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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Zhutuak, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. Zhutuak Augur

    Can anyone explain to those of us who are not on Phinny exactly how it works? I am left wondering why those who are getting trained in Sol B are not creating their own instance. Is it reserved for bosses only? Is there a minimum number required like on live w/ expeditions to create the instance? How is it working in conjunction w/ the load balancing feature?

    I ask because I am a proponent for bringing instancing to either lj or rf and would like to understand how it has been implemented better. Thanks for any info you care to provide.
  2. Finley Augur

    You can only request an instance every 2.5 days, you get loot lockouts for a week. Nothing respawns.
  3. Zhutuak Augur

    Ok, wait, heh. You only get to request one instance total, not one instance of every or any zone? Do the rares spawn in these instances automatically? Using Sol B and Efreeti as an example, if I were to request an instance of Sol B to farm a Djarn`s ring, would Efreeti automatically be up or? Would this affect my ability to request an nstance of say Lguk to try and farm a guise?

    I am not even sure what to think of this. Thanks for the info Finley.
  4. Kahna Augur

    You can only get an instance of zones with a raid mob in them, and only the raid mob is guaranteed to be up. Each zone with instancing enabled is on a separate timer. You can't get an instance of Lower guk, because there is no raid mob. And seeing as how nothing respawns you aren't really gonna farm anything.
  5. Trevalon Augur

    You can get 1 instance for each raid zone that has an instance, so for classic you can spawn Permafrost, Solb, Sky, Hole, Kedge, Fear, and Hate.

    Nothing in the instances respawn and you can only do the instance once a week. Non-raid names are hit or miss, sometimes they are up sometimes they are not. So using your example you could spawn a SolB and either Efreeti is up or he is not, if he is up you can kill him and get whatever loot he drops but he will not respawn in that instance again. If he is not up then your SOL.
  6. Zhutuak Augur

    Ok, thanks for clarification. That really is not such a bad deal as far as raiding goes but not really an option as far as utilizing these instances to escape the childish behavior that comes with un policed servers. Which I would think is a large reason why people would want instancing in the first place. I know for me at least it is.

    Seems it would have been easier if they spun up regular instances w/ the special boss timers and lock outs and have regular spawns dropping no drop gear. That way folks could gear up w/o the hassle of people training, dispelling and or all the other childish things they cant seem to control themselves from doing in this game.

    Thanks again!
  7. Rhiyannon Augur

    basically.. for some zones you're dependant on load balancing, just like on rage. for the new instancing we go to an "agent of change" and that's where the lockouts are for the raids.
  8. Zansobar Augur

    I don't believe it's true that nothing in the raid instance respawns...
  9. Captiin New Member

    Sorry to burst your bubble but its 100% true.
  10. Darkening Lorekeeper

    You are very wrong.. Nothing respawns in the instances.
  11. Zhutuak Augur

    It is a real shame that this is how they chose to implement instancing. It is like they only partially solved the problems that come with not policing the servers. If they can alter the respawn timers, why could they just not alter the loot code instead to make tradeable loot become no drop.

    This would have given people the chance to farm gear at their own leisure w/o flooding the market with gear that can be traded. Now I understand this will still diminish "the market" as there would not be as much demand for the tradeable loot, however it would seem to me this really only affects rmt trades. I mean who cares if there is an abundance of cheap gear? That would seem to benefit everyone right? Except maybe the rmt crews of course.

    They always have me wondering why they make the changes the way they do, I keep coming back to them double dipping in the rmt market. It is the only thing that makes sense based on the way they make changes.
  12. Kahna Augur

    With the exception of a handful of camps I haven't notice much, if any conflict between players at camps. What I have noticed was quickly sorted out and usually a misunderstanding to begin with. I even camped my own GEBs, heck I camped everything that my main and both my alts are wearing. I don't think that personal instances of all zones are needed or would even be a good thing. Interaction between players is not all bad, and the few bad apples are easily avoided. I wouldn't want to play on a choose your own personal instance server, and I was a huge proponent of raid instances. Personal instances would be going too far. And that's coming from a super introvert who hates strangers.
  13. liveitup1216 Augur

    The More You Know...
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  14. Emphant Lorekeeper

    I think this would diminish the market a lot more than you think. Evidence of this can be found on live servers where there just isn't much market for tradeable items because the only things you can sell are tier one weapons and armor and subpar tradeskilled goods.

    Also, while I don't think DBG is exactly trying to "double dip in the rmt market", I don't think they quite discourage it as much as they could and I don't blame them. You have to keep in mind they aren't doing this for fun - at the end of the day EQ is a business and needs to make as much money as possible. I'm sure they do care about the game and it being fun and enjoyable but they also do have to make money at the end of the day.

    Now if you wanted to talk about how poorly they spend the money they get well, that's another story all together.
  15. Zhutuak Augur

    Well full on instancing would not stop anyone from grouping, it would just provide more options to the player base. Quite frankly, I do not care for instances, raid rotations or anything of the sort. The problem will always fall back to not having an enforceable pnp, where first in force/engagement would trump anything and if there was a problem, contacting a gm would pretty much solve any issue.

    Since this is no longer an option, having the option to open a group instance that only drops no drop loot would be a very nice option to have, imo. That way if there are issues arising in the open world format, you could choose to spin up a instance that only allows those who you desire to be in the instance. I mean, why limit options?

    Having come back to eq in 2014 I will say the server I was playing on took a good hit with the newer tlp launch. That being said, prior to launch I was making most of my plats in off of twink gear farming Luclin and below for drops that were trade able with no level limit. That being said and having recently been checking my previous server for some choice drops, I can say I have not found any desireable SoV npc`s up such as AoW, KT, whatever the dragon is n DN etc. So I am not sure if what you posted is totally true as there must still be a market for twink gear.

    Now I realize dbg/soe is most likely not double dipping as it would be a huge conflict of interest if they were and if it was actually the case and exposed, would certainly cost them even more subscibers. As you pointed out, what they do with what money they have does not make much sense coincides with my thoughts as well, hence my posit that the changes they have made dont make alot of sense unless they are double dipping. Regardless, things will not be changing for the small group and or guild for the better anytime soon, this I know for sure.

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