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  1. Evast Lorekeeper

    Just curious how the state of the game is doing? Thinking about returning. I'll end up looking at what characters I have and then re-run the tutorial and up to about level 60 to get the hang of it again (seems to be the general opinion on the forums). Also a few more questions:

    1) Am I going to have to go back to boxing? I used to 3 box a decent team (SK / Chanter / Mage)

    2) If I do want to go solo player, are pet classes almost mandatory due to lack of groups?

    3) Ranger / Beastie / Druid for solo play

    Thanks for any info :)
  2. High Voltage Augur

    1) It's not mandatory, although most folks here will probably say otherwise. Needs a good choise of a server/guild and some social skill to find people to play with, though.

    2) There are various classes that solo well, including all the pet classes.

    3) Out of those I'd go with the Beastlord.
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  3. Aurastrider Augur

    Boxing is not mandatory at lower levels but it will significantly speed up the leveling process for sure. This is true for all levels really unless you have a dedicated group of people to group with that play at the same time as yourself which is not as easy as it was two decades ago due to a lot of the players being older now and having RL things. It was easier for a lot of people when they were younger to work their life around EQ and now people have to work EQ around their life. Combine that with fewer players and the majority of players who have stuck with the game on the live servers being near max level and it leaves minimal grouping options at the lower levels. I am not saying its impossible to find a group at those levels but I would also be stretching the truth if I said it was common or easy. Try to find a guild that recruits new and returning players and claims to help them out. This might result in less actual grouping at lower levels and more of an effort to push you through the levels so you can actually group with the higher level players in the guild.

    In terms of solo classes the pet classes are still very good. You said you played an SK which is one of the best solo classes in game still and a good tank is preferred over a merc or pet tank in most situations. The gearing process is a bit of a drag for tanks and the learning curve for playing them well is much higher than most other classes imo but the benefits of having a real tank are also rewarding.
  4. Time zone Journeyman

    1) The group play " sucks "!!!! depending on your guild and server IMO I would stick with your 3 box team

    the formula for success:

    2) pet class are GODS !!!
    1.PICK one
    a. necro // mage // wizzie---pros / cons
    (mage pets are the strongest of all the pet classes with this combo u can pull with necro & dot mobs while back in camp, and the mage will be the "pet tank" and wizzie & mage direct DPs will finish them off ) port around the game with wizzie, once in zone mage can COTH u to camp spot
    cons: necro dot's have to " stack" almost all of there spells to do good <--> average DPS

    b. chanter // wizzie // mage----pros / cons
    ADPS from chanters is incredible, with them allowing other classes to benefit from their spells. They also can "rune" you and group which "protects" from some nasty stuff in the game ( see this link They can mezz mobs is goes sideways. they can pull and slow mobs, STARTING A ENCHANTER or

    c. SK/PALLIE // SHM // BARD-------- for the LOVE OF GOD !!!!!
    SK AND PALLIES; BEST GROUP TANKS hands down!!!!!--- able to self-buff, once u get past level 75 able to "oh i can tank" ( with proper augs)
    SHAMAN- Buffs, slows, heals, dots, DPS( with pet), cures,
    BARDS- mezz, group songs to help with DPS and other things, off tank in a "pinch"

    3) BST dps has dropped off, but have the second strongest pet in the game.
    Rangers are BADASS now!!!!!
    Druids----can heal as good as shaman, DOTS< DOTS< DOTS
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  5. Evast Lorekeeper

    Thanks for all the replies everyone :) I woke up a little early for work this morning to log in and see what characters were still around (omg, the symptoms of addiction are setting in already!!!) I still have my old 3 box set up and all 3 are sitting at level 95 with decent AAs for that level. Gear....well I’m sure there’s better out there haha.

    SK is best geared
    Enchanter second
    Mage is a typical 3rd box, couple social button pushed toon. But still decently geared
    AAs go in the same order

    As per suggestion from High Voltage, I think I may play a BST to get back into the game. Then I’ll play each of the characters one by one to get back into them and play around with spells/AAs/whatever. Then push to start boxing again.

    In the event I get bored playing with myself (....) how well received would a “decently” played, grouped geared tank be at max level? Or, with mercenaries, do most groups prefer to have dps to speed things up? And on the flip side, how about a decent played Enchanter? I remember having a blast when I’d solo of focus on the enchanter :) the mage would be a dime a dozen and I think I’d get bored playing him
  6. IblisTheMage Augur

    Remember that Autogrant will give you AA up to lvl 100, so go full level xp when you play at least until lvl 100
  7. Oakenblade Former ForumQuest Champion

    Welcome back to the game.
  8. Taetew Lorekeeper

    Hey there, I too returned and found on my old beta3 account I have "silver" status, so using your old account really has its perks. I logged on with 5780 loyalty points (been away from eq a about 19 years)

    It is frustrating as a returning player since most people area 100+ and grouping is rare, but on the "vox" realm I see many people and it seems to have a good lowbie population (I just hit 40 on my ranger solo), I do have some boxes but I'm old and its hard for me to alt tab thru all the screens so if I do "box" its usually with and afk box like a bard or mage.

    I think the 3 team you mentioned is very good, but if you want to end game raid (least on vox) make a paladin (so I'm told), there are 10000000000000000000000000000 sk's but only 10 paladins :)

    ps I tried making a paladin and just got to 30ish only to realize, they suck! someone said they are godly at 70+
  9. hellohello123 Lorekeeper

    We will know state of the game on June 6th.
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  10. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    At some point autogrant should go up to 105 once TDS unlocks for free to play unless they decide to stop that for some stupid reason.
  11. High Voltage Augur

    Wasn't aware one could fit so much bs in a single sentence. Well done.
  12. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    TDS needs to be the 5th most recent expansion before auto-grant will unlock for that expansion. It has nothing to do with the F2P unlocking of expansions. The next expansion will unlock the TDS AAs.
  13. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    No idea what you are getting at. That's how autogrant has worked. COTF was unlocked with the last expansion so TDS should have been unlocked with ROS.
  14. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    COTF was unlocked for free to play on Live servers with EOK. TDS should be unlocked for free to play with ROS. It's not 5 back but 3 back.
  15. Aurastrider Augur

  16. Gialana Augur

    There seem to be a few things getting confused in this thread.

    Autogranting of AAs is 4 expansions back. Like Aurastrider said, Call of the Forsaken AAs are available for autogrant since the launch of Ring of Scale.

    Expansions unlocking to everyone who has not purchased that expansion or a newer expansion was 2 back from the current expansion. When Empires of Kunark launched, The Darkened Sea became available to all accounts. However, DBG has given no indication of continuing this trend: The Broken Mirror did not become available like we expected it would when Ring of Scale launched.

    In some expansions there are zones locked behind progression. This seems to be the third thing people might be thinking about in this thread. At some point, previous expansions have had their zones unlocked for people who did not complete the progression. This is not something I've paid much attention to, but from reading this forums, I found that people expect the zones in The Darkened Sea will become available without progression within the next month or two, if they aren't already.
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  17. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    It is 4 back and always has been, which is the 5th most recent expansion.