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    Sound of Thunder is a newly formed guild on the Bristlebane server and we are recruiting all classes to build a raid team for current content.

    We will have DKP bonuses for those who come early. Until we have the numbers to raid, we will be doing activities on Sun and Mon nights around 8 eastern 5 pacific which will be our weekly raid times in the future. You will earn DKP during these activities.

    We also do open wednesday night raids in ToV T1 at 8 eastern with the other guilds on BB.

    We have a DKP loot system so you can choose what you want and how you want to spend it.

    We use Teamspeak for raids, all that is mandatory is that you listen. We have a Discord channel for back up. We use GINA for in game triggers.

    Link to website -

    If you are interested in our guild, information can be found on the website and you can contact Saraih, Calinae, Raynrace Durg or Auriliuss in game on Bristlebane for additional information.
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  3. Raynrace Augur

    Recruiting all classes, building...

    We are part of the Wednesday night open raids doing ToV tier 1 at the moment.

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