State of the Enchanter

Discussion in 'Casters' started by Nerrei, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. Nerrei New Member

    Hey ladies and gents!

    I havent played for a Long time and Always enjoyed my Enchanter back in PoP. I just read a lot of threads that Chanters got nerfed hard. Now I wanted to ask:

    Since i cannot box any others Chars : How well do Enchs solo These days? Are nameds still possible?

    With out of Combat Regeneration are they still wanted in Groups?

    I heard many endgame Mobs are unmezzable now. Is it many Mobs and how much does it affect the class?

    DPS got buffed a bit I heard it significant now?
  2. Cicelee Augur

    A well played enchanter trivializes content. That is the state of the class today, as someone who has been in many duo/trio/full groups that had an enchanter in it...
  3. Veros New Member

    Enchanters are always getting "nerfed hard". This is nothing new, even back in PoP. You should be used to it..

    Enchanters solo as well as ever. Anything is possible, with perserverance, preparation and some skill.

    In/Out of Combat regeneration has nothing to do with what makes an enchanter useful in groups, it's fairly irrelevant.

    There are more tools at your disposal than just mezz, an unmezzable mob may present a challenge that you'll have to get more creative to control. There are plenty of mezzable mobs in current expansion.

    Our methods of dealing damage became a bit more .. direct the last few expansions, but dps is no less significant from PoP till now (factoring in levels and expansions).
  4. Coffee Journeyman

    The solo ok at best. Very hard to tank current mobs with unity nerf and any form of charm is going to be slow. I only box a chanter but I dont think I could solo any named mobs from TBM on.
  5. Gnomeland Augur

    Maybe for those who only box enchanters. Another way of saying, learn more.

    No class can, unless we're talking about group content when you raid, or one of those few rare monsters that are specifically designed to be weak. I'm pretty sure an enchanter can take on that popular goblin rare from EoK, but in general, you need a mercenary to do more, even for pet classes that are the best at doing it.
  6. Fian Augur

    Let's assume that solo includes merc for the sake of discussion. Yes, enchanter can solo effectively. Their pet is pretty strong now, and can tank mobs, assuming you have the pet AA. Most mobs in latest expansions can be mezzed, although there are some exceptions. After the EOK nerf on enchanter runes, we lost the ability to solo bosses. My beastlord does a better job of it now. The dps nerf is currently on test. It is sounding pretty bad, but I think it will affect raiding enchanter a lot more than group enchanters. I don't think you will have a hard time getting a group as an enchanter.