Stat Consolidation and You: May 2016 Patch Preview

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, May 6, 2016.

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  1. Eluwenie Augur

    I hope the DoT spells for a ranger will be able to stack better for DoT spells from lvl 80's. I have 4 DoT spells, only 2 I can use because the rest will not stack with the others. Aside from that, I like what I see for the updated information for each piece of armor and stats for each character.. looks like a positive change. Hopefully chanters get what they ask for. I played one a long time ago (been a vet of this game since 2002), and I couldn't level it solo much at all. They are needed in the game for many things aside from spells and they provide an asset for skills as well.
    To the dev team: Is there any chance on creating more content with older expansions, (specifically in the Void areas). I see so many things in Old Bloodfields that could really be expanded, as well as Tosk too. Hopefully there will be more in those zones, some areas in both really look unfinished and they could really use more areas to combat in.
    Keep on keeping on because I know of no other MMO that has lasted 17 years +. :)
  2. sojero One hit wonder

    Are you somehow irritated that you are over cap currently, but when they add the new system you will be just at the caps?
  3. Triconix Augur

    So you're showing me an overcapped stat inventory. How is this going to make you less powerful than you are right now? If anything, it will make you more powerful. With the transferring of mod2s to heroic stats, you'll have increased heroic stats which means more hp, mana, dodge, parry, riposte, etc (or whichever ones apply). You'll be gaining power, not losing power.

    You're somehow annoyed that you won't have the heroic caps for mod2s? News flash: Nobody will for yeras to come. You need 4,000 heroic stats in order to cap them. The most a person can stack right now is probably around 1300.

    If you get TBM group gear, you can get to around 800-900 in a single stat. At the most you'll be 1-2 ranks of mod2s away from raiders. You may "lose" power compared to them, but you're gaining lots of power relative to the mob strength. And in the end, isn't that what matters? PC power vs NPC power?
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  4. Derd Augur

    Is it the accuracy mod? Is Heather a zerker that is using old + accuracy mod augments? And if so did they say they were changing them to reflect the correct heroic. I don't know it's just a guess. It's the only that I see that's not capped in image.
  5. Triconix Augur

    With the new system, the accuracy will be capped so he'd actually catch up to the people already maxed out. Again, this person would gain power. I'm failing to see how the change is affecting him/her negatively.
  6. Derd Augur

    I did see a post from h.p. listing Warr ,monk @ mag as box team so sorry on the zerker guess. And I agree with triconix, maybe more info would clarify h.p. opinion on why think this way. But as it stands the new stats will be better.
  7. Minx Journeyman

    How long it be before Druids will be seeing the effect for their dot line of spells?
  8. Siddar Augur

    Ok checked it out on test. Basically group geared players will be at old caps at 105. Raiders will be at 36 for the stats that stopped at 35 before. Then both can focus on the heroic they desire most for additional improvements. Groupers may go for pushing multiple stats above 400 instead of a single focus on one heroic. From 553 heroic agility I gained +8 avoidance so for the group geared it is likely better to chase multiple 401 then pushing a single heroic past 400. The tick over point at 401 is the big change here. Getting to 401 is doable but getting more then one stat to 800 inst. The non 35 capped mod 2 however can be increased with smaller increments of additional heroics.

    The really only noticeable changes I see from this is warriors will likely now be stuck at 35 cap for Spell and DoT shielding while most other classes will be at 36. Also group geared melee DPS will likely end up chasing the non 35 capped mod 2 at expense gaining multiple 401 heroic stats.
  9. Triconix Augur

    They seem to be doing 1 class per patch, roughly. I'd guess druids will be out sometime during the summer. Necros will definitely be last for obvious reasons.
  10. kraquehoe New Member

    Ill take a "Slight" reduction to mana returned from ench mind shatter dot "if" you allow the dots to STACK with OTHER ENCH'S casting this dot and bewildering constriction.
  11. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Stupid question.

    Do the following do anything for pure casters?
    • Accuracy
    • Combat Effects
    • Damage Shield Mitigation
    • Strikethrough
    With some NPC immunities and raid mechanics stopping us casting spells on NPCs many casters have actually been meleeing, so I'm just curious as to if these are actually doing anything or are just sitting there as numbers.

    I always thought they didn't but now it is added to heroics I'm don't know anymore!

    Heroics should work the same for everyone.
  12. segap Augur

    Or you could just coordinate and alternate who casts it every 30 seconds.
  13. Redrum_Redrum Augur

    That's perfect logic. The should just do that for every class and return necro's to pre nerf this way we could time casting and coordination even more so not only would there be no debuff limit ever reached. I'd love to see all spells get overwritten from there intended use. Perfect
  14. Neodraykl Elder

    It really seems like Strikethrough and Damage shield mitigation should be swapped.

    More Strength should let you push your attack though your opponents defenses,
    And being more agile should allow you to avoid hitting the spikes or sharp edges (DS) of your opponents armor. (Dex more so, but w/e.)

    That makes more sense from a role play standard, and keeps the more important mods where the classes that use them most need them.
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  15. leaola Journeyman

    as a druid I melee any time I can. and I proc a lot on hand of holy vengeance 300 hp damage and a small group heal(crit 1k heal can twin proc). before combat effects were big I might proc once a min between casts at this point I proc between most spells every other at most, it miht not be a lot of healing for free but if im mainly healin my roup from an aoe once a min some times it saves me a roup heal so I can drop an extra nuke or heal on mt. and the damage I do from swining might not be much but seein as the size of driud dots are, or the dps from our ever useful swarm pet ( at least our bear used to be able to bash not any more!!!) if our dps shows at all swining would help.

    I bet they skip us poor druids, after all they ave us all the REAT dot aa, ive used my dot more than I have in ages ( for one day ).
  16. Kohnn Elder

    bump... make hstr mod2 melee friendly. thanks
  17. Orbital101 Augur

    After: on A vendor(yellow con) 19 hrs parse with only defensive profiency as buffs( I dint had it up the first / 6-8 hrs but when i came back from work I had it up somehow)


    Starting another parse just to double check but atm its not looking like a gain to me.
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  18. HeatherPurrs Augur

    Of course it's not a gain. I have no idea why people would believe it would be.
  19. HeatherPurrs Augur

    I don't box. For the love of God.
  20. HeatherPurrs Augur

    //more info? Ok. After the patch i will have to pick one stat to max. I can't max both Dex and Str. I had the opportunity to do that before.
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