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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Diani, Sep 8, 2015.

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  1. Songsa Augur

    I feel bad for you guys still trying to play on this server, you are really very patient. May the problem be fixed asap.
    To Daybreak :
    - when are you giving clear information to paying customers ?
    - what do you plan to do to compensate for hours and hours of game time lost?
  2. Aurelio Lorekeeper

    Do you expect anything other than never and nothing to these questions? :)
  3. Adroxia Elder

    18.45-18.50 UK - so far just constant period of several seconds, or 10-60s+ lag. Makes my raid window unmanageable really. Locking and unlocking takes too long. Moving people around groups takes too long, and this is while I'm trying to build for the next event. Our loot calling takes forever because of the chat lag as well. This is all just hugely frustrating.
  4. JolineSZ Augur

    Roshen, check what I said about the forum. I was disconnected from EQ and exactly at same time I received an error message here in this forum that I have to check my connectivity to be able to post after I hit the post reply button. It took some second after I clicked the error message off and the message appeared and in EQ I ended on character selection screen.
  5. delfchen Lorekeeper

    19:43 chat lag starting ... 19:51 nothing happens ... oh sry chatlag of about 3 minutes

    some zones not available ... like dreadlands do you really want us to spam you each time ????

    when are you going to fix this? or at least give us information about the future ...
  6. Adroxia Elder

    19.47 UK - middle of raid 2 with the golems, huge lag, no chat working, raid still playing out
  7. delfchen Lorekeeper

    [Sun Oct 04 20:49:29 2015]00348:D3DXCreateTextureFromFileEx() failed to create texture for particle system.

    [Sun Oct 04 20:49:29 2015]00349:D3DXCreateTextureFromFileEx() failed to create texture for particle system.

    [Sun Oct 04 20:49:36 2015]00350:D3DXCreateTextureFromFileEx() failed to create texture for particle system.

    [Sun Oct 04 20:49:36 2015]00351:D3DXCreateTextureFromFileEx() failed to create texture for particle system.

    [Sun Oct 04 20:50:32 2015]01353:Networking: connection terminated [client:DisconnectReasonUnreachableConnection,server:DisconnectReasonNone]
    [Sun Oct 04 20:50:32 2015]01354:disconnected at C:\p4\EverQuest\live\EverQuest\EverQuest.cpp:19259 (char. select) DisconnectReasonUnreachableConnection

    [Sun Oct 04 20:50:32 2015]01355:Character is Washu.

    [Sun Oct 04 20:50:32 2015]01356:YOU HAVE BEEN DISCONNECTED.
    [Sun Oct 04 20:50:32 2015]01357:
    end of DisplayScreen

    surprise surprise
  8. Igniz Augur

    During Arx #3 Raid, first phase completed, switched to second phase -> You have been disconnected, AB shows as down

    [Sun Oct 04 20:50:29 2015]00760:Networking: connection terminated [client:DisconnectReasonOtherSideTerminated,server:DisconnectReasonApplication]
    [Sun Oct 04 20:50:29 2015]00761:disconnected at C:\p4\EverQuest\live\EverQuest\EverQuest.cpp:19259 (char. select) DisconnectReasonOtherSideTerminated,DisconnectReasonApplication

    [Sun Oct 04 20:50:29 2015]00762:Character is Igniz.

    [Sun Oct 04 20:50:29 2015]00763:YOU HAVE BEEN DISCONNECTED.
    [Sun Oct 04 20:50:29 2015]00764:
    end of DisplayScreen

    [Sun Oct 04 20:50:48 2015]00765:Networking: Connection Closed [0] with 0 pending bytes.
    [Sun Oct 04 20:50:48 2015]00766:Attempt to send message 24261 on a void connection.
    [Sun Oct 04 20:50:48 2015]00767:Cleaning up groups.
    [Sun Oct 04 20:50:48 2015]00768:Attempt to send message 21038 on a void connection.
    [Sun Oct 04 20:50:48 2015]00769:Attempt to send message 7284 on a void connection.
    [Sun Oct 04 20:50:48 2015]00770:Stopping world display.
    [Sun Oct 04 20:50:48 2015]00771:Attempt to send message 26917 on a void connection.
    [Sun Oct 04 20:50:49 2015]00772:Cleaning up.
    [Sun Oct 04 20:50:49 2015]00773:Sending Logout.
    [Sun Oct 04 20:50:49 2015]00774:Attempt to send message 11489 on a void connection.
    [Sun Oct 04 20:50:49 2015]00775:Networking: using port [56789].
    [Sun Oct 04 20:50:49 2015]00776:Networking: Connection Established [1]
    [Sun Oct 04 20:50:51 2015]00777:WorldAuthenticate: Initiating Login.

    I am not a native english speaker. But I do enjoy speaking and writing in english as well as reading in english and pride myself in a good grasp of the english language. I am a certified foreign language secretary and have read a couple hundred original english books across many genres. Over the years, I not only acquired a good sense for grammer, but an astonishing array of swearing, cussing, curses and profanity. Despite all this, what DBG tries to get away with leaves me without words. I honestly don't know what to say anymore ...
  9. Adroxia Elder

    19.51 UK - raid script is still playing out, all tells and chat have still not appeared on screen.

    12 people went LD from the raid window. Some still going LD.
  10. Kasimirr New Member

    20:51 GMT it's gone again, got booted from Replenishment Temple, unless you get this fixed very soon say bye to 2 more accounts because this is nothing else than ridiculous anymore.
  11. Adroxia Elder

    19.54 UK - raid 2 script still playing, nearly finished, server booted rest of raid offline :(
  12. Sheev Lorekeeper

    Arx raid instance, event 2 almost complete; 18 ish disconnected, now more including me.
  13. Ragbert Elder

    18:51 GMT, raid goes link dead in Arx Mentis mid raid.
  14. delfchen Lorekeeper

    @ igniz so you stay the same that i do ??

  15. cadres Augur

    Well that was the most bizarre crash yet - circa 19.53 hrs UK time
    Watched ** left the raid - one every 10 secs or so . When about 15 left, I also got the black screen of doom and 'you have been disconnected'
    Every other time it's been every one together
    When my main got booted, my alts also got booted from the bazaar
  16. JolineSZ Augur

    Uahhh and again 20:55 Germany time. Arx raid.
  17. Adroxia Elder

    Booted to character selection - able to log right back into raid instance.

    Roll back to beginning of raid 2. Sigh.
  18. Brogett Augur

    And once again, server crash. Seriously DBG it's been like this since August; get your ^*&% together and fix the networking/hardware problems.

    Until then, well my auto-renewal has now been cancelled. If it's not picked up by 16th October (when it runs out), then it won't get renewed until I hear you've fixed things again. I refuse to pay money for such shambolic and shoddy performance.
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  19. douxreve Journeyman

    2 disconnects in 1 hour, in a raid.....
  20. Igniz Augur

    Better prepare ...

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