Soooo sit at the "you are still in the login queue" window or what

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Glow, May 27, 2020.

  1. Valcutio New Member

    I dont trust it.
  2. Yarteb Lorekeeper

    Reports are that there are only 218 in game on Aradune now. Also hear that the character creation server has crashed?
  3. datan70 New Member

    Why would someone post that they got on? it's a ruse to have you leave the queue. Do what you want though--I move up also if you leave.
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  4. datan70 New Member

    So that's how they're going to stop the bot only allowing a few people into the world at a time. It's that or the the first ever virtual step in social distancing.
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  5. KimchiGoddess Augur

    So Rizlona queue was showing 3x the queue wait than Aradune shows, yet it let me in like 10 mins ago. I was able to quickly make all 8 char slots on one account on Rizlona and then hop on another account to get back in the queue. Meanwhile, Aradune hasn't moved from 9m ...

    Aradune is where I actually want to spend most of my playtime, heh.
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  6. RandomStrategy Augur

  7. Yarteb Lorekeeper

    A guildie got in earlier. That's who said 218 (in general chat).
  8. LoladenPrexus New Member

    Minecraft Dungeons to pass the time! My queue has been saying 9 minutes for 20 minutes now
  9. Pelrond Elder

    It's a trap!
  10. Darkoon New Member

    I clicked play everquest button (after a million times)
    And the server queue message didn't appear, I actually held
    my breath. And BOOM.
    There was an error logging into server....(faint)
  11. Aneuren Augur

    Old school pre-merger Prexus?
  12. Santified Lorekeeper

    I wonder which part of logging in has crashed. I mean low population on server stat. If create character it will log you into game at that time.
  13. LoladenPrexus New Member

    I've been on Prexus since 2002
  14. Derab New Member

    I guess I'll just /gems and wait :(
  15. lockjaws Augur

    48 minutes and counting, which is 47 minutes past my initial ETA.
  16. Tierdal Augur

    You got owned by a troll and lost your spot =/
  17. OliverQ Lorekeeper

    So what time tonight do you think most of us will get in? 11pm?
  18. jr51 New Member

  19. Nymm New Member

    It was a calculated risk ;) Actually it said I was still in the queue at "9m" when I came back and pressed Play again, for whatever that's worth.
  20. Vark Journeyman

    clearly that queue is not working lol...

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