Stability on Luclin as with AB

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Malbro, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. bob2 Journeyman

    /ooc camping this folder , since its the only stable server daybreak offers!
  2. bob2 Journeyman

    /1 wonder if i can get 50% xp camping this folder? or if a named will pop?
  3. bob2 Journeyman

    if i can move this folder to 6 pages, im gonna count that as a ding, or at least a ping.
  4. bob2 Journeyman

    hmmm must be a rare named spawn. well, at least this server isnt crashing.
  5. bob2 Journeyman

    luclin = crashtest dummies lol ok that was kind of funny.
  6. bob2 Journeyman

    luclin staring to chat lag again..crash inc
  7. bob2 Journeyman

    woot made it to page 6
  8. Malbro Augur

    It's down, just lost 2 buffed and weaponed pets.
  9. bob2 Journeyman

    yup, missed the one hour server blink, but the 2 hour mark
  10. bob2 Journeyman

    /ooc this folder is CAMPED! since its the only server of daybreak's that working, gonna camp here!
  11. Mordigo New Member

    crashed again
  12. Madeni Lorekeeper

    Just crashed again, three times this afternoon alone
  13. Madeni Lorekeeper

    So annoying, any idea what's going on?
  14. bob2 Journeyman

    /trains Mordingo and Lilybeme mostly out of boredom.
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  15. bob2 Journeyman

    lag spike in tells and general, potential server blink inc
  16. FaithCharmer New Member crashed again, server down. at least the 4th time today (Sat) that I have been on to see. Lame!
  17. bob2 Journeyman

    yeah thats why im camping here, only server of daybreak thats up consistantly.
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  18. bob2 Journeyman

    although it starting to feel like the button you push when you want to cross the street. it doesnt do anything but makes you feel better, like your doing something to influence the outcome.
  19. Aaikan Journeyman

    annnnd.. it's down again...
  20. corwin Journeyman

    And down again