Stat Consolidation and You: May 2016 Patch Preview

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, May 6, 2016.

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  1. Bandok Augur

    Yes, it does. See the example from GoD that Roshen posted in reply to my earlier post.
  2. Sukrasisx New Member

    It would help if the existing effects (and caps) of heroic stats were explained somewhere. I vaguely remember sketchy details from when they were introduced, like maybe HSTA adds endurance regen? I hope that the new tooltips described in this post will include the old effects as well as the new.
  3. Brudal Augur

    The endurance regen gained via heroics is based on all 4 physical heroics (Str, Sta, Agi, Dex) / 200; so if you add up all and have 1009, you gain 5 endurance regen over the 15 points of worn end regen cap available and the 35 from aa's
  4. Lenowill Augur

    I approve of this change. Less clutter on the item inspect page will be great, and I like that it opens up avenues for further developing the significance of Heroic Stats.

    As others have said, don't forget about poor Heroic Cha in this!
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  5. Jmag Journeyman

    So... does ANYTHING change spell damage ?
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  6. Makavien Augur

    So, I reread that and it says heroic agility or dexterity benefits avoidance correct? So, I have no reason to freak out since I have focused on heroic dexterity as a tank in the avoidance department correct ? Whew .. Uggh that's for stat conversions on items . Heroic Dexterity and Agility needs to be split into avoidance or this change is seriously effecting things in an opposite manner than it should Heroic Dexterity and Agility were the same avoidance benefit in the last 2 years and before that Heroic Dexterity was Better Avoidance.. Am I going to be able to petition and switch all of my rare Heroic Dexterity Augments since this adversely effects me as a tank years after the fact?
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  7. Brohg Augur

  8. YellowBelly Augur

    Nice to see some effort being put into the game. Thanks!
  9. FixShamanPlease Elder

    Something new with resists?
  10. Schadenfreude Augur

    I'm completely baffled as to how you've come to this conclusion from the available information. Not for the first time admittedly.
  11. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    More Spell Damage.

    Spell Damage is a Mod3 and so is not changed in any way by this. (AKA its still pretty useless as a stat).
  12. Stash McWhalen New Member

    This is great customer service. I'm a lifelong subscriber, please keep up the great work. You guys are doing so much with so little. Bravo <3
  13. Section8 New Member

    Not sure i like this change as a rogue i have focused years to strength augs all the hard missions / quest that takes alot of time to get done are now going to be irrelevant for a rogue now we need dexterity augmentations well gee guys thanks for the wasted years ive put into my toon honing it to be the best i can get it to be and now it seems my strength will need to be replaced with dexterity augs.
    Yes im gonna rant some i know DB is trying to do a good job and and upgrade everquest in alot of ways i get it but i have a bone to pick with you all over TBM expansion Rangers out parse all melee classes so if your going to fix something thats broken fix rogues DPS thats all rogues have prior to TBM Rogues Berzerkers and Monks were fairly close on parses and still are but now Rangers are out parsing The straight DPS classes, so rangers can tank some they have all the nice utility spells heals buffs etc and now they are king of the dps out of all the straight up melee classes and all we have is dps.
    So if it was intended this way theres really no reason for anyone to play a rogue or berzerker just roll a ranger youll be more dps and have self buffs heals and a cool bow to HS with while kiting mobs left and right but then again who wants to reroll a toon knowing it takes a long time to get them on the highend of the game.
  14. Rainbowdash Augur

    Not too bads. It'd be nice to clean up the gigantic Algebra text book we have on items these days. Literally the only way to describe item stats these days. Group gear are high school text books and raid gear are college text books. It was, honestly, becoming ridiculous.

    It'd be nice to clean away or fix stats that are useless. Which this patch seems to be the start of. I agree with the HCha (and for that matter, base charisma) mentioned so far in this thread. It needs tuned to add usefullness again. Things along the line of faction mods, higher faction gains and lower losses, for chanters very low or even impossible charm breaks, better merchant mods (maybe even to the point of, at a high skill, equal buy/sell costs). Idk all suggestions but it really needs done.

    As mentioned. SD/HA probably need their benefits bumped, maybe at the cost of having a cap added, but meh. Also, this is more relevant to TBM gear, but if the whole "gear with 700000 aug slots to accommodate level gaps" thing is the new plan moving forward (which is ok, while I dislike it's implementation in TBM, the concept is great. Adding content for levels beyond just the most recent 5/10 levels is a great idea) The augs in reference to SD/HA need 'fixed'. Both augs should have SD AND HA, but one have more of one of the stats than the other by a bit. Much like base gear always has up through TDS. Mages, and probably Druids, at least can make use of both stats in some way and it never sat right with me that all of a sudden we have to pick between one or the other entirely rather than just which we want to "specialize" in so to speak. Especially since raid gear, or any gear in TBM that isn't part of the "tons of aug slots" category, don't follow this new formula. So it's not even a uniform decision across all gear in the expansion.

    While we're on the topic of deprecated things in EQ, skills need looked at. Begging, Bind Wound, Safe Fall (where DID fall damage go?...), Alcohol Tolerance, Sense Heading, etc etc all serve no purpose anymore. They're useless numbers bogging down the skill window. I'd hate to see them go, they should have purpose and new life breathed back into them.

    Lastly, unrelated to stats/skills, i hope this "bug(?)" I posted awhile back is fixed in this patch or one in the near future. It legitimately bugs me far more than it probably should. I waited 2 years for this thing dangit :(

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  15. Kohnn Elder

    #HStrlivesmatter wtb melee benefits for heroic strength toons
  16. Zigie Journeyman

    So DBG is going from pick the stats you like to customize your toon the way you like it back to a type of holy trinity of stats:

    If your a DPS, pick DEX.
    If your a TANK, pick STAM
    If your a caster, pick INT/WIS.

    So any DPS who didn't go all dex suffers from doing less damage.
    Any tank that didn't go all STAM suffers stuns and less shielding.
    The casters could probably care....Most don't go INT/WIS anyhow as mana pools are over the top and go for more AC or HP with agi/stam so any dot or spell shielding they lose from not going all INT/WIS is negated by their choice of AC or HP.

    I like the idea, it has some merit, but I think you need to shuffle around what the Heroic stats modify.

    Who is going to get hSTR items now? That ring that has 27 STR and 20 for all the other stats who is looting it? May as well remove those from the game, STR would no longer serve a purpose as a prime stat to go for. Is a Caster getting STR? They hope they are never in melee range so they dont care about DS or Mitigating one. The DPS won't care if they take a few more damage from hitting a DS on a mob, those are usually dispelled or reverse DSed off the bat anyhow. Will a Tank go for STR so they can do more DS on a mob vs STAM so they dont get stunned/lose shielding or AGI for the still favorite AC?

    Daybreak released the expansion in November, and some of the armor items weren't in their finished state. We looted some of those items early, only to have them change the stats, the procs, and in one or two instances what piece that gear even goes on, rings to earrings and such. So we had to toss those items out and get replacements, no way to hand them in and get a swapped item we could use. Now DBG is doing that all over again, a second time this expansion, messing with the gear and what it effects. Seriously, once was enough. I get this will streamline some code and maybe allow you to use that extra space for the next expansion to do some cool things with, but not sure having to redo all the augs and armors this expansion just to see what you do with that extra space next expansion is worth it to everyone.
  17. Sphynx_CT_SR Elder

    So the 3 dot shielding and 3 spell shielding will give me 1 hINT and 1 hWIS? Wow... I am rolling in it now.
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  18. Zigie Journeyman

    Overall its not horribly bad. They are matching the current caps we had.
    And for every 400 heroic you have in any stat you get to add 1 to the skill that it is related to.
    So if you have 750 of one stat and 500 of another, you would be advised to slush off 50 from the 500 and add it to the 750 stat to push it up to 800 and give that stat's skills 1 more point each.(by slush I mean replace augs, or get other gear items that favor the 750 stat you are working towards over the 500 stat you have more than enough of)

    All this does is set "arbitrary set" caps of 400 for each heroic stat to maximize your MOD2.
    So IF you have a stat that is close to a 400 level, 800, can lose a few heroics from one that is in between the 400 levels to boost the one that is near a 400 cap thereby adding in another MOD2 skill to both of that stat's skills.

    Or keep everything you have the way it is and hope that the next expansion they will have EPIC heroics that makes all our current gear look silly in comparison with +100 stats and stuff.
  19. Sphynx_CT_SR Elder

    You are going to tell me 3% of a nuke when the mobs are nuking for 100-150k is nothing?
  20. Abazzagorath Augur

    Yes. I am telling you that as a warrior with 200-250k hp 3k damage intermittently from spells (and more like 1-2 encounters an expansion) is nothing.
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