Stat Consolidation and You: May 2016 Patch Preview

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, May 6, 2016.

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  1. Lonye Augur

    I like it.
    But make hCha useful... Please.
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  2. Bandok Augur

    Ok, that's sort of what I figured out after I had posed the question, but the example definitely helps clarify. Thanks!
  3. Abazzagorath Augur

    Not really. You need a whopping 35 points to have what you had before. The way the progression works you are talking about maybe 3 points difference between you an a caster with current heroic levels. Considering you have more hp than those classes, it isn't really a big deal.

    The biggest problem (which is relative) for tanks is now you want to stack agility rather than dex. Right now stacking one over the other you can have like a 400-500 point gap between them. That's like the difference between an item with 20 avoidance versus one with 25 accuracy back in the days before capping and you had to choose. No tank in the right might would go for dex in that case, assuming the agi/dex balance for dodge vs parry+riposte is equivalent. Parses keep waffling on that.

    That also assumes the "avoidance" misses are still distinct from dodge misses, which it should be, but you never know with eq when they change things.

    Not looking forward to having to recamp augs though.
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  4. Tadenea Augur

    All current items will have their mod2 values converted into Heroic Stats where the item's current Heroic Stat value is not already greater than the conversion would make it
    There is a formula they use, not sure if allowed to post it or if its been changed
    but onlything the aug may get is Wis/Int Heroic from the +2 Dot Shielding which may equal +1 heroic with rounding to Wis/Int
    All other mod2 total heroics are less then whats on item so would gain 0 to item
  5. Dartaniun1 New Member

    Im curious how this will effect a type 3 aug with raw dmg shield on it as well. Few of my class specific type 3s are very good in a raid setting so I swapped them for attack augs. When TBM came out the new gear had a lot more attack and the cap didn't seem to go up that much. So I capped out and started removing the attack augs for Hp regen. I hit the wall there as well so I replaced a couple of them with straight dmg shield. Are there any plans to add some new worthwhile type 3s in correlation with these new changes?
  6. leaola Journeyman

    If u do this please add heroic dex to druid gear!!!
    Over the years druids have had almost no dex on gear. I go out of my way to get it hoping to get max weapon procs. if I can ( if I twin proc a group heal with crits its a free 2k group heal) while waiting for my spell to refresh i'll take it.
  7. Abazzagorath Augur

    What does any of that have to do with this. There is absolutely nothing that this has to do with damage, attack, hp regen, etc. Your type 3 augs aren't changing other than the alaran tear if you have it.
  8. Sirene_Fippy Okayest Bard

    If my understanding is correct, items that previously had +DS on them will now have +HSTR instead.
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  9. Tadenea Augur

    if the item does not have HStr or has less Hstr then what the DS formulas into
  10. Lorewood Lorekeeper

    So are the heroic stats no longer going to be tiered as in every point counts? The reason i ask is my trophy selection often depends on hitting a plateau, but its been awhile since i did and i don't recall if it was 20 or 40 before I would see a gain. If not then it seems we would be losing if we did not hit a tier.

    And after these changes go into effect will we get a chart so we can easily see the calculations we need to make decisions about our gear?
  11. Abazzagorath Augur

    So? There are 5 augs in the game from ldon/gates with damage shielding on them. Maybe for some odd reason a pure melee out there is using the +5 hp regen +5 ds one. So now it gets +4 hstr or whatever.

    Doesn't change a thing in terms of gear choices, or shouldn't.
  12. Tadenea Augur

    here is example they gave to us providing formulas did not change

    Existing item has 4 DoT shielding, 2 Spell Shielding, and 0 hINT/hWIS. The new item would get 4 points of hINT and hWIS, which is the highest value of either of the stats that's being converted.
    Existing item has 4 DoT shielding, 2 Spell Shielding, and 5 or more hINT/hWIS. The new item doesn't change because 4 points is all that would have been added.
  13. Dartaniun1 New Member

    That would be the answer to my question, if indeed that is how it plays out. Thanks!
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  14. Numiko Augur

    On progression servers, does this mean we are going to see Heroic stats as early at Planes of Power now?

    This will make the idea of having to combine GoD and OOW together on Phinny even less important as level 65 characters will be much more powerful then they are now.
  15. Schadenfreude Augur

    This looks like a very interesting change. I'm sure the melee classes that stacked hSTR will be along shortly with their own views however.
  16. Kohnn Elder

    Is heroic str now converting to a useless stat for melee? A lot of rogues and im sure others are stacking str and from what im reading heroic dex is the only stat getting useful melee boost (accuracy and combat effects)... heroic str boost dmg shield and dmg shield mitigation? please explain
  17. Krowbar Apprentice

    Besides the noted changes to HStats affecting the Mod2s, do the heroics still do the same as before?
    For example:
    • Heroic Strength:Increases endurance pool, endurance regen, and the maximum amount of endurance regen a character can have. Also increases damage done by melee attacks and improves the bonus granted to armor class while using a shield.
      • 10 Heroic STR increases melee damage by 1 point.
    Taken from :

    If they have changed, can we get a more accurate description of what they do?
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  18. segap Augur

    They said nothing about removing existing qualities. Only where the removed mod2's would be paired with existing heroics. My assumption is all the existing bonus for each heroic remain as was.
  19. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    If you are reworking the way stats are shown on the stats page, then try to make it clear how much worn mana/hp-regen i have.
    Right now mana-regen is a mix of 3 things mashed into a single number(actual worn mana-regen from items(this one is capped) + a bonus from HInt/HWis(i think) + a bonus added from buffs).
    There is no easy way of seeing how much I overcap the worn mana-regen afaik.
    Or better yet make overcapped worn mana-regen actually do something(add it to HInt/HWis maybe), currently it is a stat i completely ignore on upgrades, just like avoidance and other mod2's

    There might be an equivalent issue with HP/END-regen for non-casters...
  20. Sirene_Fippy Okayest Bard

    It would be nice if HSTR and HDEX could both be good. For different reasons. More choices in gearing is always a good thing. This change pushes HSTR further out of the "good" stat circle for sure.

    I feel like for HSTR to be good, the regular bonus (1 dmg bonus every 10 HSTR) needs to increase.
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