Start a TLP server in TSS xpac

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  1. Xhartor Augur

    That's part of the point behind starting from level 1. people can adjust to some of the bloat as the level up. It also give them a reason to discuss the AA's and abilities.

    Also even if Auto-grant is enable form the start, you are only talking about Luclin and PoP AA's.
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  2. Terranos Elder

    This is something I would like to see, but having said that, TSS unlocks on Aradune shortly so you could alway start there.
  3. TheChosenOne Augur

    might be the lowest population TLP release in EQs history

    Mischief is the most perfect server ever delivered, I finally found my forever home
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  4. Juskov Lorekeeper

    The thought of raiding Frostcrypt again any time soon makes me want to throw up. I'll buy the case that a lot of us are done with doing Classic-Velious over and over again. I've done it a few times myself. I stuck around this time on Mangler and really am amazed every xpac by how fun things are and how the game changed. I know we have at least 7 guilds raiding Sanctum and a few smaller ones hanging on doing at least some of the current content in VoA. You don't see much about it on the forums, because another advantage of later TLPs is less OW competition issues because of instanced group and raid content. The biggest drama-makers tend to recycle themselves every TLP and eventually leave.

    The challenge for all late TLPs though is the slow drip of people leaving and few returning because of the perceived difficulty of catching-up. Even though it actually doesn't take too long to get in reasonable shape with auto-grant. Other than guildies messing with alt's or something, you're going to be leveling on your own for the most part.

    So if you were to run with this idea, how do you get folks who never want to set foot in Plane of Sky or VP again, but would like to have a progression server interested again? Where is the right starting point?
  5. Tweakfour17 Augur

    TSS but level locked. Start em at 50, the ones who want to stay in TSS and explore get to, the ones who like guk and unrest can go there too. Once they max out they can explore a whole new world. Give it a few weeks then bump to 60. Repeat. Kunark and Velious for the ones who are still nervous and the rest can explore more of the new zones. Once you get to 75 unlock TBS and then do the normal 12/8 unlocks. This hopefully give sufficient time to ease into the 65-75 era AAs, progression etc so people don't feel overwhelmed like they did on Miragul and has the benefit of skipping the 70s slog.
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  6. Juskov Lorekeeper

    I'm not sure level locking will accomplish much at the point of TSS unless the xp rate is drastically reduced--which I doubt anyone wants. With the variety of zones and improved available gear, I'd argue people will be L75 on this server faster than they would make L50 on a classic server. If you locked it at L50, it might be less than a 24-hour exercise for some people. In any case, as much as some people seem to disagree, the long term health of a TLP is a group of people/guilds who want to raid and see new content. The ones who don't find themselves in the perpetual cycle of rerolling every year.

    I think the bigger barrier might be the overwhelming amount of new abilities and understanding of how the classes change and are rebalanced in later xpacs. Do you know anything about Paladin yo know anything about Enchanter lurching...etc. Which expansion has a reasonable amount of that new stuff without getting too over the top and someone thanks I'll just go back to what I'm familiar with. Maybe TSS is it, IDK, I guess those just aren't my favorite raids.
  7. Tweakfour17 Augur

    This is why I proposed level locking, its much easier to digest if you are getting "foreign" abilities in 5 level increments vs rushing to lvl 75 and then not knowing anything. TSS is live xp on a traditional server but that doesn't mean a hypothetical TSS start with levle lock couldn't scale the xp rate to something like
    50 - Default TLP "Mangler" rate
    60 - GoD bump
    65 - DoDH bump
    75 - Live
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  8. Healiez Augur

    I personally would love this type of server.

    For me the traditional start at the begining TLP server is done to death. I really love the GoDish onward era of the game, but I am typically burning out by that point and historically I tend to quit. The just start playing at that era arguement is very flawed as well. For the most part the server is already very established. Guilds are made and coming in as a brand new player can be daunting and it can be difficult to find a place. Everyone starting on equal footing will allow for those innitial interactions and alliances to be formed.

    TSS and for a few expansions prior is when they seemed to give every class a true identity. Some of the prior classes that failed to have a niche got one and each class has its own thing for the most part.

    It makes for way more interesting gameplay, the raids in that era are really fun as well.
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  9. TheAgenda Augur

    The dream is still alive