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Discussion in 'Class Discussion' started by Aristo, Oct 24, 2017.

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  1. Aristo Developer

    Welcome to the beta for EverQuest: Ring of Scale!

    We're excited to have you here, but there are some things you need to know. This thread should be your first stop every day for information about what is ready for testing and what should be fixed in the next Beta update. I will update this post with important information for everyone, and post updates about daily changes below.

    Current Spell Status (Last update: November 8th):
    • Abilites: Implemented but untuned. Some abilities have outdated values that will be updated when the rest of their data is ready. As of Beta start, player teleport locations and illusion spells are updated.
    • Ability Names: COMPLETE!. All 16 classes complete. Please look through your class spells and let me know about any errors. This gets a LOT more difficult to address as time goes on.
    • Pets: Implemented but untuned. All pets should exist, all pets have a starting point for stats, all pets should be using their correct spells. Tuning needs to wait for NPC numbers to be finalized, since that's what they fight...
    • Auras: COMPLETE! All auras should function, have the correct names, and cast the correct spells now.
    • Scrolls: IN PROGRESS. Should be mechanically functional with placeholder names. Please alert me if there are missing scrolls or scrolls for spells that shouldn't have them (i.e., subspells, or anything with "NA" in the name).
    • Stacking Groups (aka Spell Lines): COMPLETE! All upgrades of spells that are currently in stacking groups should be in their correct group now.
    • Tuning: NOT STARTED. We have a longer beta period than normal to work with this time, so for the first week or two we will be focused on getting everything tested and working. I will post threads for feedback when we're ready.
    Important Changes to Watch For:
    • We now have the ability to provide MUCH more detail in spell descriptions. The upside is that you shouldn't have to guess about what a spell does. The downside is we had to change nearly every spell description, and that's error prone. Please be sure to check all spells for description errors.
    • Melee abilities that used to only trigger a beneficial buff can now simply run without using up a discipline slot. Please make sure the abilities we converted to use this new system work as expected.
    • Spells that triggered two or more other offensive spells should now all be converted to use the "Best in Group" method, where the highest rank you know of a spell will be triggered. Please let us know if we have not properly removed ranks 2 and 3 of spells that work like this, or if we missed something. Unity-style buff spells will still use triggered casting for various Reasons.
    Known Issues:
    • Some spells have a +G in their descriptions. This is a text-replacement wildcard that is scheduled for implementation by code soon-ish.
    • Spells with rune components that doom-fire detrimental effects are currently broken and in the queue for code to fix.
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  2. Aristo Developer

    Today's changes for tomorrow:
    • Updated OP.
    • Finished Berserker names and all the melee classes got all their data updated.
    • Hybrid class spell descriptions were out of date. Fixed them. All spell descriptions should be good now.
    • "Main" pets (anything that can be focused) have data now. Stats appear to be somewhere near okay.
    • Corrected the continent listing for Druid and Wizard ports for this expansion.
    • Updated the stacking and blockers for Divine Imposition so that it will overwrite Divine Indemnification.
    Important note about Hiatus (the upgrade for Breather): Yes, it's intentional that it now slows your melee down. It should now better serve the purpose I originally intended for it when I was new and wanted to make something to let melee players recover from death faster. The new version restores more endurance per tick and restores to a higher cap, but has a longer recast time. The old versions aren't going away, so you can still use those while fighting, but any new iterations on the ability will include some form of melee penalty.
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  3. Aristo Developer

    Today's changes for tomorrow:
    • Fixed the effect cap for the Wizard Claw proc Syllable of Angerwarding (56741).
    • Fixed the effect cap for the Magician spells Chaotic Munificence Effect II and III (57019-20).
    • Fixed a problem where the Magician Reckless Servant spells (57039-57044) were trying to summon the wrong filename.
    • Fixed a whole lot of messed-up things with many Berserker abilities. Essentially the effects weren't attached to the right spells, which caused great confusion.
    • Hopefully fixed a lot of references to skills and skill attacks in melee abilities. Will check on this again tomorrow.
    Due to some problems there wasn't much progress on auras today. Will continue on them tomorrow in addition to bug fixes. Thanks for testing!
  4. Aristo Developer

    Today's changes for tomorrow:
    • Axe of the Mangler (57503) should now actually summon an Axe of the Mangler.
    • All ranked pet spells should now summon a new NPC (with old stats).
    • All auras should function correctly.
    Have a great weekend! Thank you so much for all your help.
  5. Aristo Developer

    Today's changes for tomorrow:
    • Fixed the description for the raw END cap on Hiatus (55000-02).
    • In Kar`Zok Mantle (55416-18), changed the description for Kar`Zok Mantle Heal (55419-21) to point at the base value rather than the cap, which was showing up as 0. This might not work -- see below.
    • Fixed a reference to the skill used by Sucker Punch (57519-21).
    • Fixed several errors in the description of Axe of Rekatok (57564-66).
    • Fixed the reference to skill in Lethal Aim Discipline Rk. II and III (56289-90).
    • Corrected references to skill in the description for Tiger's Balance (56071-73).
    • Corrected references to skill in the description for Hoshkar's Fang (56096-98).
    • Corrected references to skill in the description for Firestorm of Fists (56099-101).
    • Tried a fix for skill reference in Dim-Witted Mark (56267) and Dim-Witted Mark Effect (56270). Will check on this tomorrow.
    • Fixed references to skills in the description for Pinpoint Shortcomings (56306-08).
    • Tiger's Balance (56071-73), Skorpikis Blade (56294-96), Secret Blade (56315-17), and Smoldering Rage (57525-27) now go to the short buff box as their old versions did.
    • Fixed some test data for an extension to the memorized skill cap/spellbook cap.
    As a general note, I'm seeing a lot of reported bugs in spell descriptions that should be working, so I'm asking a coder to have a look at them tomorrow. Specifically, I noticed the following:
    • References to a spell group work when looking at a different spell, but not the same spell (Shows up as +G).
    • Skill attacks that have PVP values in the effect cap are displaying the PVP value rather than the actual damage they'll do.
    • Referring to values in spells triggered by the spell you're inspecting is working inconsistently. This is responsible for a lot of things like "Heals you for 0 after 00:18," "Triggers two spells that deal 0 and 0 damage," and other things like that.
    Thanks for getting on to help us out! The new spell description system has some kinks in it but we'll get them worked out soon(tm).
  6. Aristo Developer

    Today's changes for tomorrow:
    • Axe of Rekatok Stun Effect (57567-69) now has a hate override of 1.
    • Confirmed a whole lot of changes to spell descriptions from yesterday.
    • Fixed the spell description for Blessed Guardian Discipline (55374-76).
    • Changed the doom casting type for Polyfluorescent Rune (57307-09) to try and make it more reliable. Still not sure why it isn't triggering correctly, though.
    • Changed Adalora's Shade (56563) and Reliving Assassin (56690) so they will summon the pet filename that exists. Nonexistent pet filenames don't exist.
    • Wrote up test cases for the +G description bug so it can get fixed.
    • Added all 3 rank scrolls/tomes to the Bard and Beastlord beta spell vendors. All classes should have all spells available now.
    I talked to code about a bunch of issues with spell descriptions (showing up as 0 or as values way below the actual values) and that should be fixed in tomorrow's build.

    Happy Halloween!
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  7. Aristo Developer

    Updated the OP. Getting closer to version 1.0...

    Today's changes for tomorrow:
    • Bard - Added Travenro's Song of Suffering (56201-03) and Arcane Ballad (56216-18) to their proper spell stacking groups.
    • Beastlord - Added Polybiad Blood (57365-67), Elkikatar's Endemic (57392-94), and Ekron's Chill (57432-34) to their proper spell stacking groups.
    • Beastlord - Corrected the spelling of Elkikatar's Endemic (57392-94).
    • Cleric - Greater Guard of Vie (55196-98) and Rallied Greater Guard of Vie (55296-98) will now set the original caster (you) as the caster of the heal when the vie is consumed, since clerics are usually pretty good at the heals.
    • Enchanter - Added Strangulate (57196-98), Deluding Constriction (57237-39), and Mind Tempest (57283-85) to their respective spell stacking groups.
    • Paladin - Added Blessed Guardian Effect (55377-80) to its proper spell stacking group.
    • Ranger - Added Bonecrawler Swarm (55521-23) to its proper spell stacking group.
    • Shadowknight - Added Cursed Guardian Effect (55704-06) to its proper spell stacking group.
    • Shaman - Ward of Rejuvenation (56506-08) will now set the original caster as the caster of the heal buff if possible.
  8. Aristo Developer

    Spent most of today in discussions and/or chasing weird problems down, so not a lot of stuff you'll see results from tomorrow:
    • Beastlord - Corrected the description of Spellbreaker's Keep (57470-72) so it now refers to the correct healing value of Spellbreaker's Mending (57473-75).
    • Monk - Renamed Tiger's Balance to Tiger's Poise since there's already an older Tiger's Balance.
    Also reverted some changes to rune dooms and got repro steps for the bug with them to code. The ones that heal should all be working as expected tomorrow.

    I would like to ask everyone to take a look at the names for your spells and make sure there aren't errors in them. Right now is the best time to change them since it's only got to be updated in one place. As soon as I start updating scrolls and the reward sets for the turnins it gets a lot harder, so I'd greatly appreciate getting alerted in the bug thread if you spot something.
  9. Aristo Developer

    Not many changes you'll notice from me today. As some of you know I'm also in charge of builds for the live game and today saw the first steps towards the November update, which I had to finish up a few things for.

    Those of you who parse spell file changes might have noticed that the range of a lot of NPC spells changed over the weekend. We removed a bit of an advantage that all NPCs had: they innately would extend the range of their spells 20% beyond what was in data. Because we didn't want to actually change how every fight involving spells goes, we then boosted the range of all the NPC spells so they now do what they used to do -- but now it matches what's in data rather than adding a secret advantage.

    Spells that pets cast were also affected and I found that the more recent pet spells were excluded accidentally, so that'll be fixed tomorrow. While doing that I also found that the current non-fire pets aren't using their spells, so that's on the list to fix...

    Dzarn and I also spent some time going over the Intimidate skill today. Our plan is for it to do something noticeable at all levels, and for it to not be impossible to get skill in. Stay tuned.

    Now for a change that is so small I'm not even putting it in the live update notes:
    • Renamed the second Fire Elemental Bolt II to Fire Elemental Bolt III, since it's between II and IV.
    If update tasks don't eat all of tomorrow I'll spend it fixing reported bugs, so if you're holding on to anything please post in the bug thread. Thanks!
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  10. Aristo Developer

    Today's changes for tomorrow:
    • Non-focused pets got their combat stats updated.
    • Magician elemental pets will cast their updated strikes/buffs.
    Aside from that most of the day I was preparing the Test update and then helping figure out that problem that kept crashing Plane of Knowledge.
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  11. Aristo Developer

    Updated OP.

    Today's changes for tomorrow:
    • Berserker - Fixed the problem where Smoldering Rage (57525-27) would re-use its timer every time a Smoldering Rage Strike (57528-30) refreshed the buff. Smoldering Rage Strike now has a chance to proc Smoldering Rage Reprisal (57576-78), a new buff that isn't on a timer and will add Strike procs. I may have to revisit this to force Reprisal to overwrite Rage, but we'll see tomorrow.
    • Cleric - Fixed a typo in the spell description for Furial Renewal (55275-77).
    • Druid - Fixed the spell description for Skyfire teleports (55853-55).
    • Warrior - Slander (55027-29) should now properly reflect Slander Recourse (55030-32) on you rather than itself.
    • Wizard - Fixed the spell description for Skyfire teleports (56717-19).
    Currently working on the vendors where you'll get rank 1 spells and type 3 augs. It may be a bit before you see them in Overthere, but that's where they'll be...
  12. Aristo Developer

    No spell changes that'll show up tomorrow -- today was meetings, patch setup, and more work on the spell vendors.
  13. Aristo Developer

    No spell changes today, but tomorrow mercenaries should start using their spells/abilities above level 105. Monday's largely going to be eaten by the update but I'll check on the bugs thread to see if there's anything that's come up in there, and if not I may be able to get the spell merchants placed.

    Have a great weekend!
  14. Aristo Developer

    Spell merchant stubs are in, and they should have all their rank 1 spells on them. The exception is the teleport vendor, who may go in Skyfire instead. They don't have dialogs or anything yet but that's coming soon(tm)...
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  15. Aristo Developer

    Yay fixes! Here's what's going in tomorrow's build:
    • Beastlord - Doubled the base duration of Bestial Savagery.
    • Berserker - Fixed the skill description for Axe of Rekatok Jolt Effect (57570-72).
    • Berserker - Moved the effects on Ritual Scarification so they will stack better (57504-06).
    • Berserker - Doubled the base duration of Ritual Scarification, Smoldering Rage, Bolstered Frenzy, and Torrid Frenzy.
    • Monk - Doubled the base duration of Technique of the Celestial Fist, Tiger's Poise, and Reject Death.
    • Paladin, Shadowknight - Doubled the base duration of Spurn.
    • Paladin - Doubled the base duration of Righteous Condemnation.
    • Rogue - Fixed the skill description on Lethal Aim Discipline (56288-90).
    • Rogue - Doubled the base duration of Skorpikis Blade and Secret Blade.
    • Warrior - Doubled the base duration of Warrior's Bastion.
    • Wizard - Corrected the description of the stun duration of Divergent Lightning (56828-30).
    The doubling is due to the way we changed how those abilities worked. If they'd remained as a combat ability that triggered a buff, they would have been doubled in duration by AAs, but because we changed them to be the buff themselves, they lost that focus. That wasn't an intended consequence of the mechanical change, so doubling the duration means they last as long as the old versions used to.
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  16. Aristo Developer

    Made some retroactive changes I've been holding on to while we were in patch lock:
    • Cleric - Changed the Holy Intervention Strike line to use Chromatic resistances rather than Prismatic.
    • Paladin - Increased the amount of hate added per tick by Refute for Honor (55353-55).
    • Paladin - Added a hate modifier to Preservation of Rodcet (55458-60) and increased the healing of Preservation of Rodcet Effect (55461-63). The hate mod was backfilled through the entire line.
    I'm heading home to visit my family next week, so I'll see you after that!
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