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  1. ARCHIVED-Sarrum Guest

    1. How and when do you pick what school of magic you want to specialize in?
    2. Is it possible to change your spell specialization?
    3. What's a good spell specialization for a Necro?
    ...I'm a 35 Nec and for some reason my specialize evocation is 161 while the other specializations are at 50. Can I change this?

  2. ARCHIVED-DeekexMS Guest

    Pretty sure you can get specialization in every spell type. The issue is that you can only choose 1 (and I think a second with AAs) to go bring well above the others. (1) The way this is chosen is simply which ever type you level above 50 first (So essentially the spell type you use the most). So basically once you reset your specialization (If you do) just spam the spell type you want to specialize in until that specialization gets above 50 and you're all set.

    (2) As far as re-specializing use this link:

    (3) Evocation is probably the best for a necro (I assume DoTs work on evocation as well) since your primary role is DPS. If you get a second maybe go for Alteration (Which I think is heals aka Taps and I can't think of anything besides Conjuration - pets - that would be useful for a Nec.)
  3. ARCHIVED-CazRa Guest

    DeekexMS wrote:
    Quick look through Alla shows most DoTs are Alteration or Conjuration, Evocation spells tend to be nukes not DoTs.
  4. ARCHIVED-Borek-VS Guest

    Necros should go for Alteration as primary specialisation, then take (most probably) conjuration as the secondary.
  5. ARCHIVED-a900series Guest

    Alteration or Conjuration, you don't really want evocation in the picture. Necrotalk.com is trash but there are a lot of articles there to help out with basic info like this.
  6. ARCHIVED-Feistmeister Guest

    The most interesting unanswered question here is which specialization is the "best" for each class for which specialization is available. I know the original question was for a Necro, but, this question is of obvious interest to all of the other classes as well ... best advice for the other classes? Cleric? Mage? Shaman? Druid? Who else gets it?
  7. ARCHIVED-spinn5371 Guest

    Cleric - Alteration (heals)
    Druid - Alteration (heals)
    Shaman - Alteration (heals)
    Mage - Evocation (nuking)
    That's just my opinion though. The best way to ensure you Specialize in the right skill is to stop at level 30 and repeatedly cast whichever skill you want to specialize in until you go above 50.
  8. ARCHIVED-Borek-VS Guest

    Feistmeister wrote:
    Actually, I don't think that question was asked .

    • Priests: Alteration. Secondary Evocation.
    • Wiz: Evocation. Secondary Alteration.
    • Magician: Evocation (some used to say Conjuration, but that boat has sailed). Secondary Conjuration.
    • Enchanter: Alteration (although Conjuration is close and a viable alternative; some cynical raiders may say Evocation). Secondary Evocation/Conjuration.
    • Necromancer: as said, Alteration. Secondary Conjuration.

    Feel free to correct me if you disagree.
  9. ARCHIVED-Warpiggs-MM Guest

    spinn5371 wrote:
    I thought it was level 20? Or was it level 20 for a surname. I foget hehe.
  10. ARCHIVED-Borek-VS Guest

    Warpiggs-MM wrote:
    20 for casters, 30 for priests.
  11. ARCHIVED-a900series Guest

    Heard that mages on TLP spec conj since the highest dpm dd at 50 is conj based.
  12. ARCHIVED-crystilla Guest

    Borek-VS wrote:
    There's 2 options really for clerics at least for their secondary. Evocation is ok if the cleric wants to focus on nuking, otherwise the "original" secondary is abjuration since buffs fall under that.
  13. ARCHIVED-Calpal Guest

    Warpiggs-MM wrote:
    Priests get it later than casters.
  14. ARCHIVED-Zippalbit_Vonderval Guest

    Borek-VS wrote:
    Just interested Borek, for wizards, you list secondary as Alteration? You want your specializations to be stuff you use in combat, don't you? It makes the casting less prone to interuptions, and less fizzles, right? Other than maybe Evac (and all portals/gates) there really isn't much in alteration that is used in combat, is there?
  15. ARCHIVED-Borek-VS Guest

    a900series wrote:
    There are several (but brief) level ranges where conjuration may be the best specialisation for mages. It used to be that you could use pet summon/reclaim to rapidly regen mana, but that was nerfed a few years back; if it was still valid, that would make a much stronger case for conjuration specialisation.
  16. ARCHIVED-Borek-VS Guest

    Zippalbit_Vonderval wrote:
    A better suggestion?
    That was my reasoning, yes - and when I checked it out (a long time ago, when the wiz forums were more active), that seemed to have support. I just looked at 86-90 spells to see what I might have missed, and ALL 90 are evocation - there's one conjuration (pet), snare is also alteration, and abjuration is hp buff and spell guard. Really, there's not much reason for a wizard to have a secondary, especially now that the gap between secondary and the remainder is much smaller (relatively speaking).
  17. ARCHIVED-Melanippe Guest

    You can do this quest to reset specialization. Quest can be done at any level after you receive specialization ability.It resets ALL Specializations to 49. You must then cast whichever school of magic spell until you reach max for level in the new specialization.

    Specialization available:
    INT-based Casters = Level 20
    WIS-based Casters = Level 30
    Enchanters = Two choices - Alteration which includes immobilization spells, haste spells, slowing spells, DoTs, charms, and most attribute increases and decreases. Conjuration includes mesmerizing. Roughly 80% of an enchanter's spells are Alteration.
    Magicians = Evocation (AoE and a few DD); Conjuration. Since most conjuration is not used in battle, Evocation is usually first choice.
    Wizard = Evocation
    Necromancer = Alteration (DoT spells, lifetaps, undead charms); Evocation (DD's); Conjuration (Pet summoning, Darkness & Disease spells). Most Necromancers specialize in Alteration with Conjuration second.
    Cleric = Alteration (Heals, cures, immobilization, resurrection); Evocation.
    Druid = Conjuration (DoTs); Alteration (Buffs, heals); Evocation (Nukes).
    Shaman = Alteration (Immobilization, haste, slows, DoTs, and most attribute increases and decreases). Conjuration.
  18. ARCHIVED-Warpiggs-MM Guest

    Zippalbit_Vonderval wrote:
    I do not think it has anything to do with interuptions of spells. The things I believe it effects is fizzles, and gives some mana preservation. I could be wrong though.
  19. ARCHIVED-Zippalbit_Vonderval Guest

    Borek-VS wrote:
    Yeah, I kinda agree with that. There really is no other specialization that would fit a wizard, so I'm guessing you're right, Alteration, although is not a good skill to specialize, it is the best of the remainder of the skills.
  20. ARCHIVED-Zippalbit_Vonderval Guest

    Warpiggs-MM wrote:
    I seem to remember way back from my 1999 days that specialization helped you keep your concentration while casting if you were hit by a mob. Doesn't do anything for stun, tho.

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