Sooo... where's the swamp?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by SmoochyOfWolfington, Apr 13, 2020.

  1. code-zero Augur

    For more character options open eqclient.ini with a text editor and insert StickFigures=1 directly under the [Defaults] entry.

    It's the best Troll model ever!
  2. Vhivi Journeyman

    I see you got instructions how to get back to the swamp. The Cresent Reach recommendation from others is good, but only if you're interested in an area with quests associated with it and a large level range to do so. Personally I do not. I like the original zones because of the character they bring to the world. Greater Faydark, Freeport, Qeynos, Nektulos, and so forth are excellent for giving a feel to your character as well as providing an area to get started. Leveling zones beyond the start are right there as well. Cresent Reach is dismal in that regard. It is a purely generic and uninteresting landscape filled with monsters that match it.

    Every so often I start new characters even without going through Glooming Deep simply because of the atmosphere of the game I get in the original areas. You can always travel later for the quests if you want, but there truly isn't any need.
  3. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    This is true about not needing the old ways because of the new compass and map, but I am old school so if I can disable the compass or prop it in a far corner out of sight and out of mind I may try this.

    It would be neat if there were places where maps are not able to be used, at least in game or even levels where the map changes randomly and the only thing that is constant is the direction (Or something to the effect.) you need to travel with things in the way and randomized turns that you are guaranteed to lose your bearing unless you have Sense Heading skill up.
  4. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    I used to draw my own maps or print them from... Alazaar... Alakazaam... something Ala- as I recall. But I preferred mapping it myself. And the wood elves have no night sight at all? I thought they had night sight as a full blooded elf race. It was a Half Elf that may not have the sight advantage because of it's tainted origin and blood, but I forget. I do remember as a human we had to carry a weak lantern or a slightly better wisp. But you had to kill the poor peaceful wisps to obtain it and I always felt bad about it. =(

    Yes I did thank you. People were very helpful on the forum. I feel the same way, although I probably should not speak of newer content I have not played. I will however say the old ones still feel good to me and that is where I like to be. And that I am a bit saddened when people hardly, if at all even bother with them, veterans or new players alike. I used to start Barbarian or human just to be in those areas more readily. The tundra and Blackburrow (?) with the gnolls were some of my favorite places to explore.
  5. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    Speaking of Sense Heading... mine started at Master. o_O I have only used it a few times, but none have been a miss yet. Is that for all characters or just trolls?
  6. Deux Augur

    Think they give that to everyone more mashing that key. In many ways the game has been dumbed down to make it easier but it is really bigger and more complicated than ever. You will need maps and guides once you are into your 70s+. I also agree with you the old original zones are the best, add flavor to your character and give a more immersive experience. Crescent Reach starting zone is for power gamers or Drakkin. Also Antonica mobs don't hit as hard and xp can be quite good as they die easier/faster.

    I feel the older original EQ zones are very much superior to the new zone designs of the last 5-10 years. They are smaller, have some good thought put into them, optimize graphics and have immersive feels. New xpac zones are all huge, square, copy and paste textures everywhere...some have some original thought put into them but I don't feel they are crafted as well.
  7. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    What ever happened to that meditation match three (Bejeweled) game? Maybe I just do not remember how to access it... That was interesting, although took away chatting with others, at least for those who could not put it down. Yet it was a good distraction when there were few players on at ungodly hours and those who actually were on were actively in group chat. Than it seemed like a good idea... until you were skewered by a woolly mammoth tusk as your screen was blocked by the game. ^^!

    Also does EQ still use Pizza Hut delivery or even Grub Hub (or what ever else) now? I heard that was a thing at one point. Order a pizza while you were actively in the game, either that or it would put you to a Pizza Hut website, while still in the game window.
  8. Jumbur Augur

    It is still there, just type "/gems". :)

    You can even choose your background-music with "/mp3".
  9. Egfrith-AB New Member

    I have always thought that maps should be blocked for a particular zone until some mechanism for each zone (completion of certain quests, a certain amount of exploration, etc) is triggered. People these days rely on maps at the expense of immersion: take the maps away, and most people wouldnt find anything even in zones they have spent much time in. Not healthy.
  10. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    Thank you. Last night I noticed my meditation skill went up seven levels just sitting there for just one period of meditation, so probably just a couple of minutes. And then it went up another six or seven times the next time I tried it. I was only a level 5 Troll Shadow Knight and I had used up all the mana, but it was not much mana to begin with and again it had to of only be a few minutes wait. I do not remember back in the day it ever going up that fast. o_O

    Do you mean locked for everyone in the zone, in a particular group or for each and every person? Like say the gate would be closed until either it was bashed down from repeated attempts or a rogue snuck on the side, but not past the gate and found a way to sabotage it and then everyone could pass through or only those responsible for getting the gate out of the way or those attached to that group? This was basically the simplest example as there could be dragons involves, other dimensions, with a multitude of tasks, etc.

    And were there not things that happened in Classic that if a condition was met something appeared that was all powerful, for most people anyway, and would in turn lay siege to other players or bands of roaming goblins were come, something. Maybe I am just thinking of high level players would kill a strong NPC and then it would reappear or maybe it was completely by chance/random. It's been a while.
  11. Protagonist Augur

    Minor, pedantic correction - if you use a race change potion, you can select the same race and change your starting city (or deity). That costs $25 worth of funbux, though.
  12. Protagonist Augur

    Tedium is not a virtue, enduring it is not a super power.
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  13. Rolar New Member

    So, I assume, if I want to start an Iksar, in Cabalis, all this pretty much applies. I assume Cabalis would be deserted on almost all servers.
  14. code-zero Augur

    All original start cities began to dry out gradually after TSS released simply because CR is just that much better and that much handier to start in. Once Origin was made available to all characters at level 5 that sealed the deal because no matter were you were or what class you could origin to CR and catch a ride from a porting class in your guild
  15. Annastasya Augur

    As for your health and mana regen- Some long time ago they introduced something called out of combat regen. You can see the combat meter as a gray bar below your health/mana/endurance bars in your short character info window. There's also a little box in the upper right of that window that changes color and pattern depending on your status.

    In any case, when you are out of combat, and you sit down, or sit on a mount, your mana and hitpoint regen turns into a percentage per tick calculation. If i recall correctly, it should regen both your health and mana from zero to 100 percent in 3 minutes minimum no matter what level you are or how much mana or hitpoints you have.
  16. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    I have only seen a couple of homies and one invader in the Troll homeland. The invader was killing trolls left and right. Why all the trolls did not just gang up on him I have no idea. Regardless he was stacking them like cordwood. He even had the common decency to ask if I need the NPC he was already beating down. ^^!

    Same with, and this was years ago, the Barbarian home land. Not a peep in sight. Then one basically stark naked person running across the frozen icy landscape. He did not even have time to stop as he was on his way to those blasted books and already had a group ready to power level him on one of the astral planes. *shakes fist to the heavens* So I was left to my own devices and took it out on the wretched goblins and the evil skeletons. Jack and Iceberg helped! ^^!

    Alas when I remake my Iskar Shaman I will have to high tail it or use the book again to get to my actual birthing place...
  17. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    But you could not rest while you were in combat to begin with and maybe not even if there were enemies near by or at least you should not anyway. However if you are riding your mount, is that considered "sitting" to begin with? Are you constantly regaining health and mana while on your trusty steed?

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