''
    [Sat Oct 28 12:43:52 2017] Muji hit Overking Bathezid for 213623 points of non-melee damage.
    [Sat Oct 28 12:43:56 2017] Overking Bathezid says, 'Enough of this. It is time for me to go.' The Overking pulls out a glowing crystal and crushes it. 'It is also time for you to die!'
    [Sat Oct 28 12:43:58 2017] A Kar`Zok assassin begins to cast a spell. <Gust of Atrebe>

    After awhile he depoped and a Kar`Zok assassin spawned.
  3. Lisard Elder

    ^^ appears now that if you kill any Red con to a level 110 Sarnak of any of the factions it will now spawn Overking to update
  4. Beltirabelkira New Member

    First couple of steps are to find drops off the sarnak, first 2 seem to be the same item. and lore.
  5. Xorsazis Elder

    Been killing literally every mob in zone for about 3+ hours with no pop. Conning things at 108, hoping for the best as far as red con to 110. This either needs a better mechanism or needs to be less rare.
  6. Muji Elder

    It was annoying for sure. We had to find a red con mob with eye from a person who was 110. Id suggest just bringing a betabuff tracker with you.
  7. Xorsazis Elder

    Live doesn't get beta buff. After two days of killing in Gorowyn and redoing the task again, I'm going to say that this isn't set up correctly. Either lock the quest as requiring level 110, or fix how he spawns. At this point I am not convinced that he will spawn unless there is a level 110 in group.
  8. Lisard Elder

    find red cons inside the houses of the different Flags


    in these houses is where you will find a L110 red con. did the quest twice and have only ever seen them pop from mobs inside these houses.
  9. Aikharos Journeyman

    Literally spent two days on this. On the third time, and after much thinking, I finished in less than 30 mins. We didn't need a tracker. However, there were some bugs with the extended target window. Aggro mobs were not showing on etw for most of the quest. So frustrating, but equally rewarding when things go right. Fun zone!
  10. Stephsanity Elder

    We had a red con spawn away from houses in the entr near 2nd entr if that makes sense but weren't on that step I think they can spawn anywhere randomly also we had one in a house that we killed when we needed him so good hunting.
  11. Swiss Lorekeeper

    The White/Gold drop seems to not be dropping for our group, been clearing for about an hour and got the others fairly quick but nothing yet. We have cleared any mob in zone dressed accordingly and farming the white/gold temple.
  12. Swiss Lorekeeper

    Well we had to give up on it after a couple hours on that one step. The drop rate or mob spawning has to be off.
  13. Absor Developer

    I have increased the drop rate on the items for the first four steps.

    I have increased the number of "Overkings" that can spawn to 3.

    NOTE: There is a way to tell which one he is that has nothing to do with his level.
  14. Axxius Augur

    Does it involve running through the whole zone and looking at every mob until you find him? If so, that'll take forever. At the same time, if you have a lv 110 tracker in group, you can find the Overking immediately.
  15. Drogba Augur

    Did this one again today. The drops for the first 3 steps come quite easily, however we killed 105 mobs with 'fereth' in their name (white and gold step) and didn't get a quest drop from them. Must be broken.
  16. Tour Augur

    Repeated quest for guildee yesterday. Worked without any issues. Drop rate increase very noticeable. Potential Overking PH have “wrong” armor on I think, as way to identify them. Ex: Ferreth mob should be white armor, but red con to 110 Ferreth mob in forge has green armor spawned Overking twice. Though I suppose one of those was not supposed to happen? Or is it intended that Overking spawn even if not on the quest or on a different quest. We spawned other Overking but didn’t check if their armor matched properly their name / mob type.
  17. Firedemon93 Journeyman

    The Overking will spawn for factions wearing inappropriate uniforms. That seems to be the indication, Tried this on 5 different instances to test the theory. and he spawned every time...

    Though i wanted to point out a simple issue with this. If the Overking made the factions, Why would he intentionally wear misplaced uniforms to disguise himself? If he made the faction system between the Krellnakor, Wulthan, Ferath, Kar'Zok, and Arcron. Wouldn't he be a bit more knowledgeable about what uniform to wear in each case if he was trying to conceal his identity. a more subtle hint would have been the use of the Tattoos on the Sarnaks. or maybe a small indicator such as an Armband or even discolored horns would be a better indicator than the mismatched uniform.
  18. Axxius Augur

    He wears one of the factions' uniforms, and he doesn't know that there are letters floating above his head with the name of a different faction. :(
  19. Allayna Lorekeeper

    So....3 of these Overking mobs can be up at a time...? After clearing their PH of course...? And can spawn even when not on that step...? And in a live AKA non-instanced zone...? Sounds like a good way to roadblock guilds during progression!
  20. Swiss Lorekeeper

    Tried it again tonight and still getting stuck, based on posts here I believe I am killing the right things and I cleared other random mobs in the zone just to hopefully get them to respawn. Is this quest intended to take hours for one update?

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