Stat Consolidation and You: May 2016 Patch Preview

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, May 6, 2016.

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  1. Lenowill Augur

    Given the existing formula for Heroic Str (confers one point of bonus melee damage per 10 HStr), the answer is probably still going to be "any melee DPS, but especially dual-wielding blender types like monks and rogues."

    Now, it might be that that formula needs revisiting once characters are above certain thresholds. Perhaps once you get above 300 HStr it should start giving 1 point per 5 HStr, or so, to keep better pace with how damage and HP totals inflate as one progresses into later expansions.
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  2. delfchen Lorekeeper

    as a Tank you pick HAGI 1st then HSTA

    and for me personally as SK i decided for to take an item when there was a good amount of spell damage and heal amount aswell ... lets see what the change will bring along ... since those 2 things are important for lifetaps, i hope that this wont be messed up
    atm i do not get the point why strength should affect DS ... for me it was kind of "how hard do i hit the mob" and dex was more about the accuracy and stuff like this ;)
  3. Dropfast Augur

    While I like the changes over all, you do realize your hurting all us melee DPS that have Heroic Str builds right? This pisses me off pretty bad. I've spent years getting all the best Str augs and gear in game. Now I'm suppose to switch to Dex and Agi? Wth. Not only that, all the heroics on melee dps gear is Str/dex based, not Dex/Agi.

    You guys need to at least switch Strikethrough with Damage shield mitigation. Which not only makes perfect sense but makes it where melee dps don't need Heroic Agi for more DPS... Heroic Str adding strikethrough makes sense, as does heroic Agi adding Damage shield mitigation.

    Really if anything Str should be adding 2 offensive things instead of Dex. If I had my way, I'd say Str should add 2 offense mods and Dex adds 1 but at least make the change I mentioned above. It's quite important for us melee DPS. Your gonna have a lot pissed off melee if we all need to switch to Dex/Agi.
  4. Axxius Augur

    Speaking of the stats that serve no real purpose, why is Heroic Charisma still displayed? It does nothing at all, as the new display confirms. Just remove it.
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  5. flash000 Augur

    … And That’s Not All In This Patch

    The team is working on other improvements for the May update, as well as more updates for Here’s a preview of some of the things to come.


    We're continuing work on consolidating DoT lines. Rangers are definitely scheduled to get updated, and some Shaman DoT lines might make it in as well. Enchanters are probably getting tweaked in terms of the amount of mana that returns to them from the Mind Shatter line. We liked increasing the amount of mana drained as a proportion of damage done, but we believe the efficiency of mana return at this point is too high.

    Roshen with all the class upgrades lately do the Devs have a eta on when/if they will be doing upgrades to bards?
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  6. Heile Lorekeeper

    From what I've been thinking, Heroic Charisma would be great on bumping up some faction levels or even a very minimal one. But then you get into the question of, "well, i wanted that faction to be stay negative than bumping up the positive side. Why can't i stay more negative?" Heroic Cha can also be thought of to help chanters/bards/whoeverelsethatcanmezclass to be less resistant to mezzing mobs since the way I see it, Cha and mezzing can go hand in hand. Or maybe they're saving the idea for the next campansion later this year?

    I don't know what they plan on doing with charisma, but these are some ideas on what charisma can be used for.
  7. Drakang Augur

    Pretty simple. If your a tank you have even more reason to stack agility. All the other effects are minimal. More AC and more avoidance benefits all the time. More stamina benefits only on rare occasions.
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  8. Lenowill Augur

    Ideas for Cha/HCha, off the cuff:

    • Roll fudging chance for control abilities (stun, mez, charm, pacify, etc.) based on HCha (if such an ability gets resisted the first time, HCha would provide a chance based on the stat to reroll the resist check and see if it gets through).
    • Stuff related to spell resistance chance in general. (Add a small resist adjustment to all spellcasts based on HCha?)
    • Amplification of the effects of Bold Attacks, Subtle Attacks, or Spellcasting Subtlety (whichever are turned on for your character). (Add a flat bonus of additional hate/hate reduction based on Cha/HCha?)
    • Bonus damage or extra attack rating for summoned pets.
    • Bonus damage for Chromatic element spells.
    • Swarm pet duration extension (1 sec per large HCha breakpoint).
    • Chance for one particular ability timer to skip its usual reuse timer after being activated, allowing it to be reused again right away. (Which timer ID it is would vary based on class, but all should be conceptually "charisma related," and thus better for some classes than others. I could see it affecting a rogue's feint mez, for instance, or a warrior's jeer type abilities, or some of the cleric's emergency response heals.)
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  9. VorpalBunnie New Member

    I see where this will result in higher HP Regen, which is really great for melee classes especially. However, what I do NOT see, is anything about an increase in MANA Regen which is the biggest bugaboo for DRUs, Shammies and ALL Hybrids. How about working on something for those who love playing these classes, but constantly run out of mana while the other casters just seem to keep going and going either because their regen is higher or (more or less) equal damage spells cost them less mana to cast.
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  10. Brudal Augur

    Is damage shield mitigation flat or a percentage? if it is flat, I would hope the scaling would increase substantially; or function as a reverse damage shield when striking enemies without a damage shield.

    Is the accuracy stat on something like silver-etched coin going to be rolled into the heroics or is the migration just for items without pre-existing heroic stats?
  11. VorpalBunnie New Member

    And while you are changing thing, how about a chanter mezzing himself which should be blatantly impossible. Mezz is basically hypnosis, and while self-hypnosis is possible, it requires a very strict and concerted effort to perform. You are NOT going to accidentally do it while hypnotizing someone else unless you are so totally inept that you have no business trying to hypnotize ANYONE, ANYTIME. AoE mezz doesn't effect other members of a group or your pet, so WHY the caster himself of all people??
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  12. Kohnn Elder

    Now to get back on track, save your friendly neighborhood rogue today #HStrlivesmatter
  13. Sancus Augur

    Interesting change...

    Have you made sure that these changes function properly with pets? Enhanced Minion pets spawn with their Mod2's (mostly?) capped... did you add the requisite Heroic Stats to their cloaks so that they are still capped? And did you make sure that the heroic stats work properly with arcane pet code?

    I also agree that, while you're looking at mods, it would be really great if Spell Damage could be modernized so that it makes even a minor difference in DPS.
  14. Tanols Augur

    I don't see how you can possibly come to this conclusion. Even my lvl 85 Heroic Ranger in full heroic gear is over 400 in all heroics so all of his mod 2s will be capped or above.
    Large amounts of HStr will still give added ATK and damage bonus.
    Where melee may suffer in the future is from a lack of HAgil and Strikethrough bonuses to hit through a mobs defenses. In that I agree with your next statements concerning HStr and Hagil affecting which mod 2.
    If anyone is going to be adversely affected by these changes it might be tanks that went All HDex in their builds. Only time and testing will tell the tale.
  15. Kongfoo Elder

    You're 14 hdex off of 800. It won't be hard for you to reach that. If you swapped to an all dex set you would only gain 1 accuracy and 1 combat effect over what you have now. That is if you reached 1200 dex of course. I haven't parsed it but I assume combat effect is pretty much useless and the dps from 1 accuracy will be so low that it is hardly parseable. This change shouldn't make you or anyone else who goes for hstr swap your whole aug set. Maybe just move a few augs to reach 800 and call it good.
  16. Dretchulos New Member

    From the point of view of a group geared player without a lot of free time to fiddle the last ounce of performance out of my gear, this is great news. The item stat pages are more-or-less just a big jumble of numbers and, unless there is an unusual focus effect or special aug slot, I mostly just pick what to wear based on the hp/mana: with few exceptions, they're usually a good indicator of what the rest will be like.

    In that light, I hope DB could go even further, and offer an easily toggled "simple mode" view of items, with a basic indicator of how good the stats are. Since items these days seem mostly to be near direct copy/paste of previous items for the same slot with some % increase to everything, I'd like to just see some rough approximation of that %. Something like "Int Caster Level 86-90, Tier 3 Group". Maybe even color coded as well. There's probably a nicer looking way to do that, but that's what I came up with at the moment.
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  17. Acme Burnz New Member

    Any chance mind storm line will now stack since it's not giving back plentiful manas? plsktksw/bbqsauce
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  18. Acme Burnz New Member

    I mean mind storm with itself of different ranks, like drown currently does...and more than 1 mindstorm per boss, i mean seriously, who throws a cupcake?
  19. Section8 New Member

    In a nutshell whats gonna happen is years of progress you made on your characters months trying to get a certain aug you have speant farming doing ldon missions will all be for naught sounds like DB dont know what theyre doing or maybe they do and just dont care how much time you have put into your character building it, hey maybe im wrong guess well see ,
    I dont think they put much thought into it at all. The time people have speant building there characters and then theyre just gonna change the way it all works an you just have to deal with it and rebuild your character from scratch?
  20. Section8 New Member

    It has 0 merit for thoughs that have speant months and years building there character a certain way farming certain augs.
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