sooo now that is over with....

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    how about that local sports team?
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    Your sports team trained us and stole our sports cup!
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    Worst players to win an NBA Ring

    #4 Mark Madsen

    Career (Years): 9: 2000-2009
    Championship Year(s): 2001 (Lakers), 2002 (Lakers)
    Career Stats: 2.2 PPG 0.4 APG 2.6 RPG

    Most players in the NBA bring out their best performances during the Finals. That wasn't the case for Mark Madsen, who brought out his best after the Lakers' championship crown had already been won. He may not have contributed much on the court, but his dancing during the victory parade was unforgettable. Sidebar: Yes, that's Kobe Bryant in the background wearing his own throwback jersey to the championship parade. #onlymamba
  5. jeskola Augur

    Worst team to win NBA championship

    1. Washington Bullets, 1978


    1977-1978 Washington Bullets. Regular season record: 44-38 (eighth best in the NBA). Finished second in the Central Division. No. 3 seed, Eastern Conference.

    The Bullets won only 44 games and ended up winning the NBA championship. They're the champs, and nothing can ever take that away from them, but to compare them to the other post-merger title holders can only lead one to naming them the weakest champ of that era.

    The Bullets did have to beat two solid Eastern Conference foes in San Antonio and Philadelphia to make the finals. Once there, they faced off against a Seattle Supersonics team that was only three games better than Washington had been in the regular season.
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    Worst player in NFL history? LeBron James.
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    meanwhile, Jon Gruden is holding Nathan Peterman's beer
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    Think Ryan Leaf still holds that crown. Although Jamarcus Russell gave him a run for it.
    Timmy at least won a playoff game.
  10. malaki Augur

    None of those are anywhere close to the worst player in NFL history. Biggest bust for a 1st round pick sure, but worst player? Not even close. There's a bunch of late round draft picks and undrafted free agents that end up getting cut or sitting on the end of the bench that are all much worse.
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    For players who actually played:

    Worst single-season quarterback ever:


    Worst single game quarterback ever:

    Ryan Leaf, Chargers: Sept. 20, 1998 vs. Chiefs — In his third career start, the No. 2 overall pick completed just one of his 15 pass attempts for four yards while throwing two interceptions. The worst part is that it’s not as though San Diego was one-dimensional, because Natrone Means ran for 165 yards that day. But Leaf’s 0.0 passer rating did the Chargers in as they lost 23-7.
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    That guy who put the red card in that other guys end zone and got kicked in his stanley cup for a field goal.
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