Spoiler alert: Mass boxers will go to truebox tlps

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by HoodenShuklak, Jan 25, 2020.

  1. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Even if there is a non truebox server, this will by no means "quarantine" the bad boxers such as the ones running multiple picks in sirens 24/7 or killing raid mobs solo using macaroni.

    Toxic boxers will always follow the krono and if they already have a workaround then the answer is gm intervention, not new servers with "rules" that are about as effective as gun laws in inner city Chicago.

    To add on to that, people will, without fail, be using levitate to exploit plane of fire geometry on Mangler in a few weeks as well. When given the option, without consequences, Eq players (or gamers in general) will always seek advantages.
  2. oldkracow Augur

    Truebox / non-truebox = same thing
    You no longer need a VM to beat truebox o_O
  3. Vexn Elder

    You gotta go to much further lengths to bot/script your boxes on a truebox servers then you'd have to do on a non-truebox. Of course their anti-cheat for truebox TLP isn't 100% but its definitely curbed it drastically compared to the past/live servers.

    I hope they do release a non-truebox with a truebox this go around so people will have a choice.
  4. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Absolutely true, and all I'm saying is the current scumlords who hack and bot will simply go to the new truebox server if its the popular server. That's where they have the "edge".
  5. phaeril Augur

    I truebox on live now, TLP has taught me that a single group is the sweet spot for fun and truebox is the funnest way to play a single group for me.
    Thankfully all the toxic nostalgia tourists will go to a new server too. I've only had one boxer ever be a scumlord to me but the anti-box people seem to go out of their way to be rude if they see you using auto-follow to go pay their camp to another one.

    People are idiots and this constant about boxers and macaroni or whatever it's so silly. There is no "winning" eq, there is no challenge in reading zam and following the spoilers. EQ TLP is a modern mmo option in the pure-pve category, you can basically use instances, play with your friends, and just enjoy the experience without getting your breasts in a mess over what other people are doing.

    Maybe it's all done clever stirring by people they want pvp or something stupid... What's that you say? Oh people are just idiots and every thread about boxing is the same baker's dozen of dumb turds that think they are trolling each other but are really just regurgitating the feast of who gives a duck? Oh and I should way more fiber because they're is more content in my morning bowl movement than in the daily box thread?
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  6. Zinkeh Augur

    Exactly. You could make 10 non-truebox servers and not one of the Mega botters from Mangler would go there. They don't do this to play, they don't do this for fun. They do this for money. They're always going to be where the buyers are because they are able to do what others are not. They're not going to go to a server full of people like themselves.

    What needs to be done is actual and flat out action on them. Ban the accounts. Permanently. Blacklist their credit cards and IP addresses. There's only a few of the mega botters so it's not like it would take a lot of time or effort. Assign one GM to follow the parcel trail to be able to discern where they are stashing their supply of krono...as it's going to be an account completely un-associated with their bots. Permaban that account. Completely cut these guys off. Then go after the Chinabots. It's not like it's hard to find these people and take them out. It's the same botters and same China bots going back to the first TLP's.

    The only reason these guys are still in game after reports, videos, etc...is because for some reason daybreak is allowing it....yet they ban some guy for farming silks in EK with a shammy pet or a mage in Lavastorm farming saltpeter...It's weird.
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  7. Beep Elder

    The issue is these botters make daybreak money also. They farm items/plat and trade it for krono that someone payed for, then they sell the krono for real money. Don't forget that krono don't just appear, they are purchased with real money at some point, and that money goes to daybreak.
  8. Vexn Elder

    You honestly think that a non-truebox server would have less boxers/boters then Mangler has currently? If so I think you'll be in for a very rude awakening if they do ever release another non-truebox.
  9. Xanadas Augur

    Been saying this since day one when they announced multiple truebox servers. The truebox restrictions only serve as a puzzle to be solved and make the prize (finding a way around it) that much more lucrative and profitable once attained. Instead of 40-50 box crews competing for krono, it's 4 or 5 raking in massive profits.

    Foolish of DBG not to release parity boxable servers at the same time as truebox ones.

    Even worse now, the work has been put in to crack the nut on getting around truebox and it will now affect future truebox servers - and this cannot be undone. Releasing boxable servers in tandem with truebox would have been enough to dissuade people from spending the time cracking the nut on getting around truebox.
  10. Tweakfour17 Augur

    This sounds similar to the arguments people were making about Mangler/Selo when they launched. All the toxic jerks will go to Selo to race and Mangler will be the quiet server for casuals to grind slowly and be a paradise. How did that work out? Same thing if they do parity servers, the giant armies and jerks will likely go where they can dominate and the 2-6 boxers who are "legit" will go to a dead boxer server.
  11. Baulkin Elder

    The only way to stop mass boxers is to have a TLP with no Krono. Boxers buy and sell them on 3rd party websites, and farm content with their hordes to collect Krono to support the horde. I realize it's impossible to totally remove Krono. So for one server make them no-trade. This will force the boxers to farm their Krono on other servers.

    Call it a "Fair Trade" server. No drop Krono, FV rules, Truebox.
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  12. Jaera Augur

    This won't change anything, it'll just go back to the old way of RMT cash sales, which you'll make infinitely worse with people selling formerly no trade items in a white hot market.

    You'd need a dystopia level police GM force for a 20 year old game; make fundamental, sweeping gameplay changes that either make this level of farming impossible or make it so that you can't completely dominate camps; or have everyone stop buying things so that it doesn't make farmers any money. Since the former two require dumptrucks of money, and the latter requires a change in human nature, the needed solutions are never going to happen.
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  13. Zygone New Member

    Seems to me like it would be very easy to fix the game permanently. 1. Make krono no trade, 2. Lock items to only be able to be looted by the members that killed them inside the group / raid.
  14. code-zero Augur

    That would affect every other server so that's not likely to happen. Well maybe if they had a dedicated server like Test or Beta with its own login client perhaps but that's about the only way you'd see anything like that and that raises the risks and expense to Darkpaw to invest in a server that's likely to flop hard
  15. Zygone New Member

    Best immediate fix for the entire game not just 1 server make krono no trade right now.
  16. Jaera Augur

    What's the point of a no trade Krono? At that point, you're just asking them to get rid of Krono entirely.

    Restricting one server and making it no trade only there means people will just use another server, except now there's no record of why krono changed hands on the offchance they can use that data to punish scammers.

    The second idea is meritorious and is what WoW uses, but this is a fundamental change on how loot in the game would work, regardless of live or progression server. Look at how many issues they've had trying to restrict a small number of quest drops to the person that spawned an NPC, and now apply that to every item in the game. The task to implement this would be herculean for a relatively minor benefit.
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  17. Zygone New Member

    The point of no trade krono is people have stockpiled. Don't take them away from them as it was real money spent and that's not right but seriously everyone knows the easiest solution is this. No forewarning, just do it tomorrow.
  18. Jaera Augur

    So once again, you're asking for a fundamental change in the game that doesn't even remotely solve the problem you're trying to solve, you'll just have moved how RMT items will be handled back to the way it was in 2003 with no benefit to darkpaw.

    Krono keeps being brought up as a silver bullet to all of the farmer problems, but in reality its just a red herring that you've latched onto that makes it easy for darkpaw to ignore.
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  19. Zygone New Member

    Eh the huge problem is the stockpile of krono. Taking that away is a huge blow to these people. Yes they may find other ways but not as convenient. My guess is you probably have a bunch of krono. 2 reasons to keep krono, it's not right to take it away from people who bought them. 2. It's still an easy "benefit" during holidays etc to have say 3 krono for 20$ sales etc. The money doesn't have to be lost. Just make it very inconvenient like old times yes!! Most of these people would move on, since it's about money and they could make money easily elsewhere if this change was implemented majority would move on.
  20. Zygone New Member

    Most of us wouldn't partake in the other systems that people move to to compensate. Krono is far too easy pay to win and it needs to go no trade now. If anyone cares about this game just post it on every topic until it's done and yay we have eq back.

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